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  1. How fast is Sonic? The most wholesome gaming YouTubers got an answer!
  2. Playing City of Heroes and doing as much of the villainside missions as possible with a character. Pictured is a mission I was given... and the character I am playing as.
  3. Finished this last night. Really good experience. Wish that there was more to the endings, especially since there could have easily been like six different endings instead of the three given if they factored in a choice in the penultimate mission.
  4. Death Stranding is a complete game, and a complete experience. Just like an episode of Ride With Norman Reedus.
  5. Guaranteed it's because of a diverse cast, women with realistic body types... or more likely, both. Remember MK11 when Scarlet was revealed to actually be wearing clothes this time?
  6. I mean, it's not like they're hardly the first company to do it. Most notable examples include Kirby (after the lawyer who defended Nintendo against a lawsuit over Donkey Kong), Noob Saibot (Ed Boon and John Tobias, the co-creators of Mortal Kombat), and according to urban legend, Mario himself (Nintendo of America's landlord). But none of those listed were named after sex creeps either, so Blizzard's policy moving forward does make sense from a PR standpoint.
  7. Strikers iconlegend Darnell King makes it look so easy.
  8. Ah. I'd rather they focus on, you know, actually fixing their corporate shit, but I guess it's something.
  9. As someone who doesn't care about Overwatch all that much... why are they doing this exactly?
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