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  1. Well wallstreetbets are idiots too, and this is the first productive and somewhat decent thing they did. GameStop benefits because wsb invested their money into the company, and the higher stock prices might help them be more solvent in the short term. But it'll probably last as long as wsb and other investors stay invested (heh) in propping up GameStop. Once they start selling the stock, the prices will drop once more and so will GameStop's liquidity. It's definitely a very good case study in how messed up the market is, and how modern systems can prop up a hollow carcass throu
  2. /R/wallstreetbets found out that there was a lot of shorting going on with the GameStop stocks since gs started circling the drain. So they literally decided to band together and mass buy up stocks. Causing the stock to spike, shorts to fail and cost a lot of rich stock market gamblers to lose out on money. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-25/how-wallstreetbets-pushed-gamestop-shares-to-the-moon The tldr for what shorting exactly means... Basically gambling on stocks dropping in value, as opposed to investing in stocks in the hope the value rises.
  3. I assume you're talking about a set of fictional kits + logo? I personally made some fictional sets last year for my custom club idea, and the logo/2D was pretty quickly done with some templates. Never tried 3D though, too clunky. But yeah, as @RazorsEdge mentioned, you can find request threads for fictional stuff to be made by request. You can have some luck with that. If it's (the logo, mainly) nothing too complicated or too frilly, I could have a stab at it sometime. DM any doodles or ideas and I could see if I can turn it into something decent enough.
  4. I remember that being added to Assassin's Creed: Odyssey when I played it, and it definitely deepened my enjoyment with the game because I wasn't forced to stick to terribly matched armor/weapon sets just to get the right stats for me. Any piece of equipment you collected was remembered and in turn you could change the visuals of any armor pieces to whatever you already had collected. So I picked up C77 last night via CDKeys.com (already dropped down to 28eu) and gave it a look. Didn't get into the story for two minutes before I got some really bad graphical glitches (trees being v
  5. Time for peak Chad Henne to carry the Bills to the Superbowl!
  6. I honestly don't think they'll even get to the finals, to be honest. Celtics are battling for #1 in the conference, and until yesterday they hadn't been able to call upon Kemba Walker. Meanwhile the Bucks have Giannis, and Khris Middleton is having an obscenely efficient start to his season with a .620EFG thus far. I think either of those teams have the chops to go head to head with the Nets and come out on top through teamwork.
  7. The wildest thing is that Kevin Durant, who made alt accounts to fluff himself up on social media. Is now the biggest adult of the three, and what you'd assume would have to be the locker room leader. Harden won't be it, because by all accounts he never stood up during his Rockets tenure where he became a perennial MVP candidate and the bonafide #1 of the team bar none. So if he never did it then, why'd he pick up the slack on the Nets where there are other stars to play with. Kyrie Irving, jesus christ that kid is a dumpster fire and you really wonder if he'll even be in the league
  8. You'd think there'd be some sort of advanced metric designed to calculate a DB's effectiveness in closing down a receiver. Something like a Defensive Catch Rate (i.e. the % of passes not caught by their assignment) would go a long way in determining a DB/Safety's efficacy at preventing plays. It would also be quite an easy metric to draw up since every assignment and snap is logged anyways in the modern game. I.e. if DB1 allows 4 catches in 5 targets, he'd have a 20% DCR, whilst DB2 allowing 6 catches in 10 targets gets a 40% DCR. Higher = better Ultimately INT's are more intere
  9. Some people still want a box to put on their shelf, even if it's a PC game. But I know nobody in my general vicinity that uses or even has an optical drive in their system. Although it's super frustrating for people that don't have super high speed internet, and would have to wait over a day to download a game. They'd like an optical disc, but there's no way to get one for PC unless you go through... unofficial channels.
  10. There should honestly be a mercy rule for the entire city of Cincinatti with how much the Bengals get punished on a year-by-year basis.
  11. Out of the box they're pretty much identical other than the PC version having a bit better graphics on high end systems. Of course on the PC version you can mod the everloving shit out of the singleplayer experience, and also there's FiveM which allows you to mess around on custom servers.
  12. The Sixth Man is a pretty enjoyable sportsball film. About a star player dying but coming back as a ghost to help the team to win.
  13. There have been rumours that Williams were in talk with BWT. But it can all be a bunch of Silly Season tosh, but don't count out the lack of pink on the 2021 grid just yet.
  14. Personally I'm definitely interested in the Red Bull dynamic now that they have finally decided to let go of the 'two kids in the crucible' notion they've went with since Mark Webber left. I think Perez will be just what Red Bull needs. A consistently fast driver who has the experience to deal with the pressures that come with the expectations. It wasn't fair to Albon/Kvyat/Gasly to throw them to the wolves in the past year, and Kvyat/Albon were direct victims and Gasly only managed to rebuild himself because he got back to the sister team. It's make or break though, if Perez is 'ave
  15. How can you post this and not post the six part documentary on the entire history of the Seattle Mariners?! Shame on you, @Merry_Lintmas! But for real, Jon Bois is an absolute treasure.
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