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  1. Playing as as ‘myself’ or another created character takes me out of it. As mentioned above I’d like to run as George Russell and go for the title. Or take Hamilton to Ferrari for a year or two. Or crash into the wall every race with Mazepin.
  2. This was my first thought. Why would MBS pay for a club not in the ESL if that is a thing? Fingers crossed Saudi fucks off now.
  3. All I want is the ability to do a career mode with an existing driver. That’s it.
  4. Vettel hit with a penalty for not slowing for yellows. So he’s at the back of the grid and his lap was just shit.
  5. I don’t think he’s a terrible driver but he would never have made F1 without his dad’s money, that’s for sure. In comparison I think Stroll would probably have gotten a shot at a drive at some point with or without his dad’s paying a seat.
  6. Ocon and Vettel both got caught up by the Mazepin yellow flags. Hopefully that AM has enough about it for Vettel to pick his way through the field. Would do his confidence the world of good to have that kind of race.
  7. Because he likes money and people are willing to give it to him in exchange for stuff with his name on it?
  8. LeBron James has become a partner in the Fenway Sports Group and consequently is now one of Liverpool’s owners.
  9. Started a game in BK Hacken in Sweden. Highest theyve finished is 3rd in their last season and they’ve won a couple of Swedish cups as well. Five years in and I’ve run the title every year and two cups. I’ve also gradually chipped away at the Champions League and finally reached the knock out stages at the 4th time of ask. Lost to Real Madrid 2-1 on aggregate. Fun game.
  10. Haas now looks like the Russian flag. Can’t imagine why.
  11. The Alpine livery is lush.
  12. Twist


    I know it’s personal choice but not a single Italian player kneeling for the anti racism moment is a very bad look.
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