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  1. Wow! This is Awesome man! A big thanks!
  2. EDIT: Here's some cuts i made of some Performance Center/NXT wrestlers for my game. Use them if you want ! Aleah James, Amale, Anriel Howard, Jessi Kamea, Skyler Story, Tyler Rust
  3. Anyone has Dominik Mysterio on Kyky?
  4. Here's some new cuts i made for NXT because they had new pics. Jake Atlas, Joaquin Wilde, Raul Mendoza
  5. Here's some cut i made today if anyone wants to use them. Rhea Ripley, Scarlett Bordeaux, Shane Thorne,
  6. They're not working in the game. You saved them in PNG, so i tried to put them in JPG, but the game crash everytime i try to assign the pics to the wrestlers. I dont know what i do wrong do... Run-Time Error 481 - Invalid Picture. But they are awesome ! Just not working.
  7. Here's some cuts I made from the WWE Performence Center website because i had no pics for them. EDIT: Just realized i put them all in JPEG format instead of JPG. #Facepalm Just save them in JPG and it should work. Sorry for that ! Still beginning with all this. AJ Francis, Brianna Brandi, Catalina Garcia, Dani Luna, Eddie Dennis, EJ Nduka, Elizabeth Chihaia, Emily Andzulis, Gurvinder Singh, Jorge Bolly, Laxmi Rajpoot, Levi Muir, Lewis Howley, Malcom Bivens, Omari Jahi Palmer, Rinku, Rita Reis, Robert Stone, Sam Stocker, Samantha Demartin, Saurav, Sidney Bateman, Simone Johnson, Sukh
  8. I did this. Only my second cut ever so might not be perfect !
  9. So Quarantine got me exploring how to cut pics by myself, and here's how it went ! My first 2 pics : Sam Stocker and Lewis Howley from Pretty Deadly (couldn't find any recent pics on kyky of them, so I did them !) I used GIMP and the background remover website that someone posted a couple pages ago. It worked very well. Any comments appreciated.
  10. Does anyone have pics of the guys of Pretty Deadly on Kyky? (Lewis Howley and Sam Stoker) Can't find any ! Thanks for the help guys. If needed: https://www.wweperformancecenter.com/#!/about (both have pics on the PC roster!)
  11. Anyone have Marko Stunt AKA Mr.Fun Size of AEW on Kyky ? That'd be nice, i can't find any ! https://www.allelitewrestling.com/roster Thanks a lot !
  12. Here's some suggestions of wrestlers to add in the next update! I'm sorry, i'm really bad for providing stats, but if someone have time for it, it would be nice! · Cezar Bononi : Performance Center/ NXT House Shows · Dan Matha : Debuting Next Week on NXT · Danielle Kamela : Doing some NXT Shows. · Dylan Miley : Performance Center · Jeet Rama : Currently doing NXT House Shows · Tucker Knight : NXT Wrestler · Cedric Rougeau : Son of Jacques Rougeau. He is currently at the performance center fo
  13. I don't have Stats for these wrestlers but they should be added to the game, to a developpemental deal with the WWE : Dylan Miley Cezar Bonnoni Riddick Moss
  14. Thanks a lot man! Really apreciate !
  15. Can i have this pic of Marti Belle from TNA on Kyky background please? http://www.tnawrestling.com/roster/Wrestler-Roster/item/6424-Marti-Bell Thanks !
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