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  1. When you get to WCW Thunder for April 19th (and for the wrestling shows for the rest of the week), will you mention the RL Oklahoma City bombing in some way (especially since JR is from Oklahoma)?

    Good updates, BTW; sorry I haven't commented more...

    1. lws


      I had given some thought about it, but ultimately I decided that since as far as I'm aware the real wrestling world never mentioned it (outside of Louie Spicolli years later), neither will I. Should this continue as long as I plan it to, though, the OKC bombing might come up in the News/Rumors section a bit down the line as a point of controversy. I'll leave it at that to avoid spoilers for if/when I get there.

      I appreciate your comments, seldom they may be, and hope you keep reading and enjoying what you see.

    2. Alan Smithee

      Alan Smithee

      Looking forward to more, of course...

  2. Just waiting for your WCW 2000 update...:)

    1. lws


      ((high five emoji))

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