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  1. Not to say that there isn't greed at play here, but Dana is essentially an employee at this point for a company still trying to make good on an investment that they massively overpaid to acquire. While I think halting shows all together is still the sensible and appropriate decision, I'd be willing to bet that Dana is only part of the equation.
  2. Didn't 4.0 come out in 2002 but 4.2 came out around a year later? P.S. Cloudy, it's ThatOneGuy, PPS, we're very old.
  3. Following up on my previous post, I think you should all play Escape from Tarkov.
  4. Back in the day there was an excellent Best of the 80s scenario that is most likely long gone by now. It'd be amazing if someone unearthed it, but I doubt any working links still exist. I also wonder why a Best of the 90s scenario was never released.
  5. Rocky, neither of FatFrog's scenarios or mancuerda's are up there.
  6. I mean, we don't know how the picks will come out but on sheer market value alone I don't think we need much time to tell. In addition to his lengthy injury history, you have a guy in Diggs who wanted out and was becoming a problem for his organization. In fact, that plays into why we had just seen Nuk go so low and his situation was nowhere near as bad in that sense. Given all that, Diggs for just the first is even a little rich for my tastes.
  7. 100%. I don't think Foles is anywhere near the answer either. Though to play devil's advocate, Jaguars signed him to a very team friendly deal IIRC (it was lucrative but with enough loopholes to get out easy) and he would likely be easier to cut bait on next year than Bridgewater. But I don't think either one is that worthwhile of an investment.
  8. It seems like the vast majority of scenario hubs are full of broken links and when they aren't at least half of the scenarios available just aren't that good. The Anthony scenarios of a decade ago just aren't good enough to play a game without restarting 50 times every time you spot a glaringly obvious ugly error (with all due respect to him). Searching the forum for years individually will force you to wade through a whole lot of unfinished beta projects. Could we as a community work on a new resource with only the most complete and fleshed out scenarios for EWR? Things like FatFrog's wor
  9. FWIW as a Bears fan I don't think Bridgewater is the answer at all. You're going to have to pay that man well. And he is an upgrade at the position, but he's not the kind of talent that is going to solve all of the Bears woes last year. It wasn't JUST Trubisky. You already have Trubisky, what's done is done. You have one more cheap year. Either get someone legitimately good or put him in a better situation and see what happens. If he flames out again, you've created a better team for a new cheap rookie QB to inherit, and you hope they take advantage and you hit on one this time. If he
  10. Anyone play Escape from Tarkov?
  11. For what reason are they needed? I get that PRIDE is in the game and some of them were fighting there, but the whole PRIDE roster isn't in the game either. It's designed for PRIDE to have the true wrestling crossovers, which some of the guys in here are not. They're certainly easy enough to delete, but it's a pro wrestling game, and they detract from the realism of the pro wrestling world in North America (where the playable portion of the game takes place). It's pretty easy to add them, too, if you really want them in your game world. Perhaps, as a compromise, you could provide a rea
  12. I would be willing to help out but I just started coming around the forum again so I am not sure where you're at and what needs doing. I've been playing with the scenario for an upcoming diary and I have got to recommend removing some of the useless celebrities and MMA stars from the data. It really hurts the realism of the game world when guys like Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture become big names in other promotions. Keep the ones who appeared in wrestling within say, a year timespan from 1998. The rest are pretty silly.
  13. I think people underestimate just how much Silva looked up to great performers he watched coming up. He really idolizes Roy Jones Jr. I really don't think it was ever a case of trying to embarrass himself, the sport, or his opponent and I don't think it ever did prior to last night (Maia was as much an embarrassment in that fight as Silva was). He tried to emulate those great showmen he looked up to and as the gap widened between himself and his competition, he was able to take it to another level that, at that point, could easily be misconstrued as not taking it seriously. At the same tim
  14. It's almost as if he went on a legendary seven-year run atop the world's biggest MMA promotion and constantly had to fend off questions about his legacy and status as the greatest in the world... You think he never thought about how he'd feel when it came to an end? Also, this Anderson did not begin in the Griffin fight or the Maia fight. This is the Anderson that has always been there. You see it more in some fights than others because sometimes his opponents allow him to do it to a greater degree, and you see it more in his later fights because he's a better, more confident fighter. T
  15. Yeah, Breen went on a whole rant once about how New Year's Eve events would never work in America as they do in Japan do to the cultural differences.
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