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  1. At least they're not using the formats that the 2010s revival of the NASL used, which was one step removed from Whose Line Is It Anyway rules.
  2. The synopsis for a custom mission I made in City of Heroes Homecoming.
  3. Another AE arc I made in City of Heroes: Homecoming. Basically my revision of what is IMO the worst story arc in CoX.
  4. @GhostMachine and I forget who else plays City of Heroes here
  5. Ralph's Mob (The Rowdies SG, for those who aren't aware) have an amazing twitter bant game going on. Their back and forth with Tusla's supporters was hilarious.
  6. Or if you're an unreformed pagan ruler, try to get your secondborn son killed.
  7. Why stop there? Crusader Kings: Mushroom Kingdom. "You retire to your chambers, when in the darkness you hear footsteps behind you. You turn around and a blast of fire engulfs your face. As your skin burns and your life fades, you can hear the voice of your killer..." "'It's-a me, you bastard!'"
  8. Finished Astral Chain. Pretty solid game but nothing mindblowing. There's some cheap BS to deal with but otherwise not that difficult. The story is the best part of it although it does get a bit predictable at times. I do wish they made it less difficult to upgrade the Legions, or at least give me a reason to ever want to use more than just the starter in combat 99% of the time.
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