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  1. Oh man, Quantum Leap and Sliders are the two shows I've been begging for some kind of revival of for years. Love that concept so much.
  2. Bleh, I will watch it cause I loved Justified, but I felt that ended perfectly and really doesn't need any continuation or spin-off or whatever.
  3. Titans deserves more love than it gets. Really well built show that uses its source material very well without ever not making it its own thing. Major season 3 spoiler..
  4. Cobra Kai is probably my favourite show at the moment by a decent margin. I can't say I've disliked any of it, and they do a fantastic job of balancing every character being both likeable and an asshole without ever feeling like the "bad guy". A very human show under a veneer of 80s goofy charm. Four seasons deep and it's yet to show signs of slowing down in quality.
  5. One thing I hate is mods that undervalue women's abilities. Way too many modders base stats on their WWE appearances or similar. WWE spent years telling women not to wrestler properly and putting them in sub-5 minute matches. There's some stinkers out there for sure, but most of the reason women's wrestling was seen as sub-par was the presentation and time allotted, not because the women actually sucked. The game already simulates that if you have the wrong product/show goals and use too short match times, don't punish the women further just because of perception.
  6. Also, I adore the logic of travelling backwards to the origin of Voltorb. It was an imitation Pokéball, and Pokéballs were originally made from acorns, so of course the original Voltorbs were a grass/electric type.
  7. Was cynical Zombieland 2 would not be as good as the original after a 10 year gap so put it off until now. Was wrong, it's great.
  8. Sad F is For Family is finished, but also glad it didn't overstay it's welcome. Probably one of most under-discussed streaming shows out there for how good it was.
  9. I felt the six parts had a lot of good ideas but failed to bring them into any real sense of coherence. I dug Swarm, Azure, Jericho, Dan, Grand Serpent, basically all the new characters, but honestly the plot just felt like noise. It felt like it was plotted by a 5 year old "and then this happens, and then this happens, and then a dragon came..." and never had time to breathe nor explain what was actually happening with any sense of coherence. I assume it's because they got cut from 8 episodes to 6 because of Covid but if that's the case they probably should have just wiped out some of the non
  10. Does anyone know if anyone is working on a day after WrestleMania 2001 or 2002 scenario? Or June 2002? Those are the dates I most want to play but it doesn't look like there's been anything released for TEW in a long time that is something like complete for those dates.
  11. Close Combat and Flare Blitz with STAB, plus Acrobatics naturally learnable and Earthquake by TM are the worst? No sir, that is you.
  12. I hate Weeping Angels episodes where you have two people and instead of having one person watch them whilst the other escapes in turns, they both back away together like morons.
  13. It's bad enough that Penelope Cruz supports noted rapist and nonce Roman Polanski, but I'm finally getting around to the second series of American Crime Story and her horrendous acting and "Italian" accent (which is suspiciously Spanish) is absolutely ruining every single scene she is in. I will never understand how she became so famous.
  14. I liked the first episode of this season, but the second was pretty garbage. I feel like I'm watching a Family Guy parody of Doctor Who at this point. RTDs return to bring about at least decent plots can't come quick enough.
  15. Watched Squid Game with the other half. Was great. Came to gatekeeping weeaboo dorks whining on other places about the dub being bad. I watched with both dub on and sub together, both were fine. Watch whatever way makes you happy, but it's a definite suggestion to watch.
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