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  1. Huge Gervais fan here and this looks amazing!.. "Animals" still has me in stitches everytime!
  2. Let me have an email address and I can send you some samples of diaries I have done before.

  3. is the board runnin' slow for anyone else or just me!?

  4. Not a thief... just a plaigariser haha

  5. so.. you are also a thief?

    damn, this hurts.

  6. To be fair, it was blatant plaigarism of this:


  7. but you ruined Fresh Prince,

    you shall never be forgiven..

    it goes against..

    The Destruction of Will Smith Lyrics Act 1997`


  8. well I'm gutted at you being a little bitch, now fight back... pussy <_<

  9. nice one, i actually meant the plot too be seperate, but obv need to be clearer sorry :]
  10. Situation- TNA open a film company much like WWE, first movie has yet to be filmed, you two have to produce a billboard poster for the film. Plot describing movie should also be inserted. Rules- Pick a name for the movie, (must be cheesy, TNA/Russo cheesy) The movie must be either a Comedy or Action, The poster must involve only two TNA wrestlers, It can only be 1 M-Eventer and 1 midcarder(or lower), One must not be a WWE dropout (not Angle, Taz, etc.) A small plot should be given for the movie. Rules kinda suck but I just thought them up as I was writing.
  11. The Truman Show <33 loved the movie tbh, maybe not top 10, but still good movie!
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