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  1. MDK FC Overlap FC I could play now and again. Xbox. Central Mid. (CAM ideally but CM/CDM, whatever the formation needs) would be first choice but can play wide or upfront too. I was once the best goalkeeper the Dragons ever did see.. but I'm not sure we're ready for that again.
  2. I loved Martin O'Neill. He hurt my heart when he left.
  3. No panic. Wilson looked good. >_>
  4. miss you man. 

  5. Loads of complaints and shots fired at the FIA across twitter and Reddit, but that was handled as well as it could have been. Maybe the Sainz penalty should have been announced after the flag but the rest was spot on.
  6. I'd say CJ is the best option at QB this year. I can see Levis going higher than expected though. Really interested to see where Hooker ends up too.
  7. IMO that was never a penalty. Not even close to being a foul.
  8. The inaugural season ending as it should have.
  9. Fuck all these shit cunts. Hope they all stub their toe and get removed from their domestic and UEFA competitions.
  10. 6 losses on the bounce at home for Liverpool is kind of amazing.
  11. Does Thiago have more goal involvements against Liverpool than for Liverpool this season?
  12. Do people really think Klopp is as good as Pep?
  13. Tbf it isn't something you've ever had to worry about.
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