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  1. For a second tier American team, we've been doing a pretty good job picking up and coming managers from England. Radhi Jaidi did well for us last year on loan from Southampton, so hopefully we get success with Watling.
  2. Bieniemy doesn't have connections to the Patriots, so of course Houston has no interest there. The thing with the Patriots though is, everything runs through Bill. You can hire off some coordinator or front office personnel, but in reality they didn't have as much power or control as the equivalents in other teams would. So they get hired on by a different organization and aren't as good as most would assume. (And Houston's just a mess of an organization, even before picking off half of the Pats.) Bill gets paid in excess of $20m a year and does basically whatever he wants - even if coa
  3. New year, new thread, more David Beckham jokes And another USLC team won't be competing in 2021
  4. I'm a little surprised Little Pink Houses gets as much airplay as it does - the lyrics are kinda left leaning for the corporate media world.
  5. The last time the Patriots missed the playoffs, they went 11-5 but lost a tiebreaker to Miami. On a different topic - If Vegas and Indy win plus the Bears lose, I win like $200
  6. Zdeno Chara signed a one year deal with Washington, ending his long tenure with the Bruins
  7. Last night was a total disaster. Quarterback play was dreadful. Can't stop the run. The secondary got exposed as overrated. They looked like a team that should be 3-13. There's so many holes in this roster, I don't know where to begin. I just hope with all the cap space and the opt outs, there can be a quick turnaround next year. And maybe Bill won't draft like shit again.
  8. I remember them trying to blame the fact that the Trop is a dump and out of the way in St Pete. (Ignoring the fact Pinellas County has almost a million people on its own.) They want to build a stadium in the Ybor City part of Tampa, but I doubt that will really help much. If people really cared about the Rays, they would go to games anyway.
  9. The Jets aren't a good organization to begin with, and their fan base is never happy.
  10. At this point, the Jets are probably better off taking Sewell and rolling out with Darnold another year
  11. The "winner" of that dumpster fire gets to play the GOAT on the way to a 7th ring.
  12. Bills fans win a contest, troll Patriots fans with a billboard a couple miles down the road from Gillette.
  13. And 2-8 South Carolina But the SEC gives zero fucks, so here's SC
  14. May need one for a salary cap (auction) draft tomorrow night, if anyone is interested
  15. The only team I don't hate is Clemson, so I hope they win it again. Though if Bama wants to beat ND 59-0 in the Sugar Bowl, that would be much appreciated
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