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  1. Nothing neutral about it though, never has been. One side wants to live their lives in peace, the other wants to in the best scenario oppress/repress them and in the worst case actively exterminate them in various ways. It's always been like that though, 'false neutrality' for the sake of wanting to be for 'everybody'. It weighs the opinions of people who seek to oppress just as heavily as the oppressed, when it should never be like that. EDIT1: UEFA (as are every other corporation and governing body) are operating from a position of luxury where they can pick and choose their battle
  2. Genuinely want to see it happen complete with everybody bringing up UEFA's 'equality pledge' whilst doing it. Let them bury themselves on their hypocrisy. Not allowing this is a political statement by the UEFA just as much as allowing it. Time to stop letting these corrupt fuckheads control the narrative for their own financial gain.
  3. Which is a massive load of toss. But UEFA is nothing if not a tokenistic virtue signalling pit of corruption, like every other organisation. Also this tweet aged like milk.
  4. I'm honestly a bit shocked right now. I've known no other head coach of this team but Rick Carlisle, and with both him and Donnie Nelson gone now, It's the first time in a long time that this ship is without captains and we're sailing blind into a new era. I also can't easily think up replacements either. Carlisle brought us our only title, and even though the past 10 years have not been with succes, that's not something you can blame him for because the Mavs always were right up there even in years where the team roster wasn't anything to write home about. But for Carlisle, all I ca
  5. Daley Blind has a similar device implanted and experienced his cardiac episode at the same age. Of course not every case is identical, but the hope is there that Christian can make a full recovery.
  6. Defender at the far post kept him onside.
  7. It's not exactly, but it needs context. Spain had 17 shots (5 of them on goal), so every shot ended up being only .15xG which is not efficient shooting. Sweden had 4 shots (1 on goal) and they had .34 xG per shot. The raw xG numbers implies that Spain was 'better', but the context was rather that they took a lot of poor shots and Sweden had more efficient shooting. Even then xG doesn't say much without the eyeball test, like Morata missing a crucial chance early on. Like with any stat, taken without context and on paper it says nothing. I agree that way too many people see
  8. Technically the rule doesn't look at intent but rather the end result (his bicep smashing Payne across the jaw), which was excessive contact. It's still a bit of a tricky thing to do and in slow motion it always looks worse than it does in real time. I don't think Jokic had any intent on clapping Payne, but it was definitely a clumsy and hard move all the same. Kinda the cherry on the shit sundae for the Nuggets, really. But they pretty much surpassed expectations by taking out the Blazers, and the Suns were with a full complement not even Jokic could carry the team past.
  9. I liked her in Nikita, but I don't know if she has any experience in football management
  10. Found what has to be the most rounded 17 year old ever. And I only had to pay 1M for him to take him from 4th division Zwickau where he was destroying the lower levels. And he immediately went and scored a goal on his debut, making him the youngest ever Bundesliga goalscorer. Just absolutely immense. Can see him become a monster before his 20th birthday.
  11. Great game, we didn't deserve to get anything out of it after Ukraine came back with those two brilliant goals. But it was easily the most exciting game of the tournament thus far.
  12. My god, what is this game.
  13. I think what @The Kraig said was on point. They should never even had been given the question to play, the game should've been postponed then and there and either finished at a different point in the coming week, or labeled a 0-0 draw. But this is 2021, where 'interests' reign supreme and people are 'motivated' to continue a show regardless of what transpired. I remember november last year when Romain Grosjean's car went up into a fireball and he was in the blaze for 12 whole seconds, yet despite being nearly roasted alive, everyone was 'asked' to restart the race, and because they'r
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