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    Since this thread got revived, I have been messing about with creating fictional non-US leagues a bit lately, it's a bit tricky since so much has a specific bias in the game to have things go a certain way, like USA/Venezuela/Dominica having a heavy influence in created players. So with some fiddling around, I have set out to make a UK Baseball League (UKBL) with some football inspirations (20 teams, no divisions/conferences, Minor leagues are age-gated) mixed with baseball. Despite some early hiccups, it works quite well! I had to go into the nation editor to change up baseball qual
  2. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/54274142 A friend of mine is from Wrexham and he was largely cautious about the rumours swirling around the club. He's also a gigantic Always Sunny (and Deadpool) fan, so needless to say he's extremely excited yet confused now as to why two of his favourite actors decide to seemingly randomly buy into the struggling non-league side he's supported all his life.
  3. The entire premise of Ratched just falls on deaf ears for me. She's one of those legendary characters that lose some of their power and mystique when they are given unnecessary characterisation to explain why they are what they are. It's like midichlorians, I don't need to know how the space magic works, just keep the magic as it is. Nurse Ratched, as she's perfectly presented in ofotcn is one of the most powerful and endearing villains in cinema history. I don't want to know why she became evil and sadistic. She doesn't need humanisation, it actively takes away from the origina
  4. You better say nothing about Parvati though, i'll fight anyone who speaks ill of Parvati!
  5. I would say if you haven't gotten a PS4Pro, the only difference is that it ups the framerate from 30 to 60, so things feel smoother and less chunky to look at, especially faster movements become a whole lot easier on the eyes. I'm sure they'll also gussy things up a little bit, but don't expect a gigantic leap forward in pure graphical qualities because you'll still be running it through a FullHD television. So basically, if you're getting a PS5 to play PS4 games on a FullHD TV, really only go in expecting a doubled framerate in line with the PS4Pro.
  6. Having sim raced with and against people using controllers, getting off steering assist will be weird at first but you can get used to it quite well if you keep some traction control and stability control on in the background. I've had people be two seconds faster than me using a controller than me using a steering wheel. And there's some ridiculously high level players out there that do endurance races on iRacing. So believe in yourself!
  7. That Denver comeback was absolutely amazing and I really hope they can clutch it with a win in game seven and kick the Clippers out of the playoffs (not bitter ) Also, Doc Rivers have been the coach of the Clippers since 2013, and he's never brought the team to the Western Finals. And sure, there's been some insane teams in there, namely the Warriors. But surely time should be up for Doc if he can't get it done this time around, throwing away a very commanding 3-1 series lead and potentially getting kicked out of the playoffs by a surging Nuggets team that turn into diamonds when the pres
  8. I'll agree with that there. I feel Formula E has a decent setup for their quali to prevent on track shenanigans from affecting qualifying too much. By lumping the different groups of drivers together (top tier, mid tier, low tier) for a singular quali session you make sure that say, you don't have a Williams possibly holding up a Mercedes on track. Also, the 'worst' group get to join the track last, which gives them a small advantage due to the track being a bit more rubbered in. Then the top 6 hold a final shootout for the top positions. You can probably completely do away with
  9. If you have a Nintendo Switch, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game is by all accounts a good title. There's also the Arkhamverse games that are probably quite cheap. Or if you wanna go a completely different direction and play old games, Freedom Force is a fun little Superhero RPG inspired by golden age comics. It's a bit old and jankety, but still very enjoyable! And there's also always the Lego Batman/Marvel games?
  10. Since you've now read and seen everything. Are the films part of the manga, or original standalone content? I still haven't seen the films, and I was thinking about reading through the mangas too.
  11. Honestly, I don't think Disney-Marvel would ever recast the role of T'Challa. I see them moving Shuri, M'Baku, or even W'Kabi into a more proment role before changing the face of T'Challa. Replacing Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle for the role of Rhodey is one thing, especially since it was very early days for the MCU and Terrence Howard walked away from the role on his own volition (rightfully, if the reports of him being heavily lowballed are true). I think it's going to take a very long time until people will be remotely warmed up to seeing a different face in the role of T'Challa.
  12. This was not the sort of news that I wanted to wake up on a saturday to. What awful depressing news, taken away so young, such a radiant and (especially knowing what he's gone through the past years) inspirational actor who I always felt had something special in every film I saw of him. I felt he was still very much at the beginning of his career too, between being the first black lead actor in a superhero franchise, he had many many more types of roles that he would've been perfect in. And of course, leaving his family behind this early, it just tears me apart. Between Kobe and
  13. Someone I know watched it... "Nothing to write home about, but it was a good distraction for an hour or so."
  14. Should work fine, never done multi on fm20 but the framework is the same as years past. The host only needs the database hosted, and everyone else can join. As long as the game is on the same patches.
  15. I feel Kinnaman is a really good actor, but the casting as Rick Flagg is just an extremely poor one that doesn't fit him at all, and he just looks like a bland meathead. He just doesn't work as the ultra generic square jawed soldier man.
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