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  1. Finished watching Season 3 of Psycho-Pass last night, now I just have to watch First Inspector to get fully caught up. This anime isn't perfect, and it's a lot of 'trying to seem smart' going on, but I must say it's one of my most favourite animes i've watched in a long time. Season 2 was a low and got me questioning whether to continue, but the movie + three minimovies between S2/S3 brought me right back, and then season 3 just continued keeping me hooked and feeling closer to the extreme high point that season 1 was. It's not as good as GITS(:SAC) was (Although S1 is definitely up
  2. Goodell now has dirt on everyone in the NFL and is going to leverage that insane amounts of powers in only ways that Rogel Goodell can. By using it as pettily as he can on people that talked shit about him personally.
  3. Fair enough, tbh. I'm afraid I don't know much in the way of good third party controllers that are cheaper, most are often more expensive because they play towards the 'pro gamer' market with higher quality components and some doodads like triggers on the bottom of the controller. You could check for 'Nacon' or 'Hori', I think they are the modern day licensed 3rd party controller maker? Either that, or find a second hand option?
  4. Just watched the games, and fuck me, why can't they just win a game without making me feel every emotion under the sun. Lamar is absolutely mental. After that fumble on the 1 I thought the Ravens were completely smoked this game, and they just somehow managed to pull it back in the most Ravens way possible. This year is anxiety inducing, but i'm all aboard for it.
  5. You can get a replacement battery for around 10 dollars on Ebay, from the cursory glance I did. No de-assembly (beyond opening the case) required, just a case of plugging in a new one and closing it up. Guide: https://ifixit.com/Guide/DualShock+4+Battery+Replacement/22074 Ebay: Link (1000mah LIP1522 are the original types, but there are higher capacity third party alternatives if battery life is a thing you want to improve.)
  6. What is wearing out? With a few tools and YouTube guides you could replace nearly anything on it. That is bound to be cheaper than any first or third party controller. And having fixed a few PS4 controllers, it's quite fool proof unless it would require soldering, which is not a common thing.
  7. Only management sim i've ever played where I read scout reports was Eastside Hockey Manager. Where star ratings didn't mean much in the way of actually telling you how good a player could get (Managing in the NHL, the first 2-3 rounds are 5* prospects more often than not), and you had to actually read the scout report to get a good indication where a player's true potential was at. In FM though, never have I felt the need to. Even with the more vague 'ghost stars' (or however one calls it) being given to players under 23 to make their true potential more up in the air, the development in
  8. It's an extremely interesting rumour, and probably throws a spanner in what most people expected to be Guanyu Zhou being the most likely choice for his fat stacks of sponsor money. It's not a certainty that Herta would qualify for the superlicense, since his Indylights season was on a small grid, which awards less points. Although I suspect the FIA would probably grant him an exception due to covid and his results in IndyCar proper. And with F1 wanting to expand into the US market, having a young American second generation star headlining an American led team would go a long way
  9. If they found ways to more easily integrate information in ways that make the work easier and quicker to do, then i'd be down for it. But between the scouting meetings being added last season, and now these staff meetings being added this season, it's just becoming more of a chore to do the things you want to do. Give me context menus or w.e. out of the inbox, gimme those options on the fly rather than pulling me into a whole new screen where I need to spend a bunch of minutes clicking buttons just to get everything done. I never bothered with the scout meetings, did them once, realized h
  10. FOF8 is a really good FOOTBAW sim, but I must preface it by saying it's very obtuse and compared to FM very hard to pick up and just play. Also, if you look around, there's 2021/2022 to find. But again, it's not a very forthcoming and 'logical' seeming game, with a QB like Mahomes (seemingly) lower rated than other QB's, but once it starts simulating it all comes together. I'd wait for a sale though, or find a 'free trial' somewhere first, to see if you can get over the jankiness.
  11. Think he'd honestly ace any role, even the role of Shuri.
  12. I was writing a whole rant about this, but I decided to delete that because why bother at this point. F1 don't care, they'll get a fat fuck-you sack of money, and #WeRaceAsOne will continue to be pushed in our faces as they'll continue having parades in nations where Human Rights are barely a concept let alone a thing. PS: Losail is a shit circuit in MotoGP with little to no overtaking, so be ready for a parade in F1.
  13. I think the way FH4 implemented it worked really well. Ten challenges with narration as bobfoc mentioned. Also lots of Horizon is about doing outrageous and cool stuff. I don't think an actual game that's solely based on a specific format will work though, FH works because of how flexible it presents you the challenges, races, open world, etc. Where you are never wanting for options to fill your time with. Maybe in the past, with games like Stuntman or Driver you could take risks because costs were lower, but I feel nowadays games like Horizon show you can give everyone a litany
  14. It might be a bit too dated nowadays, but if you can get New Vegas then that's a really good game. Compared to Fallout 4 it's pretty dated and there's lots of stuff missing that were odd choices in the year 2010, let alone 2021, but for good reasons it's regarded as 'the best' of the nuFallout games. Although I feel F4 gets a bad rap and is probably by far the most polished modern Fallout game. You could also check out The Outer Worlds (2019), which is Obsidian (the developers of New Vegas) making a new IP in the same vein as the Fallout titles. Space-cowboy-ey with lots of choices and fr
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