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  1. Spain are in a steep decline now though and the new batch isn't remotely on the same level. Rankings wise they're still really good because they had loads of points and still need to lose a bit to drop but it's a matter of time. Australia though are improving. Also I made a lot of money betting on this. It's all downhill from here.
  2. In all fairness, it's known South Korea is getting a gold medal in team archery before the olympics start.
  3. For those who want to watch a lot and also whatever they want at all times, you can use Eurosport player. You have everything there, you can rewatch it, schedules, it tells you if it's still group stages or medals, etc.. it's paid but cheap and worth it if you're planning on watching a lot of stuff.
  4. I remember liking it a lot, but I watched it then and never watched any reruns. Will I hate it if I watch it again?
  5. Is this the same Chris Spencer of Unsane and Cutthroats? Is this like a side project, his main thing at the moment, or someone else? Child Bite are cool. No idea if they're good live but they released a bunch of cool stuff 10+ years ago and then kinda lost track. Hopefully your kids will have a great time regardless of who's playing. I remember having a blast going to shows with my dad/sister as a small kid and always had a lot of fun!
  6. I've seen everything so far, (there's only been 2 sports so far so that's not saying much). I wish I was less obsessed with the olympics tbh. I obsess over too many things. This is only 2 weeks though. I can live with that. Netherlands just beat Zambia 10-3. Zambia's lone striker is really way too good for this team. They surprised major African teams on the way to qualify but they obviously lack the level required for such a competition. It was still cool that she managed to score 3 goals.
  7. Basically Saul wants to leave, Griezmann wants to go back to Atleti, Koeman likes Saul, Simeone likes Griezmann. Barcelona is looking forward to play Messi next year, which they can if Griezmann leaves. Griezmann is willing to take a pay cut which Atleti likes. Can't find the "plus cash" part anywhere. How much is it?
  8. The words used were generally worse but I feel they may get lost in translation. Casillas insults are just awful. Ugly stick figure, dumb idiot, second most overrated player in Madrid's history after Raul. He called him a "perrito faldero" (these are small dogs people can carry around, like say, a pomeranian), which when applied to people usually refers to someone who's bossed around by other people, which in this case means his wife. He used a plethora of insults regarding this, because in his opinion only a small dumb kid would be affected by his relationship with a woman. Cristia
  9. Don't know if this has been discussed anywhere but some audios from Florentino Perez have been leaked. This guy is an absolute cunt. Casillas saved Madrid's defense who basically had 0 investment during the Galacticos era and wasn't far from saying he was the worst goalkeeper ever and the reason why Real Madrid didn't win every single competition ever. He also said he's the dumbest person ever and he doesn't understand how every fan loves him. Also complained about the fact Casillas would show up sad to the training ground if he had an argument with his wife. He used this as proof Casilla
  10. News reports say he wants to go to Real Madrid but Sevilla have received better offers from premier league clubs so it's possible he just ends up staying - with a new contract - at Sevilla until Madrid are willing to splash the cash, which wouldn't be this year, since Mbappe and Haaland are their main interests.
  11. In your defense the last couple years don't count.
  12. To the point that in continental europe people mention the big 3, not the big 4.
  13. Argentina is once again tied with Uruguay for most Copa Americas. Hadn't won since 1993.
  14. Colombia beat Peru 3-2 with a 94th minute goal and got the third place in the tournament. Brazil vs Argentina tonight.
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