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  1. Somehow it's a proven method for increasing clickthroughs to your videos, regardless of your genre. See this guy who is somehow one of the most profitable Youtubers of all time:
  2. Very interesting that one of Italy or Portugal won't be making it to the World Cup.
  3. I've seen an edit that kept the black outline around the shield, which I rather liked. The yellow and green touching each other without a separator or fade irks me, which is why I've disliked the last 2 kits. Interestingly, the guy who runs a marketing agency that let me go in January for "not being good enough" (when they didn't provide any of the training and support they promised for a job I had no experience in) is complaining on socials that the club didn't work with a local agency on this. Pretty sure I've read an article saying that the London-based agency they did use have worked
  4. I only saw that the tweet above was from Newcastle Utd while reading the earlier piece about Eddie Howe wanting to build the team around Shelvey, and assumed that it was an "Eddie Howe has left the club by mutual consent" announcement.
  5. Watched Shang-Chi tonight and it may just have cracked my top 5 MCU films.
  6. Spurs should've waited for Poch to leave PSG and then offered him whatever he wanted to come back.
  7. There's no chance Spurs get Conte when they couldn't get him at the start of the season. Any viable long-term replacement for Nuno will be a lower quality manager who's prepared to accept that the opportunity comes with a broken team, poor business management, and a good chance of being sacked before getting a chance to improve the squad.
  8. I'm from Norwich so, despite not being my main team due to family loyalties, I have much more of a vested interest in how they perform than another team based more than 150 miles away. Knowledge and understanding also factors in, I couldn't tell you a single thing about the West Brom squad for the last decade, other than them having Ivanovic last year.
  9. I imagine that Angus Gunn was signed as a long-term replacement for Krul. Sargent and the Greeks seem like the most likely new players to bring in the money after next season, even if it's only one of them. Then there's Aarons and Cantwell, who should both bring in at least £20m when sold. The only question mark is around who replaces Pukki when he inevitably stops being able to deliver. Perhaps Sargent can deliver in the Championship, or maybe Adam Idah will be developed into the new talismanic forward (though I think he should've been loaned out to a Championship or League 1 side f
  10. To me, the signings they've made have been with a mind to dominating the Championship next season and then selling someone for £30-40m, exactly what they've ended up doing with Buendia.
  11. Covid doesn't even factor into that, it just means they haven't scored an away goal this season. Norwich are playing with everyone behind the ball except Sargent and Pukki, so hopefully it stays that way!
  12. Has Chris Wilder been talked about as the next Newcastle manager? I reckon him or Eddie Howe would be the best choices. Whoever it is will be the Mark Hughes (at best) of Newcastle's rise in stature, so I certainly don't expect them to get anyone like Conte. Looking forward to Bruceball finally coming to Carrow Road when Daniel Farke gets sacked after 0 league wins by the end of the season.
  13. Not interested in a World Cup every two years as I quite like the Euros. Might as well just declare football over at the end of 2022 at this point.
  14. The Norwich version was impossible. It was the season they made it back to the Premier League (the first time) and the only decent players you could get were U21 loan signings from the likes of Arsenal. I never made it past Xmas without being sacked for poor performance.
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