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  1. I have seen Kasper do all kinds of amazing things on that pitch, but the way he handled that was the best of all. He was an absolute king for how he dealt with everything. So glad Eriksen seems to be stable.
  2. I think the issue was less the mako, more the terrain tbh. Once you've done a couple of stupidly hilly planets to go scan for pointless garbage, you've kind of exceeded your limit.
  3. The Americans is coming to Star on Disney Plus on 4th June. Anyone who hasn't watched it - I can suggest it enough. It is by far and away the most under appreciated drama of the golden age of television.
  4. Mare of Easttown E5 spoiler (and a vague Scarlet Witch spoiler too).
  5. They are a seperatr set. They don't load until you start playing ME2 and possibly earn one. I assume you've already done that so I'm probably not helping, but just in case you weren't aware.
  6. Excellent. Hope they expand her a bit in the show. She's one of those characters I definitely wanted to see more of explored.
  7. That's the one! I was going to say Nebuchadnezzar but I remembered that was the name of the ship in The Matrix
  8. Tbf, the name Sovereign is just the name Saren gives to it. I think its real name begins with an N IIRC.
  9. Seconded. Kind of a slow starter but it's definitely an intentional build.
  10. Rewatching Scrubs for the first time in a long while and it holds up a lot better than I assumed. Takes a season to pick up, and there's some questionable stuff that wouldn't fly in today's environment that made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but other than that it's solid. Definitely a fall off in quality in season six and seven when it does that sitcom thing of people having babies, but season eight picks back up and fixed a lot of errors they made in the show's constantly extended lifespan, and gives great closure. Season nine is okay, definitely better than people give it credit fo
  11. I don't know when a patch dropped, I played initially on Friday and then again on Sunday night and all Monday, so... Maybe?
  12. Happened to me on PS4 too. Just save and re-load.
  13. Finished the first one last night. Such a good game. Way too much mako which essentially acts as filler, especially if you want 100% of your mission and assignment resolution. Now onto Mass Effect 2: Suicide Squad!
  14. Mako aside, I forgot how fun the first game is. I've always held the second as the series gold standard and outside my initial feelings on the end of the third felt that was a great game too, but the first really is just great fun.
  15. Shout out to Bob's Burgers for being in season 11 and despite some random dry spots being even more delightful than when it started.
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