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  1. One good thing about this is I learn about more low-level clubs with *amazing* crests, like this one.
  2. Cue Don Garber looking into doing this for MLS...
  3. oh no my keyboard is going crazy and it's pasting stuff every time I post brb better go fix this edit: No but seriously guys support local, community-minded clubs. look into it and you're bound to find something in your area. no matter who it is, your support will mean more to them than it ever will to a EuroMLS side.
  4. lol, that one bot saying that Arsenal is scared of EuroMLS. Stoppage time turned into MULTIBALL MODE.
  5. You Don't Know Jack is online now, so.... that I guess.
  6. also, another alternative to Man Utd for you all to consider:
  7. Well, there's always Himmarshee FC... But, you're in Quebec right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FC_Laval
  8. They're actually going through with the Euro-MLS? What a joke.
  9. It looks like a gas station logo. Meanwhile, local football teams have things like this
  10. I mean if VW's logo was on their jerseys instead, that's be one thing. But it's another team's crest instead, which is just weird.
  11. Today was supposed to be the day we'd clinch the division and overall standings, but...
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