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  1. I'm fine with keeping kickers TEs we can merge with a WR slot
  2. There was an article in The Athletic yesterday, which said USL is considering pro-rel between Championship and League 1, plus moving to a Fall to Spring schedule like most of Europe
  3. It should be a requirement for any future stadiums
  4. Didn't the Orioles wait until after the ASG to finalize the Machado trade to the Dodgers because of that?
  5. 6-0 against the Yankees this year I'm liking this
  6. Leave it to Florida to have a goalie colored jersey the favored color for the entire away kit. Also, while Hartford lost 1-0 last night - it feels like they're not too far off from competing with the better teams in the East.
  7. The Phillies have had a trash bullpen for a while now though, that's not necessarily on Girardi.
  8. Overheard from the PA last night: Yellow card issued to Tampa (three second gap) Bay, number...
  9. Garrett "Spinrate" Richards gave up 6 runs (4 earned) in 4 IP. Going to assume he was using something on the balls.
  10. I hope that the Sox pitchers are not using the foreign substances beyond acceptable limits. Boston's pitching was wretched last year, so it doesn't surprise me they're giving up tons of runs to power lineups like Toronto and Houston. Now if they give up 10 runs a game to the Royals, that's cause for concern.
  11. The Red Sox been slumping a good amount. Outside of that sweet of the Yankees in NY, they lost 5 of 7 to Houston and then gave up a million HR to Toronto this weekend. I went to the game yesterday, which was nice except for the losing. Better then than today, since they lost 18-4.
  12. So far, I only have tickets for Bonnaroo and to a Genesis show in December. There's a few others I have on the maybe list.
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