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  1. Must say that I'm glad the Ravens game was on at 1am UK time though. I was only depressed for a few minutes after reading the score when I woke up. >_>
  2. KDB marks his 100th assist for City with a filthy cross.
  3. Prior to the Holloway/Kattar fight, the record for most significant strikes landed in a fight was 290 (also set by Max Holloway). The new record is 445. Yikes.
  4. Sky had lost the proper feed and just had a camera next to one of the end zones. Of course the play that they pick it back up is Ravens throwing a pick.
  5. Come on Marine! If only for the sheer irony of Lineker being on the receiving end of a cupset.
  6. I'll take a 5-2 against a dominant City side who walked the league both seasons.
  7. It's actually ridiculous the gulf in quality between our "star" players and the rest of the squad. Getting outplayed by Championship relegation fodder.
  8. I'm still playing FM20, but managed to secure 4th in my first season as Everton. My reward? Ahh.
  9. That film is full of wrestlers/people who are adjacent to wrestling. Nash, Austin, Khali, Goldberg, Bob Sapp, hell Terry Crews had at least one WCW appearance.
  10. Last update unless I hit top ten worldwide but...
  11. I've not logged into my fantasy league for like a month so you can imagine my shock at this.
  12. What are the poor students gonna do now that they only have 2000 student housing blocks rather than 3000?
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