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  1. Yeah I am also working at that time. Good luck though!
  2. I've been running a sort of modified Super Hero RPG game based loosly on the mechanics of Monster of the Week that's been fun. The basics are as follows. Then I add little tweaks based on what sort of special powers ect. that characters or NPC's have. It's been pretty breezy to run and gets through combat at a nice pace (Which is good). I still might refine some thing, maybe give different levels to pass/fail depending on what the action is but that's the bare bones of it and I generally give people an action and movement unless they have some sort of special ability that makes sense f
  3. I played a session last night with @Toe & @thepunkrockicon and I think I may have literally rolled like 7 1's. It was quite impressive. I'm not exactly the luckiest roller to begin with by my god was I on streak once like every combat started. I don't think I hit a single attack while raging lol. Still a good time was had by all! I'm glad my Gnoll Barbarian turned out as well as I imagined it in my head beforehand. Still happy to take on anyone else interested as well
  4. Yeah I recall playing as level 1's when our DM ran Princes of the Apocalypse and we almost certainly should have been TPK'd multiple times. WOTC or whoever really have weird scaling when you look at the CR they give things than what they actually put in their adventures Like I've read over quite a few and just think this would kill most parties with even just one or two bad rolls. I usually over correct too much the other way but yeah. In completely selfish news the DND session went quite well and I'd still be happy for anyone else to join in for whenever we run another game!
  5. https://discord.gg/pyQKb4 My bad. I'm not what you'd call 'traditionally smart'. But yes, link above!
  6. I'll make a 'Last Call' since I've tentatively scheduled the game for next week on Wednesday. Even if you can't make that game feel free to jump into the discord and maybe if it goes well we will play games in the future. https://discord.gg/pyQKb4
  7. Slime climb is a sick creature unfit for this world. I best it once ever and than another time got right to the end and in my excitement got booped off by a wrecking Ball. I've won over when another guy and me both got smacked off in the spinning game and he happened to hit first. A true testament to skill that one.
  8. Don't let Toe down people. The man just wants to escape being the forever DM.
  9. If anybody is interested I would be happy to DM and/or play some DND online with people looking for people to play with. I'm not particularly adept with Roll20 or any software like that but I am fine with theater of the mind/sending maps over messenger or letting someone more competent run that part of a game. With Discord or other messenger programs it shouldn't be too complicated outside of scheduling which is the bane of all TTRPG anyways Anyways if anybody is interested they can message me on the board and we can try to figure something out.
  10. It's a thing! I've found myself with a bit more money and a lot more time alone to play video games and with the ability of Twitch to basically record stuff for me, I've decided to make some little videos for fun. Don't expect much in the way of production values but I'd appreciate the feedback/support/encouragement that maybe someone else wants to watch. I'll just say in advance I apologize if this is advertising or something but I have no idea if these even make any money and highly doubt they will. Also don't have the strictest of Twitch schedules for live stuff but I'll probably look into
  11. What level are these guys? That blood door seems brutal but I toss a lot of softballs as a DM. I do like the idea of digging up the graves for rewards though and I'll always have a soft spot for cult shenanigans. In other news I am planning to finally meet my regular group outside somewhere this week and I'm going to be running an Alien themed one shot for them which I hope will be fun. I've never really strayed too far from the sword & sorcery stuff except when I did another one shot around Halloween with a WW2 meets Call of Cthulhu type scenario. I've sort of made a hybrid D&D sys
  12. Probably an obvious answer I am missing but is there a pre-game editor for FM somewhere that I'm just missing?
  13. Wrestlemania 2000 (N64) Madden 99 (N64) NHL 1997 (Sega) Kirby's Adventure (NES) Super Mario Brothers (Atari) The 3 wrestling games were almost certainly the ones I played the most. My friend and I would create entire 'leagues' and run simulated matches with them. Madden pretty much got me interested in football and was the first game I owned of that genre. NHL was the same idea as Madden and a game I also played a ton of. Kirby was one of my favorite games and probably the first game I beat without using a game genie so it holds a special place to me (Even if in retrospect it was in
  14. I love doing both. World building is one of my favorite things to do and I enjoy creating the various places, factions and history of a world as a DM. Also I'm easily bored so getting to essentially "play" as basically as many characters as I want is a lot of fun for me. That said it is nice to be a PC and get to really develop a character more than you really will as a DM. Also not having to really prep a whole lot of stuff as a PC doesn't hurt. I'd say I probably prefer to DM than to play, but at this point I'd be happy to get to do either I've been thinking of doing an online game
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