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  1. Fingers crossed he might be able to drive at Abu Dhabi.
  2. Schumacher confirmed for Haas.
  3. Well, there’s talk of George Russell standing in as well. I guess in the proviso that Williams allows him to. Would love to see what he has in the W11.
  4. Vandoorne is their reserve driver. They’ve confirmed he will travel to Bahrain after his Formula E race as planned BUT they haven’t confirmed if he will be the one to replace Hamilton, saying they’ll confirm that in due course. So still a hope for #Hulkenback. Also, Haas have confirmed Mazepin for 2021 on a multi year deal.
  5. Except the system has never held people being awarded a knighthood to that standard. And agreed, it doesn’t absolve him from moral responsibility but there is no evidence that Hamilton had direct knowledge of the decisions being made by EY. So on the evidence he is naive but is that a reason not to award a knighthood? And Hamilton regularly demonstrates more moral responsibility that half the politically granted honours each year.
  6. Define fair share? He is one of the country’s top 5000 individual tax payers. His Mercedes salary is taxed in the U.K., he’s paid more tax in the U.K. than most of us will make gross in our lives. If he isn’t paying as much tax as people maybe think he should be it’s because he is exploiting loopholes that rich MPs have legislated to protect their wealth (and their mates, obvs). The issue here shouldn’t be with Lewis (unless he has actually broken the law, in which case I’d need to review my position). The issue should be with the system that allows the exploitation and the peop
  7. Couldn’t have been more wrong.
  8. It feels almost inevitable that Max is going to beat Stroll off the line and Stroll is going to respond my lunging into corner 1 and taking them both out the race.
  9. I think Albon lost his seat the moment he complained the Alpha Tauri ‘race him so hard’.
  10. Kimi and Giovanazzi confirmed for Alpha Romeo in 2021.
  11. Do us all a favour and keep this in the MLS thread. It’s bad enough reading this shit in one place, let alone all over the board. It’s awfully boring.
  12. Aren’t they tearing down the rainforest to build a new track? I think the intent is for Brazil to still have a race.
  13. Gasly remains with Alpha Tauri.
  14. Just saying what the rest of the paddock and the rest of us are thinking.
  15. Or Checo’s point finish after 2 races off following Covid.
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