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  1. Disappointed to have fallen, but couldn't have done much more. Dallas' defense last night went insane.
  2. Jacksonville beats Buffalo 9-6 Who saw that one coming?
  3. The top seeds out west already got knocked out. Phoenix lost to RGV on PK's last night, and the night before Oakland upset El Paso 1-0. Gonna be wide open on that side of the bracket now. Out east, Tampa Bay put up 6 on Tulsa. Hard to see them not being the favorites right now. Except for maybe Charlotte. Pittsburgh had to forfeit due to a few people catching Covid.
  4. Caldwell did very good for us this year, was a wise move for Miami to pick him up as a backup.
  5. I know it's splitting hairs, but wouldn't it be manslaughter since there's no premeditation? But yeah, it's awful. Sad that someone died cause he really fucked up.
  6. I'm not a UConn football fan, but its been amazing just how badly they've been doing in recent years. They need to drop back to FCS or just disband the program entirely, they have no reason to be in FBS anymore. It's a basketball school, let's keep it real.
  7. Been nice to actually have shows to go to these past few months. Since the world has returned to normal, I've seen: Terrence Simien, Rancid, the Dropkick Murphys, Cloud Nothings, The Sword, Wizard Rifle, Mdou Moctar, Sylvan Esso, Brittany Howard, Phoebe Bridgers, Liz Cooper (twice), and King Crimson. Probably going to see Lukas Nelson tonight. Debating Action Bronson next weekend. I got a bunch more on my plate between now and Christmas.
  8. It reminds me of the times where the Patriots keep getting caught cheating, even though it didn't make sense since they were good enough to begin with Houston has a solid roster built, and the Red Sox have some stars mixed with a significant amount of grit. They don't seem to be the ones most likely to cheat, and yet they're affected by scandal. Wasn't Beltran the worst of the bunch?
  9. I wouldn't mind if JD left and the Sox kept Schwarber as the DH
  10. I expected Tampa to win in a blowout, but the Pats played better than I (and many others) expected. Defense did well, and Jones looks promising.
  11. McCorkle looks like he got run over by a bus on that interception
  12. I'm a little surprised the Red Sox made it this far, but I'm glad they did. Got a ticket for the game on Tuesday
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