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  1. I think it should be measured from the feet, personally. They're the most important body part in the sport, where the players will most likely be putting their force/body weight, and can be objectively measured against from the relevant angle. Chilwell's shoulder being a centimetre past Soyuncu's elbow doesn't have any bearing on how the ball ended up in the net 30 seconds later, much less so than the goal at the other end. I've seen takes that the rules clearly dictate which goal should and shouldn't have stood, and that that's why Leicester won, but those rules (and the way they're impl
  2. James Maddison had this reputation while he was at Norwich.
  3. And play them all as defensive midfielders.
  4. Twitter is ablaze with trending comments that Chelsea were the first team to withdraw but BBC Sport is saying "Man City withdraw from the ESL, Chelsea set to follow". How odd.
  5. I've never really played (or enjoyed) online games. The only things I'd say I'm exceptionally good at in any video game are lockpicking and archery in Skyrim.
  6. Remove BG looks amazing. I only found out about it last week but it has the potential to revolutionise graphic requests in the TEWR section.
  7. The question here is will they already be relegated this time next year or will it go down to the final day? More investment is needed to make Norwich a team capable of staying in the PL and I can't see that happening in a mid/post Covid environment.
  8. Finally caught up on MCU films for the first time ever after having watched both Spider-Man movies (and all of WandaVision) over the Easter weekend. Now I finally understand many of the last decade's memes that previously only had context from the memes themselves.
  9. An important aspect of international football that hasn't been mentioned yet, from the players' perspective at least, is proving that you're the best player in your position. Becoming a regular starter in that position proves you're a/one of the best in your country, winning a tournament kind of proves that you're a/one of the best in the world/whichever area the tournament covers. For some, that aspect certainly ties into proving yourself more valuable at a club level. For others, well, just look at how lost in the moment many France players were after the last World Cup Final, or San Ma
  10. ITV's coverage of these three England games has been a bit bland though. Neither of Sam Matterface and Lee Dixon are the most engaging commentator, and the only punditry change was Ashley Cole replacing Eni Aluko after the San Marino game. A little more variety in that lineup would've helped make these games feel a bit more entertaining, I feel.
  11. Playing FM09 and just discovered that Jack Rodwell has dual English-Brazilian nationality despite that apparently not being the case IRL. Tempted to start up a new save as Brazil, try to cap him, and make him the new Dunga.
  12. @GA! can probably hook you up if you let him swing by work first.
  13. Thiago Silva bouncing up the steps to celebrate with Mason Mount and Jorginho was the purest expression of joy I think I've ever seen.
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