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  1. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see new people enjoying Leftovers. By far the most under appreciated show of the golden age of TV with the possible exception of The Americans.
  2. Watch Shang-Chi. The trailers did it zero justice whatsoever.
  3. Right, but your original argument was just that a game at discount wasn't as cheap as you'd thought it'd be, but I was just pointing out that in this specific instance, it was purely an inflation issue and nothing to do with "these days".
  4. I mean, it's just inflation tbh. 30 bucks in 1997 is equivalent to 50 bucks now there or thereabouts. I'm more concerned about incomplete games, add ons, DLC and P2W crap, that is where people are ripped off.
  5. Excellent, thanks for the advice on both fronts.
  6. https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/style/2/ss-kits https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/style/7/standard-kits https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/style/15/fc-kits Which of these three kit packs do most people use? Which looks best/covers the most teams? Also. what's a decent dark mode skin?
  7. Is anyone able to make more faction based logos similar in style to the below used in the 1995 an 1996 scenarios double release? They look absolutely great when combined with the wrestler picture packs and make booking a LOT easier when you're trying to do faction wars too. I'm looking for more based on real factions, as well as some made up ones where possible since I'll eventually run out of real faction names to steal
  8. Was the combat in ME3 always so... Janky? It really struggled to understand taking cover, which is a key element of the combat. I suppose it could be worse with Andromeda and it's bouncing everywhere combat, but it's very frustrating, especially given how 1 and 2 did combat so well.
  9. Yeah it's just sort of a very generic small town romance novel in the form of a Netflix series. I see the audience, but it definitely isn't me, especially with acting that bad. Please be good.
  10. My other half is making me watch Virgin River and it is garbage. Like, it's not even trying to be something original, and the acting is probably the worst thing I've ever seen in a Netflix show.
  11. Man, the intro to ME3 is such a thrill.
  12. Rick and Morty really made an episode worse than the dragons one, huh?
  13. Something I don't think is appreciated enough in Mass Effect is the levelling system. You finish a mission, you get experience, you likely level up. You never have a grind and never feel over levelled. Something the franchise does really well.
  14. Finished ME2 last night. Got to do Lair of the Shadow Broker tonight, then I'm off to Mass Effect 3 to enjoy what - ending aside - was probably my favourite experience whilst playing.
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