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  1. I'm starting this thread because I'll soon be adding pictures of random people on KYKY backgrounds, so that we can use them as managers with no pictures, made up people, or graduated trainees with your training school. Hope you all enjoy them.
  2. Here are a few pictures that I cut, just of people that I like to use in my own games. Oh, and the girl is just some random hot chick. I use her for female managers that don't have pics. Matt Cross - aka M-Dogg20 Josh Prohibition Jonny Fairplay Greg Pawluk EXess Random Girl
  3. There is one of Ashley Massaro a few pages back. Just try the search function and put in her name.
  4. Been a long time since I've played, but I used to run out of the ring and run away from them until they are on opposite sides of the ring. I'd kick one guy's ass until his partner came over then run again. I'd do it until I could hit a few specials on them then end up getting them in the ring together. I'd throw one out, then nail the weaker one and pin. Takes a long time.
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