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  1. Just finished my second playthrough after playing it on first release (collectible run for the platinum). Such a phenomenal game. Playing it with changed expectations makes for basically an entirely different game the second time through. Such a wonderful journey. Next time I play will be the playthrough I've been most excited for - Grounded. That was an absolute blast on LoU1, and when I have recovered enough to play this again, I hope it will be equally thrilling on LoU2.
  2. Whenever I see this thread revived, I get a understanding of why sailors would sail to their deaths over siren song... For I hear the song too...
  3. Personally I would have preferred equal camera focus on Wrex's ass to balance it out, but whatever.
  4. I would probably aim for PlayStation trophies and want to be a dragoon if that helps? 😅
  5. I've been wanting to play for a while but I feel intimidated and don't know what things to get.
  6. I don't think they have got rid of that thi have they? From what I understand the mako still exists, it just doesn't suck any more?
  7. Thank fuck they have apparently fixed the Mako from ME1. I was hyped for everything about this remake except that, and knowing that is fixed brings me joy.
  8. I'm becoming enamoured with unusual romantic songs.
  9. Look, if you want a guy who is good at maths, find a guy who doesn't like the Mighty Ducks.
  10. How the heck is Mighty Ducks only mentioned once, and as part of a list where it's not even first? You should all be ashamed. Gordon Bombay didn't die for this.
  11. Currently on episode seven of season three..
  12. Until they are shot dead in an alley (or someone has an insane goals to shots ratio), leaving only you and a sense of revenge. No... Of justice. A yearning to become the darkness for those who would extinguish the light. A dark knight...
  13. Basically been me the last month or two. Ezio Trilogy is the best, platinumed 2, and finisher Brotherhood the other night, now to start Revelations.
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