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  1. Some newspaper's tweet. I don't know if it's true. Maybe it isn't. Sorry. I've looked again and can't find it anymore.
  2. To be honest, things aren't staying the same. A victory for UEFA means the new champions league system which is not great at all will take place in 2024. I think we're celebrating someone will spit in our meal because at least they won't shit on it.
  3. I'm terrible at every game, online or otherwise.
  4. I was so focused on the ESL part of Florentino Perez interview, I didn't bother with the rest of it. I went back to check what else he said, and apparently, a while after saying Real Madrid would be financially dead in 4 years as a result of COVID and its restrictions without the ESL, he actually said they're interested in signing Mbappe. You can't write this shit.
  5. Malenko

    The Punk Thread

    I've heard the new album now. I had zero expectations, then started reading some very positive reviews from people who tend to be pretty negative about things and started believing it would be very good. I'm not a fan. I doubt I'll be listening to it much. I probably like it more than the last two but that's not saying much.
  6. " Real Madrid are in a very bad economic situation. Real Madrid, in two seasons, have lost more than 400 million euros — and that’s just Real Madrid!" I feel really sorry for them. Why can't someone just help them. "We had to adapt. The same thing happened in the 50’s, UEFA and FIFA were opposed to Bernabéu and the European Cup.” Lies. 1 - Bernabéu had nothing to do with the creation of the European Cup. He was part of several people who wanted something of the sort because South America already had a continental tournament. 2- There were european tournaments - mostly reg
  7. Amazing how opinions can go from "This is horrible" to "It doesn't look so bad" in a matter of days.
  8. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. They're owned by Qatar. They're not going to go against FIFA right before the World Cup. They'd have been first in line otherwise, I believe.
  9. Malenko

    The Punk Thread

    I felt you would have stopped caring that much about them at either Conspiracy of One or Splinter. Personally, I still dig Splinter even though I didn't think it added anything to their "legacy". I really like Da Hui and the Noose, and as for the Worst Hangover Ever, while it's definitely the kind of song that started driving their older fans away back when they released Americana, it always gets me smiling and I'm ok with that. It's probably the song I've played the most in that album tbf. The last 2 albums had some songs I liked, but there's so much more music I'd rather be listening to
  10. The thing is this breakaway league has been suggested since the 90s. You are right, of course, but what you say isn't really the sad result of these changes but rather the whole purpose. At the time it was suggested it was outrageous and it would never be done. However, every few years there are more changes that get us closer and closer to that. When it inevitably happens, nobody will say it's outrageous anymore because the champions league will look almost the same as the 90s euroleague suggestion by the time the last european league winner outside of the top 4 - now 5 - leagues is kick
  11. Anyone read the Thank You/Goodbye note from Norman Powell to the Raptors? Heads up, kinda long. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/posts/the-north-norman-powell-toronto-raptors-basketball-nba?fbclid=IwAR3QQXOVRhe9T9f6p1haBiU3a2yB8xnfw2FVVnSZyCVBkZbummedIHIV5jI Anyway, Seems like a nice guy who really liked it there. A guy who wouldn't have asked to be traded in a million years.
  12. Malenko

    The Punk Thread

    They've had a few similar to this in the last couple albums. I'm guessing the Offspring sound you're a huge fan of isn't this one, and hasn't been seen since the early 00s?
  13. Magic have traded Vucevic, Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier. Still time to trade Terrence Ross I guess?
  14. I tried listening to Human Impact a few months ago. I suppose I should have liked them because all of them have been in bands I like, but I just didn't care much for their music. I'll still listen to their new material but I just feel this won't be for me.
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