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  1. It is definitely a slow burn episode but still worth a watch.
  2. Played for 10 hours straight on release day. Loved it so far. Haven’t gone back to it yet 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Rumour going round was Spider-Man being an option too but that seems far fetched
  4. Rocky


    Start a caravan. You are the trader now 😏
  5. My loadout for online is usually Bolt Action and varmint/Semi auto shotgun/bow/Lancaster rifle depending on the situation at hand. I’ll always use varmint on NPCs because why waste good annoying? I tend to lean towards dual LeMats revolvers but can switch to Schofields. Everything else is in the lockbox at camp. I also have the machete and Rope at the ready.
  6. Nothing that I’ve really come across myself. It won’t be as hard to make as people would think it would be. The hardest part is deciding who is in and where they go.
  7. The oldest I have uploaded is November 2006. I’m a bit rusty when I comes to making scenarios but if I get around to setting my pc back up. I’ll have a go. 9 months and counting 😂
  8. Rocky


    Last I heard, Hermitcraft was still a thing. I believe BDouble-O has returned to it too.
  9. @Naylor http://www.ewbattleground.com/topic/97546-hopw-home-of-pro-wrestling-download-hub/
  10. Rocky


    Just use the soul sand water elevator instead. Much quicker and doesn’t rely on them jumping.
  11. Anyone else think the spoilered part was for Evolve stuff? Yeah me too. It’s not 😂
  12. Just finished watching this. It was definitely better than I thought it would be. It’s about Detective Pikachu good. I think I liked it more though. I’ll probably put that down to Jim Carrey. The man is a gem.
  13. This role could work for Leto. But it’s coming across as a Blade lite. I’m keen for a watch.
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