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  1. I never really picked up a Hitman game since playing, and eventually disliked, the second game. I was promised being able to approach missions the way I wanted to, but then I got to the second mission where it felt as if I didn't walk a *very* specific path to my target that I'd be perforated with extreme prejudice, and the third mission where it felt like there was only *one* solution, and eventually gave up on it. One day I might try to give the reboot a shot. Preferably if you can say 'fuck it' and go guns blazing as a perfectly viable option.
  2. Oof, that sucks @It's Pronounced Zoom-E. Deciding on supporting Himmarshee FC is a no-brainer for me because the core membership were leaders of Flight 19, the Strikers official supporter group. It'd be about an hour drive to see the matches once the plague ends but I fully plan on doing so when it's safe to do so. There isn't any official tiers past 4 but the Gold Coast League would probably be like 6th tier or something, but it's a club I can easily identify with especially as the main raison d'etre is continuing the Strikers legacy. If I were to choose a Miami team, well outside of Mia
  3. There's always local teams in the lower leagues, you could always give them some love.
  4. Huh. Thought it was the other way around. My point about the corporate branding still stands, though. EDIT- RB Salzburg, that's who I was thinking of. Also by "American-style" name I meant having what'd normally be a club's nickname as part of the official name, like the NFL teams. Which I guess NYRB kind of fits, but not in the way that Philly Union or the Strikers does. After all there's no NFL teams with a name like, say, Arizona Iced Teas. Yet, anyway.
  5. Cosmic Star Heroine is an amazing game, arguably the best JRPG style games outside of Persona 5 in many years. I wish there were more games like it and Citizens of Earth that capture the 16-bit era JRPGs so perfectly.
  6. Personally I dislike New York Red Bulls more, as it has the double whammy of being named after an energy drink and having a name lifted directly from a bigger club. It also kind of bugs me that they're thriving but the New York Cosmos, a club who had a lot of promise and was a revival of a club that was super important to the history of US footy (friggin Pele played for the original Cosmos!) is on it's deathbed. One thing I will loathe about our inevitable cyberpunk future is that they won't be the last corporate-named team either. We're only a couple decades away from Hardee's Pres
  7. Test driving my latest edit, The Goblin Scarecrow, and this happened. Reminds me of the Charlie Brown Football gag
  8. Honestly, I was able to get over 3000 armor by endgame, and with an outfit that was very close to how I'd have the character dress if it were a tabletop game. It's harder in the early game, to be sure, but with luck and knowing where you can go to find certain clothes you can make your character look stylish and still have good stats.
  9. Early stills from MK movie released. The guy playing Jax has been compared to Steve Harvey and I can't unsee it and now neither can you
  10. It's an alright game for what it is, still disappointing but if you can get past the bugs the PC version is a perfectly cromulent experience with a solid core gameplay loop and compelling story. The console port is in an absolutely sorry state though and everyone who got it for consoles are 100% justified in being upset about it.
  11. Bonne nuit, Montreal Impact. Bonjour, Club de Foot Montreal Fun fact: Club de Foot Google Translates to "Football Club", but for some reason Club de Football translates to "Soccer Club"
  12. A KOTOR 1 & 2 remaster (with more mod support >.>) and KOTOR 3. And that open world game sounds neat but if it's going to be about Jedi which of course it will be... can we have one not about Jedi?
  13. You all are spelling "Remaster KOTOR 1 and 2 and make KOTOR 3" in a really weird way.
  14. You know what this means. Climing towers.... IN SPACE.
  15. To be fair, that'd still be a better idea than grabbing the rights to Miami Fusion.
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