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  1. Close Enough picks up where The Regular Show left off, albeit with an adult twist. Enjoying it a lot, but so far I think I would have preferred more Regular Show. Maybe just need time to know the characters more tho.
  2. Yeah I felt similarly. I was glad they got rid of three major characters and one bad actor but kept the character for the season, which was why I gave the last season a chance despite season six having a good ending. It was never a great show, but it was decent popcorn.
  3. Just finished Once Upon a Time's final two seasons after dropping it years ago. Really glad with how it ended and the last two seasons. It was a show that really struggling with Disney tampering and having to get tie-ins involved, but there was always a good core. Disappointed Tilly only gets one season as a character because she was wonderful, but glad the show went out on a high rather than the repetitive mess seasons 3-5 were.
  4. FFIV does move very fast, arguably the fastest of all the games (it being one of my favourites, I will also admit that it also falters in the final third) but newer games are also a lot slower. I notice it whenever I play anything pre-X (to some degree X-2 and XIII are slower, but it's not as noticeable). I don't know if it's games as a whole getting slower or what, but there's definitely a story pace change.
  5. Agents of Shield -so glad season 7 is back to form. Really didn't like season 6 and the first couple of episodes felt shaky, but the second a character from Agent Carter was brought in it picked back up massively. Got about five episodes left and I'm going to miss the show a bunch when it is gone, but it's going out on a high of a season and considering it seems to have been on the bubble every year since it started, that's an impressive run.
  6. BBT was fine. People just hate on it to that level because it's the cool thing to do. It's like people who hate on Nickelback.
  7. You know the rules. Ten films, ten points for first choice, nine for second, all the way down to one point for tenth. Just to make things interesting and add a bit of discussion - adding some decent blurb to a choice will gain one additional point for that choice. Go!
  8. The pilot for Hoops is absolutely awful. How did they cancel Santa Clarita and then commission this garbage?
  9. It's not necessarily the line itself, but what it immediately sets up:
  10. I still think one of the worst things Ultimate did was crossing the books over. It consistently fucked with some really good stories. It did, however, result in The Maker, which remains one of my favourite "what-ifs" come true.
  11. Man, I am so excited for this show to be back. I genuinely don't think there's any drama I enjoy in the same way I enjoy Fargo. It's just so unique to me. Also, season two was the best. Peggy was one of the best characters in TV history.
  12. Watching Hamilton has made me want to play the revolutionary US Assassin's Creed games again.
  13. Just got to end of of S14 and...
  14. Not movies/TV, but metalheads. Like, with metalheads they are either the loveliest and most open and friendly people you've ever met who appreciate everything and are an utter delight to be around, or they are miserable gatekeeping pricks with very little middle ground.
  15. Four years late, finally getting around to the last season of Wilfred (US). Such a unique show. Entirely get why it got very limited appreciation, but something about Elijah Wood comedies just have a special place for me.
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