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  1. Can he not just upload a save game file?
  2. No, but if It helps Bottas feel better then they need to do everything they can so he’ll continue to follow team orders. I say continue. We already saw him going into business for himself on Sunday! More of that Bottas please.
  3. So it seems Argentina were told a few hours ago that they couldn’t play the 4 PL players because they should be quarantining. CONMEBOL then told Brazil they would dock them points if they didn’t let them play. Cue the game starting, the players being in breach of their Covid regulations (but playing) and the police heading to the pitch.
  4. If Max retired tomorrow this race would be gone for another 4 decades.
  5. True but I assume they weren’t checking Spurs line ups at the airport. And people are daft.
  6. The fact this started after the match does make you think they’ve waited to fuck with Argentina. Apparently the issue is they lied about being in the U.K. in the last 14 days when they entered the country?
  7. Vettel continuing preparing for his next career by trying out firefighting today to add to his long list of side hustles.
  8. Even on half points that ‘result’ is massive for Williams. Basically guarantees them 8th place.
  9. It’s an absolutely disgrace the stewards didn’t feed flag that session, especially at Spa.
  10. I know this isn’t the most reputable of competitions but Spurs have to take this seriously, right? Given how genuine a chance at a trophy it is? There are what 3 or 4 teams that you wouldn’t say ‘they should absolutely win this game’. The obvious one being Roma, which feels like an inevitable match up.
  11. Ive been convinced for awhile a deal has been done and part of the agreement is it’ll be finalised after this game so he can’t play against Spurs.
  12. Thank you, appreciate this post. I guess from my side I didn’t think your intent was to be negative/insult but trust me when you have ADHD you can feel scrambled at the best of times. It makes the association of ADHD with generally negative labels difficult to deal with. Bur genuinely appreciate the responses. Thanks.
  13. This is the happiest I’ve been about a signing in as long as I can remember.
  14. If you watch the video he says a few times ‘good to see you guys’ and is ignored. I think he was just annoyed no responded to him as opposed to stressing the title.
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