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  1. Yeah that was a tough one. Good game sir.
  2. Hey guys, had a couple requests I wanted to float out there in case anyone would be willing to make me a couple graphics for my ECW diary. First, I'd like a banner to put at the top of my shows that just says ECW TV, and maybe includes snips of some of the talent. Eddie Gilbert, a young Tommy Dreamer, Public Enemy, Tammy Fytch/Sunny, Terry Funk, Sid, the Sandman, Tommy Cairo and/or John Tenta would all work there. I'm not expecting them all, just wanted to give you a few options in case some pictures are easier to grab than others. Also, it's still Eastern Championship Wrestling for no
  3. Ah bummer. I buy it every year but was hoping to get in some sort of league so that I actually play it for more than three days before going back to The Show.
  4. Hey guys, I know there used to be an online Madden league here. Do you guys still do these with the annual releases? Any interest in doing one with the new game?
  5. When my turn pops up just give me best available whatever.
  6. Copied and pasted so I don't have to try and spell it Ka'imi Fairbairn @caMeron esposiTo Forbes
  7. Mecole Hardman WR KC @caMeron esposiTo Forbes
  8. Jerry Jeudy WR DEN @caMeron esposiTo Forbes
  9. Matt Breida, RB, Miami @caMeron esposiTo Forbes
  10. Sorry for the delay. Tyler Boyd WR CIN @DFF
  11. Hollywood Brown BAL WR @caMeron esposiTo Forbes
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