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  1. AEW logo on a black font and a Banner?
  2. Besides the default Cornellverse scenario made for EWR ages ago, is there any sort of update or a more recent scenario , I think the one mentioned is from 2004? If there isn't, is there a way I can look at the rosters, so I can include some of the new characters manually, it seems this update is pretty outdated when I look at the new Cornellverse over the TEW Forums. If someone has modified the game, feel free to share, I think the Cornellverse is pretty interesting and has a lot of characters/gimmicks , outside of the real world. Problem is, the EWR scenario for the game is too old and just n
  3. These guys need to be created and added to the Chikara roster: Cajun Crawdad Jeremy Leary Officer Bruno Meloni Merlok Razerhawk/Nytehawk/Silverhawk The Whisper Also, can't seem to find Mr. Azerbaijan either.
  4. A lot of the new Chikara guys are not added to the game in the latest updates. Stats for: Cajun Crawdad Jeremy Leary Officer Bruno Meloni Merlok Razerhawk/Nytehawk/Silverhawk The Whisper
  5. Hey man, 

    Do you have Steam? I want to get into hex editing my EWR save, but I can't really get the hang of it without it looking really messed up. Want to edit it so I can look back and it looks more real.


  6. Can I get this pic of "Joker" Dean Ambrose on kyky? Thanks in advance!
  7. Does anyone have the new Raw and SmackDown logos, but on plain black background, not the kyky one? It seems like they're on a greyish background in the WWE site.
  8. I guess I will have to request it @lukkearthur Can you do them please? It's the current WWE Champions, good quality pictures from the WWE website. I'm running a True to Life game, so this would be useful.
  9. Anybody got the current WWE Champions with their titles on kyky? Ex. Reigns with the WWE Title, Miz with the IC, etc.
  10. Can I get recent kyky of The Young Bucks and Desmond Wolfe, I can;t seem to find any? Thx in advance.
  11. Can I get these three pics on kyky? Thanks in advance.
  12. Just bumping this on the next page since it was left on the previous, if anyone wants to take a shot?
  13. Can I get the following on Kyky, it's a bunch of bodybuilders I want to input to my game, will appreciate. I will put them in spoiler tag since the images are quite large, I only want cropped faces. Thanks in advance!
  14. Well, that's kind of saying do not remove Chris Benoit from the game, although he is "dead", I still use him as an active wrestler in my games. If you want to use her in your games, just request stats and make her in the File Editor anyway, but if she is really retired, she has no business in the game, that's how it goes.
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