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  1. Is dropping a player 20 minutes after he was drafted a new record?
  2. I think 1pm Central is 7pm here? That should be fine to start whenever so long as I can wrap it up before midnight
  3. As long as I can have a time locked down beforehand that should be good
  4. In all fairness, if it's done Friday night/Sat/Sun, then I'm pretty free. Otherwise, as long as you don't start at 12am my time, I can probably just chuck my phone alarm on for 9am the next morning to work from home
  5. Still England - tbh, let me know a time and I should be flexible
  6. Has anyone set up a fantasy baseball, or am I just hibernating until fantasy football? 

  7. hahahahahahahahaha what is even the point
  8. Well it wasn't easy, it wasn't fun, but PLAYOFFS TIME 😄
  9. How kind of Psy Beams to take out Kamara so we can have a fair and balanced playoffs!
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