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  1. That's the third no-hitter already this year. Four if you count MadBum's seven inning one.
  2. Yes And good for Means. The O's need to build around someone, and he's become an ace for them.
  3. I would assume Trenton's stadium is nowhere near MLB regulations, where Buffalo is a lot more so. Also, Buffalo being closer to Toronto probably helps. Interestingly, the Buffalo Bisons will be called that on the road - but called the Trenton Thunder (name of a former AA team) for home games.
  4. The Blue Jays are going to Buffalo again, starting June 1st. Meanwhile the Buffalo AAA team is playing home games in Trenton, NJ as long as the Jays are in Buffalo.
  5. I like Jermar Jefferson, has potential to be a good value pick
  6. Starting off in a positive direction They're at Miami next weekend
  7. That mock draft I mentioned last week, the guy picking for Jax jokingly tried to get #4 from Atlanta by pulling the Ricky Williams trade.
  8. I'm a Patriots fan. Everyone hates us. A bunch of us are on the Tampa bandwagon because of Brady and Gronk. Wanna come to the dark side? Bring your fandom to Foxboro.
  9. On another board I'm on, we're doing a mock draft. I have the Patriots and Giants. Giants: took Rashawn Slater at 11 Patriots: traded picks 15, 96, and 242 to the Eagles for 12. Took Mac Jones at 12. Traded a 5th rounder (177) to Carolina for Bridgewater. Traded Michel to Atlanta for a 3rd rounder (68).
  10. It's been a while since the Yankees have been in last place, and I'm enjoying this for the time being.
  11. Lowerdeck


    I have one of the best scouts in my league, so I tend to favor ratings more than just purely stats. I do like to trim the fat, particularly at the upper levels. If they don't have a potential contact of 45 or higher, I tend to cut them. Same with potential stuff of 50+. Anything sub 40 on either is likely getting released even if they're 18 years old. (20-80 scale) Sometimes I'll trim the minors mid-season. Others I'll just let them go when they're minor league FAs.
  12. The Patriots want full capacity, but I don't know if Mass. is ready to go there yet. The Red Sox are around 15% (iirc) at the moment. Connecticut meanwhile is already at 50%
  13. My favorite albums this year, so far: Divide and Dissolve Godspeed You Black Emperor Genesis Owusu Youth Code w/ King Yosef Benny the Butcher w/ Harry Fraud HMs: Viagra Boys Shame Brockhampton Arlo Parks Floating Points et al The Body
  14. The one time I went to a Mets game, the Mets had a one hitter. It was an infield single in the 4th inning. Want to say this was 2005 or 2006.
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