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  1. Anyone up for joining Werewolves mafia as a replacement player?

  2. Well this is painful on the eyes.

  3. Just made an intro for my YouTube video series :D

    1. Bobfoc


      Is it part of this video?


    2. Naitch


      Nope. I'm literally listening to an audio message telling me about all this stuff right now xD

  4. Anyone fancy joining my mafia game as a replacement player?

    1. How The Cloud Stole Christ

      How The Cloud Stole Christ

      Can I play two roles at once? :shifty:

  5. Want to join the ongoing mafia game? PM me!

  6. Looking for one, maybe two replacements for Democratic Primaries 2020 Mafia. PM me if you're interested!

    1. Gazz


      Yeah, I'll do it.

  7. Last chance to sign up for the Democratic Primaries mafia. Go sign up for Kats' Eurovision game too, it's his birthday!

  8. WAW Hard Times is premiering on YouTube in an hour: https://youtu.be/l4rUAeitwfo

  9. I can't record my PES5 diary pilot because the headset I bought has a shit microphone for PC 😕

  10. Anyone want to take a punt on why my Visual Boy Advance emulator is suddenly only running at 48%? Even with throttle it only goes up to 68% I'm hoping it isn't related to the fact that my internet browser has recently started "not responding" a lot.

    1. Azazel


      Try just downloading a new one and copy your games/saves to it.  It could be that something else is running or you are on low power mode (mine will slow down if my laptop is unplugged for example)

    2. Naitch


      Its working find again for similarly no reason. Turning my laptop off and on again seems to have done the trick. <_<

    3. stokeriño


      Any chance your computer was doing a background scan of some sort (virus or otherwise)? That can slow everything down without necessarily calling attention to itself.

  11. Naitch

    Holy shit. You're from Norwich AND the same age as me. How have I not noticed you before?

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    2. Lineker



    3. MDK


      Currently I'm near Dereham >_>

    4. Forky


      Loz and Naitch sittin' in a tree!

  12. Need to vent in a place that doesn't exist. Shame I can't afford to go there.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Naitch


      A chat with Munchies, who has first hand experience with the source of my frustrations, seems to be doing the job for now. Thanks for the offer though.

    3. Liam



      Can't he use Whatsapp on Laptop/Tablet?

    4. Lineker


      That's a good point. But I think you have to set it up initially on a phone because your account is attached to your phone number? 

  13. How do I change my sig nowadays?

    1. TheWho87


      Click your username is in the top right of the forum, go to account settings and there is a signature option there

  14. I just inadvertently pissed off Saraya Knight. Invites to my funeral will be arriving with you all in the next few days.

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    2. Rich


      Dibs on being the European Court of Dibs Justice.

      Appeal denied

    3. Subject Delta
    4. 9 to 5

      9 to 5

      What's metalman's people got to do with it?

  15. Casually chilling with Joe E Legend at the WAW gym.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SlicedBread


      Ask him to do an Undertaker impression, it's spot on.

    3. Meacon Keaton

      Meacon Keaton

      Joe E Legend or Joe E Icon?

    4. King Ellis

      King Ellis

      Shooting the shit with Jimmy Snuka.

  16. Any US employers looking to fill a paid summer internship with an international student?

    1. Mick



  17. Sky One just proved that Raw still works as a two hour show.

  18. Does anyone know if Twitter handles can be changed to something that a different handle was previously known as but changed theirs to a different one?

    1. Hobo
    2. Sousa


      We've been through at least eight Rabbitmen.

  19. @theukhooligans recently made a tweet directed at Triple H and William Regal. I'd appreciate it if anyone who's on Twitter could retweet it and follow the Hooligans if you aren't already.

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    2. Noah


      Uk Hooligans? Why would the WWE want to sign Nerf and the General?

    3. brenchill


      They look like a right couple of cocks.

    4. fourstarfizzle


      Martin Stone had their gimmick, and the look and got released. Not to be negative, I just can't see them getting the chance.

  20. Just 2 more sign ups needed and the Politics of EWB can begin!

  21. Still need more players for my Political Game! Here's the link:

  22. Go sign up for my Political Game in the Cube's Seventh Side!

  23. My housemates are watching Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium and dear god does Dustin Hoffman's character remind me of Ric Flair.

  24. I met Prince Devitt today. It has been a good day.

  25. Reply from Han Solo, not too Jabba.

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