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  1. It makes me incredibly happy to find out this place still exists and I'm gutted to find out Myke passed away.

    1. Liam


      Yeah, it was an incredibly sad time and still something that you get reminded of at the weirdest moments. Whenever boxing is on and I think about finding a stream, I think of Myke - so odd, but it was something I just associated with him.

    2. GA!


      I've not been able to listen to Lightning Seeds since Myke passed away as we used to tag their songs to each other. :(

    3. Kaney


      Same with Monster Magnet/Agent Orange. Myke was the first person to introduce me to them and it's just not the same. Can't believe how long it's been already.

  2. Gazz still hasn't finished the Pentagon?!

  3. I felt like his arc was complete...
  4. I felt like his arc was complete...
  5. The ending was one Jason Street away from being perfect.
  6. Friday Night Lights was beautiful
  7. If you can watch a subbed version, I'd say that one, but if you don't get used to it just watch them dubbed, it's not that much of a difference in the end. You should definitely watch Grave of the Fireflies, it's beautiful.
  8. I've been going through Friday Night Lights since last week and this series is awesome. It feels so close to you, even when I don't relate to the sport.
  9. It was perfect to me, just perfect.
  10. I went to Groove Street and it was kinda depressing
  11. I'm in Team I Just Want Jesse To Be Happy Again And I Don't Care about The Rest
  12. I laughed way too hard at this.
  13. is there an Emmy for babys? Because Holly deserves one.
  14. Because that's just ridiculous. No one beats Sub-Zero.

    1. Plubby



    2. Meacon Keaton

      Meacon Keaton

      X is any number greater than zero.

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