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  1. It's a good thing the fiver I had on it was quickly outranked by my horse winning, or I'd be a very unhappy boy.
  2. I've got money on West Ham to win both halves, so to our Newcastle contingent: you're welcome for the inevitable Newcastle win.
  3. I almost didn't back more than 3 goals on my Beat The Drop. I changed my mind and I am hoping I don't regret it. >_>
  4. Even with ten men, you'd expect this side to put up a better fight than this. 5-2 is mind-boggling against Sam Allardyce's West Brom.
  5. Kyle.

    Cover Songs

    He also released this the other day. Personally think he nailed the instrumental but the vocals are less nailed.
  6. Given the most they'd ever lost on the bounce at Anfield was 4, long may it continue I say.
  7. Jesus. I fell off the week before Halloween and catching up seems like an impossible task.
  8. Not to continue to rain on the ol' parade or anything but...
  9. After me being convinced Richarlison had lost his shooting boots this season, he's now scored four games in a row. I enjoy being wrong occasionally.
  10. Not for nothing but I'm gonna have a drink tonight.
  11. You know, I dont think I've ever had as visceral a dislike for a Liverpool player as I do for Andy Robertson.
  12. For once, I actually kind of feel for Mike Dean. The ONE game in his lifetime he doesn't want to show a red, and he's more-or-less forced to.
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