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  1. Just couldn't help himself. What an absolute wanker he is.
  2. Possibly, but on the other hand. The Prelim figures say something like 90M (viewers) in the box office, and 60M on Disney+. If the contract simply states that she only gets paid through BO sales, that means Disney has pocketed a third of her income without her getting any slice of that pie, when if there had been an exclusive theatrical run you can make a good case a portion of home viewers would've ended up going to the cinema instead. I'm sure Disney+ won't let this go to court and settle in some form or fashion, or potentially litigate it for eternity... Or potentially claim that
  3. I decided to pick up the new F1 2021 on Saturday. Mostly because of the new addition of Co-Op career mode. Which you can both play versus (you both sign contracts individual of each other, so you can go in your own career direction) or co-op (You're a package deal and share development points). Very fun stuff with a friend whose on the general same level as you. Me and my friend started as Williams and Haas F1 drivers respectively, trying to see who'll be able to suffer in crap cars the longest and find their way to the top of F1. It has most of the same functionality as the single player
  4. In a sense. Yes. The move that many drivers nowadays do is get overlap (front wheel alongside rear wheel) since the rules state that the defending driver has to grant you room if you have overlap. (The issue in logic is that by braking super late, you force an overlap, even if you wouldn't ordinarily get it normally) But a move like Lewis into Copse not just relies on the defending driver giving room, but completely giving up the corner because it uses the threat of getting damaged/crashing as an incentive for the defender to not take the correct line through the corner. It's stuff y
  5. It's something that i've been seeing more and more of in motorracing and honestly this style of bully racing is infuriating in how excessively risky and unfair it is. Put it up the inside, regardless of racing line. I either stick it, force the other guy to go off their own (natural) racing line, or cause an incident. It's the stuff that I see on low-safety online races, people who can't overtake properly so they'll just park it on the apex knowing that as long as they get past it's all acceptable regardless of how they made it happen. But this is happening at 300kph at the top
  6. My biggest issue with the sprint quali isn't even the race itself, which on its own is a bit naff. But with the double message F1 is sending with it. On the one hand, they've spent the past half decade+ pushing hard for a more eco-friendly and economical image with smaller engines, less fuel burning allowed, and even limiting the amount of parts that can be replaced on a car during any given season. And on the other hand they're now pushing for 17 lap races on Saturdays, which will cause more fuel to be burnt, and more wear and tear to happen on parts, with the added potential that d
  7. There's still too many question marks about the system for me before I form an opinion. There's a few things that make me dubious about it. - Steam's track record with previous systems being good, but otherwise not great. - A system that promises to be able to run AAA games 'well' is extremely lofty and vague too. Does that mean games from the past few years, or rather Skyrim. - On top of that, IF it can run AAA games at high nick, that means it would require quite a hefty GPU/CPU, and those things are power greedy. As such the device would need a very big power supply, or else
  8. JasonM

    Cover Songs

    Rob Zombie is great and I won't hear any slander implying otherwise. But for real, with Rob Zombie I feel the more 'Rob' it gets, the more bad AND good it gets. And LA Rats is just pure self-indulgent insanity.
  9. The non-calls on Booker at the end were an absolute refereeing shitshow, but since the Bucks won they won't do anything about it. Even as someone who is rooting for the Suns in this final, the refs are appalling and shouldn't come back for game 5 after that farce at the end. They were doing everything in their power to manipulate the game.
  10. Hulkenberg, Vandoorne, and Albon are probably praying to god for some race bans to get handed out this year.
  11. I really liked the opening crawl, but I felt the cover song fell apart completely at the point where it went into the gibberish part at the end of the song. It works in the original, but when the song is sang at about 65RPM it became excruciating to listen to. But I guess everyone has different tastes. It's honestly a non-thing taken across the entire film which blew my expectations away. One thing I did get confused by, ending spoiler-ish:
  12. It's all smiles and all fun and games when Conor was on a tear and his trash talking and other bullshit was 'somewhat' endearing because he brought an excitement to the sport. But now he's just a sad sack of shit who lost three of his last four fights and after years of Conor showing that it's not an act and he's a complete unrepentant piece of human trash, people are finally getting sick of his shit and rightfully so. His aura of being this invincible shit talking rogue is well shattered now, unless he goes on a proper tear after coming back from the nasty injury. He had his mo
  13. It depends on the laser in question and most of them have a warning sticker. A light powered laser pointer like the ones you win in a carnival game might not be enough to permanently blind you, but still dazzle and temporarily distort your sight by giving you spots on your eyes. In the UK any laser with a power over 1mW can be regarded as dangerous to your eyesight.
  14. Depending on the power of the laser, it can blind you at worst or give you temporary spots in your eye (like if you looked directly into the flash of a camera).
  15. Just kayfabe the finish of Euro 2021. Italy is about to be handed the Euro 2021 trophy after England got DQ'd by the heel authority figure Ceferin, then Scotlands theme music hits and they take out the Italians and they book Scotland Vs. Italy for Euro 2021, and it starts right now!
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