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  1. Remove Tessa Blanchard from Impact Add Jun Akiyama to DDT as a Babyface Remove El Ligero from NXT:UK Remove Travis Banks from NXT:UK Ashton Smith is Married Ophidian is Married
  2. Remove Hallowicked from CHIKARA Remove Frightmare from CHIKARA Dasher Hatfield is Married Change Mary Dobson's Status to On Hiatus Add Shawn Hernandez to Impact as Hernandez as a Babyface
  3. Set FTR's Tag Team Finisher to Goodnight Express Remove Joey Ryan from Impact Remove Dave Crist from Impact Give Curtis Murray the Bully & Scumbag attributes Give Marty Scurll the Sleazy Attribute Give Damian Dunne the Sleazy Attribute Give James Davis the Scumbag & Sleazy Attributes Allie Kat is Bisexual Remove the Ohio versus Everything Stable Add Crazzy Steve to Impact as a Babyface - Clown Gimmick Remove Sabu from Impact Change Chris Bey's Style to Cruiserweight Add Kimber Lee to Impact as a Babyface. Remove from CHIKARA
  4. I haven't actually gotten around to buying 2020 yet, I'm waiting for some more patches but here are a few updates: Add Starting Injury for Adam Copeland - Torn Tricep - 24 Weeks Add Starting Injury for Britt Baker - Partial LCL Tear - 8 Weeks Add Starting Injury for Gzim Selmani - Torn Bicep - 24 Weeks Add Starting Injury for Kris Statlander - Complete ACL Tear - 24 Weeks Add Stating Injury for Logan Shulo - Torn Pectoral Muscle - 24 Weeks Add Starting Absence for Jimmy Havoc - In Rehab - 12 Weeks Remove David Starr from OTT & PROGRESS Remove Travis
  5. Thanks for all of your updates throughout TEW 2016 (and for coping with all of my recommendations 😁) It's really appreciated by everyone Some changes for the first 2020 update, or if anyone wishes to update 2016 themselves Templario is Married Set Dan Matha's Hair to No Change Eric Young's Body Type to Average Change Timothy Thatcher to a Babyface in NXT Change Bianca Blair to a Babyface in WWE - Cocky (Cocky) Change Uhaa Nation to Company Brand 1 Add Stable The Artist Collective - Company: WWE Formed: 2019 Members: Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura
  6. Hey guys, hope everyone's staying safe I'm looking for stats for a few workers to add to a some mods, just wondering if anyone knows of any mods which have these workers already in them or could help provide me with stats. Thanks! Steve Gatorwolf - 80's WWF Jeff Raitz - 80's UWF/WCCW Ashley Hudson - Late 90's Memphis/Nashville Indies & Kory Williams - 90's USWA / Memphis/Nashville Indies Steve Travis - 80's WWF/JCP/GCW Cody Michaels - 90's USWA Ebola & Antrax - 00's CMLL Jumbo Baretta - 90's Florida Indies The Kodiak Bear - 90
  7. Add MVP to WWE as a Non-Wrestler - Heel - Road Agent. Company Brand 1. Change Status to Semi-Active Wrestler Change Lance Hoyt's Lance Archer Alter Ego Company to No Restrictions & Gimmick to Bad Ass (Brute) Add Vance Archer as an Alter Ego for Lance Hoyt - Company: WWE Usage: 100% Gimmick: Bad Ass (Brute) Remove Lance Hoyt from NJPW Add Lance Hoyt to AEW (Written) as Lance Archer as a Heel - Bad Ass (Brute) Set Jake Roberts as Lance Hoyt's Manager in AEW Check Active in British Isles, Europe & Australia for Lance Hoyt Change Dr Luther's Default Babyf
  8. Set Road Agent to Sometimes for Raven Add Raven to Impact as a Road Agent Remove Matt Hardy from WWE Yutaka Yoshie is Married Maybe set FIP to closed, and replace them with GCW as an active promotion? Check Active in Europe for Black Taurus, he just worked wXw-EU Check Active in Europe for Daisuke Ikeda Add Kylie Rae to Impact as a Babyface - Fan Favourite (Wholesome) Set Occasional Wrestler to Sometimes, Manager to Usually & Road Agent to Sometimes for Jake Roberts. Change Status to Retired Wrestler Add Jake Roberts to AEW as a Manager as a Hee
  9. Thanks again for another great update, and for all of your work throughout TEW 16 Set Road Agent to Sometimes for Colt Cabana Remove Colt Cabana from AAW-US, AIW & NWA Add Colt Cabana to AEW as a Babyface, Fan Favourite (Wholesome) According to Cagematch & Wikipedia Orange Cassidy was Born May 4, 1984 Add Killer Kelly to RPW-UK as a Heel Change Michael Rallis' Body Type to Muscular. According to Wikipedia he was Born October 11, 1989 Change Cory Weston to a Babyface in NXT - Patriot (Realistic). Change Body Type to Average Change Tommy Maclin to
  10. Could I please get these on Kyky? Thanks! Susumu Yokosuka Naruki Doi Masato Yoshino YAMATO El Lindaman Takehiro Yamamura Masashi Takeda BxB Hulk Audaz (Right) Jake Lee Yuma Aoyagi Eli Everfly Chris Bey
  11. Check Active in USA for Sareee. Change Based In to South East (USA) - Add to NXT Check Active in British Isles for Jordan Oliver Kairi Sane is Married Flamita has a Torn Meniscus - 12 Weeks Remove Dylan James from AJPW Remove Joe Doering from AJPW Set Tag Team Bomber's Team Type to Inactive Unit & Experience to Low. Fix Team Name James Mitchell is Married
  12. Add Akira Francesco as an Alter-Ego for Akira (Italian) - Company: AJPW Usage: 100% Gimmick: Old School Heel (Cocky) Add Harry Smith to AJPW as Davey Boy Smith Jr - Heel - No Gimmick Needed (Realistic) Change Harry Smith's Born to 1985 Add Jeff Cobb to AEW - Heel - Legitimate Athlete. Add to The Inner Circle Stable Increase Britt Baker's Microphone to 65%, Charisma to 50%, Acting to 50% & Star Quality to 65%. Check Active in Japan Increase Mike Draztik's Microphone to 70%, Charisma to 60%, Acting to 60% & Star Quality to 60% Increase Angel Ortiz's Micropho
  13. Add Adam Brooks to ROH Alexis Kaufman is Dating someone Harv Sihra is Married Remove Andrew Everett from EVOLVE Add Andrew Everett to ROH as a Heel - Show Stealer (Cocky) Check Active in British Isles & Europe for Black Taurus - He is booked for OTT Scrappermania & wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament Check Active in British Isles for LA Park - He is booked for RPW-UK High Stakes Change El Hijo del LA Park to a Babyface in MLW Add David Starr to RPW-UK as a Heel - Old School Heel (Cocky) - 3 Years Service Add Tag Team BroserWeights - Members: Matt R
  14. Thanks as always my friend! Remove Heidi Lovelace's Starting Injury Remove Anthony Henry from EVOLVE. Change Style to Technician Remove Killer Kelly from NXT:UK. Check Active in USA. Change Style to MMA Crossover Remove the MLW/NOAH Working Agreement Add a Working Agreement between Dragon Gate & MLW Add Timothy Thatcher to NXT Add Aja Perera to NXT as a Non-Wrestler - Staff Member (Realistic) - Referee Lower Chris Sabin's Starting Injury Time Off to 4 Weeks Add Izanagi as an Alter Ego for Atsushi Maruyama - Company: AJPW Usage: 50% Gimmick: Old
  15. Add Sanshiro Takagi to NOAH as a Non-Wrestler - Babyface - Staff Member (Realistic) - Out-Of Ring Sanshiro Takagi is Married. Change Body Type to Average Remove Akira Taue from NOAH. Change Body Type to Average. He is Married Add a Working Agreement between DDT & NOAH Remove the Working Agreement between DDT & EVOLVE and DDT & Shine Add Adam Copeland to WWE as Edge - as a Babyface - Cool (Cool) - Semi-Active Wrestler - In-ring Increase Nick Aldis' Microphone to 80% & Charisma to 70% Increase Maxwell Jacob Friedman's Microphone to 85% Incr
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