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  1. Just a name for: ? - (Current WWE). Size: Global Something with Entertainment and without Wresling
  2. Current Promotions: GWI - (WWF before attitude era). Size: Global ? - (Current WWE). Size: Global BTW - (WWF Attitude era). Size:National FUSION - (ROH). Size: Cult EHW - (ECW/CZW). Size: Cult AUW - (Chikara). Size: Regional
  3. Maybe you can help me with the names for those 2 shows TV channels?
  4. Here you go: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=93e300db5f40158d&id=93E300DB5F40158D!178 Dunno who created it
  5. Thanks fusion Right now I have 3 promotions: 2 Cult: Big Time Wrestling and FUSION and 1 Global: Grand Wrestling Industries
  6. No, were pretty much helping him build a scenario like Darnez FC made in which he will put on Megaupload or somewhere for us to download and try out. I think that's right, isn't it edvis? If that's the case look up Darnez FC in the members search and go to his fictional universe thread..everything will be set in stone there...all your questions shall be answered. Yes, you're right Sorry I can't tell everything I'm planning to do to you guys because of my weak English. If there will be guys interested in this project I will try to tell everything with translator
  7. Hello guys, I am making EWR Fictional Universe and I need your help. Only real thing I'm keeping is Sponsors. So I need Workers, Promotions, Staff, Belts, Tag Teams, Stables, TV networks, TV shows, Event Names and Relationships. So here is the forms: Worker: Promotion: Event Names: Staff: It would be nice if you add a pic to Workers and Staff I will be posting that scenario here.
  8. Where is a new guy called CJ Parker in FCW roster page. Anyone know him?
  9. By me: By Jess: One photo, anyone up for the challenge? Thanks again!! P.S. I am now in need of Charlie Haas with the US championship.
  10. Thanks! Is it possible to now get Christian with the Intercontinental Championship?
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