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  1. I am unreasonably excited for Jackass Forever. I was one of the people who thought "nah, they're too old and I've grown out of it" but I watched the trailer and reverted to being the literal child I was when the last one came out.
  2. It wouldn't be pre-season without me reminding everyone that we have an EWB fantasy league, auto-join link in the spoiler. It's the same league as last year so anyone who was in last season's should automatically be in.
  3. There were rumours flying around Twitter for the last few days, I was hoping they were as bollocks as the James Rodriguez sex-change rumour. Guess not.
  5. Yeah, big ouchie on McGregor. Big fan of Kris Moutinho's method of fighting of "get punched in the face over and over for three rounds and keep coming like the goddamned Terminator until Herb Dean finally ends the fight for your own safety".
  6. I'm going to cry on Sunday. Its official.
  7. The worst part about that goal is how little I can fault it.
  8. Same with James McCarthy. He'd regularly go get injured on Ireland duty, come back for maybe a single club game and then go break himself on international duty again.
  9. Today marks 20 years since Sol Campbell signed for Arsenal. Or possibly it was yesterday. Dates are confusing.
  10. Anybody got a France logo going spare? I am ONE sticker away. Aaaaaand I'm done.
  11. ...it might be coming home?
  12. Bet you're real glad you left DCL out now aren't ya Gareth?
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