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  1. Bonz

    The Office

    Even better in the English one was when David did his little Robot dance after getting shown up for the charity thing. Fuck I laughed for a good 15 minutes until I got the picture out of my head so funny! That and the constant attempts to get Gareth to say he is gay
  2. Bonz

    The Office

    The English version is the original and the yank one is an adaption. I suggest you pick up the English one ASAP as it is fucking comedy Gold!
  3. Bonz

    The Office

    The English version is by far one of the greatest comedy shows of all time. Gareth is my hero! I never really got into the American one, they did actually show the whole series here HWS about 6 months before the run you are talking about. They showed it on ABC as well I think then when it moved to Ten it just never took off.
  4. I got my copy today and I'm really liking it. Just started a season mode with JBL and just finishing up the Legends Tour thing which was pretty sweet. Had a 28 minute submission match with Bret Hart which was crazy, he ended up beating me just in the end. Fuck I love this game, after defeating Austin to end the Legend tour I started a new story. This time Eddie has stolen Undertaker's ern and wasusing it to "sick" the Undertaker on my opponents. We joined together to battle Booker T and Angle but now we have broken up. Just stole the Ern from Eddie's locker so now have Taker under my contro
  5. My copy should be here tomorrow, can't wait after reading all the reviews it sounds like the best of the games so far.
  6. Pretty much anything Cold Chisel or ACDC goes good, here are a few. Cold Chisel: Khe Sanh Cheap Wine You got Nothing I want ACDC Highway to Hell Back in Black Thunderstruck TNT You Shook Me All Night Long
  7. Should be good considering we were supposed to be sharing the last one with you Looks like I may have a chance of working over there for it as well if everything plans out smootly again with whoever is running it for them. I am hoping its TWI because that would mean I would be more then likely working with them for another world cup
  8. why would you get jelous? It's a post count on a message board, hardly life threatening.
  9. It was sensational, thank god they one or I think it would be safe to say soccer in Australia would've been dead and burried. When their fat fucking coach through the ball at one of our players and got away with it I wanted to punch the TV. Who cares how they go in the finals, they fucking made it!
  10. maybe we should ruin the 4 months then It's on at the moment here not to shabby
  11. Maybe this will put cricket in the limelight in England for once. It is the best series I have ever seen let alone Ashes series. Every game was so much more intence then I have ever seen in test cricket, I enjoyed the whole series and in the end England were deserved winners. Hopefully they committ to the young English player which will make the next Ashes even better
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