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  1. The Miz is the most over heel on Raw because he is the Miz and he is AWESOME... barrett needs an overness boost too... Nexus were packing heat monday night
  2. CM Punk needs to be put as a Raw Superstar. Same deal for Mike McGillicutty and Husky Harris Give Alex Riley an overboost? Compliments of Rub from The Miz? The Miz should be bout 90-92 over by now too... Only reason i watch RAW
  3. Can I get these on KyKy? Thanks In Advance! Who is theguy and girl? IS that Curt Hawkins?
  4. can someone please get me the WFX logo and an internet banner, Thanks
  5. I second this. I just watched an episode of their TV show online and they have a pretty star studded roster, most of which are already in the game. Plus, they signed a TV deal with America One. I would third thisthough.... I just watched it, im hooked FINALLY Charlie Haas is being booked properly.. Worlds Greatest Wrestler make sure you check thse guys out ppl There have only been two promotions to be added within a month or so since their debut from when Bill did the updates and those were high profile promotions in EVOLVE and Wrestlicious. They are just debuted and who's
  6. Nice.. Thanks Rocky, you do some pretty sweet cuts
  7. does anybody have the WFX roster on KyKy or can make on WFX Rky? thanks www.wfxwrestling.com i think
  8. Any chance of adding WFX as a promotion? Roster members include Kip (James), Charlie Haas, (Kevin) Thorn, U-Gene, (Hardcore) Bob Holly, Larry Zybsko, Shawn Daivari, Jon Cutler, Johnny Fairplay and Tajiri.... And accodring t one of the other stars twitter pages hurricane helms is set to join them soon too. I would like to play as them.
  9. http://www.awrwrestling.com/tourinfo.htm AWR Heavyweight Champion: Rene Dupre with his fomer tag team partner Sylvan Grenier as they re-unite for the first time since they were tag team champions in the WWE. Judging by this i think we should remove the dislike between the two.... If they didnt like each other/ hadnt buried any previous issues they wouldnt tag together in the indy IMO
  10. Anyone got CM Punk with the Money In The Bank and The Intercontinental Championship??
  11. How old does he look? Im looking at having The Rocks "Son" come out of development soon.
  12. Early??? Only third person to post
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