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  1. Been playing Far Cry Primal. Love how even though the characters are clearly speaking what I imagine is Proto-Indo-European or an equivalent, one of the possible PC lines for feeding your companion sounds exactly like you're saying "Eaaat Meaaaat"
  2. Been playing Far Cry Primal. The best tactic:
  3. for the default version Liger, he's in the New Japan Junior Heavyweight DLC. There will undoubtably be an edited-in version of Liger that's likely superior, however will likely require at least the two New Japan DLC packs.
  4. To crush the Rowdies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of Ralph's Mob.

  5. This fucking finishing stretch.
  6. FM2020 keeps crashing constantly and I can't even set up tactics. Fucking hell.
  7. 2020 question here, but it seems like none of the logo packs I've come across has MUFC for legal reasons. I'm pretty much screwed on that front then?
  8. Unfortunately I wouldn't know for sure, as mine is a Lenovo. Google tells me you'd be looking for the Acer Control Center, though.
  9. re: running hot, you might want to see if the computer has some built-in performance booster that's making it do so. The gaming laptop I bought earlier this year had it and turning it off made it go from 90c to a much more acceptable 55c when playing a game. That being said, for Fire Pro and FM the setup is pretty good. I echo what Barracuda says abut the RAM and and SSD as you'll have room for maybe one or two 'big' games while still having storage for other things with 256.
  10. Yeah, not sure how it is on PS4 but the PC side of things most edit makers have most of if not all the DLC that adds parts and/or moves. Also, if there's an edit with crafted moves, you'll also have to download the moves before being able to use the edit. I'm not sure if you need move edit yourself, though.
  11. Kojima Productions and Ghost In The Shell.
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