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  1. This is true but otoh you can't get more individual than a PK and well, he was told to go with feather touch but instead went with POWER DRIVE. But it could have been because he hit it at the start of the 77th minute, 77 being the year the Strikers was founded, and the very spirit of Ft Lauderdale sport guided it over the bar. Or, y'know, what Metalman said.
  2. Been playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. "Jensen, did you fucking shoot up a dozen cops?" "I was trying to be stealthy, but what do you expect, I specced for shootouts. I remember HR's bosses." "You need a psych eval." "You know, I didn't ask for this." "STOP SAYING THAT JENSEN" "*sigh* Mondays."
  3. This tournament has been wild. Newcomer Tobizaru is on track to become the first rikishi to win the top-division tournament in his first ever go, a feat that hasn't been done in over 106 years! And he's so amazingly nonchalant about it. The other frontrunner is an arguable favorite, high-ranked Shodai. Either (or neither!) could end up in front with two days left to go.
  4. I came up with the parody lyrics at work, and it took my mind off my tweaked ankle, so I kind of did. Besides, it's a footy song. Like a third of the Strikers supporter songs boiled down to "Fuck The Rowdies" to a pop song. EDIT- Okay it's more like a fifth but STILL.
  5. Was a humid night in NoHart Stadium All the beer in South Beach can't console them When Red Bull hit the grass Inter were on their ass It was their biggest loss since the Freedom Park vote [Chorus] New York 4! Miami 1! Miami's Championship Chances Are None! New York 4! Miami 1! Miami's Championship Chances Are None! Higuain watched as his new team were dunked on Twilight of his career laid out before him Oh, karma is so sweet Savor every Inter defeat That's whatcha get for tearing down Lockhart! [Repeat Chorus] What's it mean when a club that's all s
  6. In US footy, this would be a straight red.... for headbutting.
  7. They didn't have The King last year. 😉 Though I wouldn't complain if it was Miami FC that got it instead.
  8. The chances of that are better than Beckham getting his downtown Miami stadium. But then again, so are the odds of William Shatner becoming POTUS.
  9. well shit. Guess I'm getting Epic Store then. EDIT- Obviously not using it for FM, but does Epic Store have Switch controller support?
  10. That's fair. Still gonna mock Inter every chance I get, though. Hopefully by October things will be open enough that Himmarshee FC will be back and I'll be too busy watching the return of quality footy to Broward County to care. And who knows, maybe Beckham can get Suarez. It'd be a shame to see a vampire following stereotypes and working with The Antichrist though.
  11. Not mid-season, though, right? I know Rooney was.
  12. Sometimes it adds a piece to the puzzle, sure. But a team dead last in the league can't expect to rocket up the standings, especially since he'll probably have to be in isolation for at least another week since this has been a done deal already. And even then, you might have a Wayne Rooney to DC situation where you go from having a disaster team make it to the playoffs but still get bounced in the first round of knockout play. Of course, we all know why I'm saying this in the first place. (yes I know it should be the other way around but fuck it it flows better plus I reall
  13. I don't doubt that, but there's at least nine other top-shelf players on those teams, and they probably wouldn't be relied on as cornerstones as their best years are behind them. If having one or two star players was all it took, the USL Championship would just hand the trophy over to Ft Lauderdale legendicon Darnell King's team and be done with it. Then again, Phoenix Rising may actually win the championship, so maybe not the best example.
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