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  1. A kid I shared a class with in high school, Jamie Newman signed with the Eagles undrafted. I remember him being a really nice guy so I'm a little sad how it all turned out for him. At one point he was getting mocked as a potential second or third rounder but he opted out of school due to Covid and struggled at the senior bowl. Maybe I'm biased but I feel like he has a higher upside then some of the QB's who got drafted in those late rounds. At least they're giving him a chance!
  2. Have they made you switch positions yet? I want to get this and do an SP RTTS but I don't want to invest a bunch of time only to get switched to a closer permanently like the last time I tried to play.
  3. I’ve always been a big Cam and Panthers fan so it sucks to see it ending this way. I’ll still root for him though even if he ends up with the Pats! 🤢
  4. Peyton's the reason I started watching football after I read a book he and his dad wrote. His competitiveness and desire to get better even when it doesn't seem like he can top himself is very admirable. Extremely happy for him! John Elway has done a great job rebuilding this team as well.
  5. Did Carroll just pull a Belichick!?
  6. I like the ESPN team history thing they do right before the game starts. Those animations look great.
  7. Not another Thursday Night blowout . I think every team has to play a Thursday game and they're all division games. I'm not sure though.
  8. I think it's both. Consistently playing at an MVP caliber for all these years is no walk in the park. Also Jets QB's suck.
  9. ESPN says no Bridgewater. Boo...time for another Thursday blowout.
  10. Well that garbage time TD by Gronk just lost me another match. Sooo close.
  11. Carolina's O-line is awful. I thought all those stats about Cam getting hit loads more than any other QB was simply because he runs a lot and that does have something to do with it but they are legit bad.
  12. The one week I needed Cousins to play well
  13. They switched RG3 out with Cousins
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