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  1. Henderson definitely offers us something different. Very much on the front foot and even the second goal came from a positive take and then a good throw out to Shaw.
  2. Lewis Hamilton has officially signed a contract to race for Mercedes in 2021. Nothing confirmed past that, let the speculation for 2022 begin!
  3. Newcastle are currently two down inside six minutes. Someone should probably check on @Gazz The 'offside' for the second is a particularly shite call from the assistant, especially considering he's about 6 yards behind the play when he puts his flag up.
  4. To me, Monza was not a great race. It was a great result but not a great race. The best driver in the race was Sainz and he deserved to win when Hamilton got his penalty. Gasly drove well when out in front but he was only in that position because he was pulled in for an early stop after holding up his teammate in the opening part of the race. Before the red flag, Lewis drove away and nothing was really happening behind. Then after the restart, again nothing really happened after the first lap or two, apart from Lewis making his way back through the field. I'm absolutely against reve
  5. Yeah pretty much that's what happened. Lewis had such a lead that he was first one in for a while, Sainz and the rest also wanted to pit but their engineers realised. Mercedes realised just as Lewis came in, meaning that Bottas was told to stay out.
  6. He is expected to pick up wins when Lewis doesn't though. Instead he's now got the same number of wins in 2020 as an Alpha Tauri.
  7. In 2012, he was very good. But had horrible reliability. Lost out in Singapore, Abu Dhabi with DNF's while leading. Was also taken out by Hulk in Brazil while leading. McLaren had some horrible pit stops and a fuelling error DQ'ed him in Spain qualifying after putting it on pole. Could have certainly been in the Alonso/Vettel fight that year. Lewis is an interesting one for me. Without Mercedes, would he have had the titles, no. However, without Lewis, I'm not convinced that Mercedes would have won 2018 and maybe 2017 also. How many drivers would have done just as good of a job in t
  8. My best attempt at a Man Utd XI. 16-17 out of the 23 are fairly straightforward. GK - Schmeichel, Van Der Sar, De Gea. DF - Stam, Ferdinand, Vidic, Bruce, G Neville, Irwin, Evra, Pallister, P Neville MD - Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Carrick, Beckham, Ronaldo, Butt, Ince, Kanchelskis ST - Cantona, Rooney, Van Nistelrooy, Van Persie
  9. From any neutrals in this thread, who's had the worse season; De Gea or Kepa?
  10. I know it would be soft, but I think that's a foul on Van Dijk. He has his arm pulled, which unbalances him and leads to the poor pass.
  11. Greenwood! Special little player. From a Villa point of view, what the hell is Mings doing? That's twice he's stood off Greenwood 20 yards out and not even taken a step towards him.
  12. I'm not sure that was a penalty. Bruno kind of jumped into the defender and even trod on the Villa players leg.
  13. I bought the Schumacher edition so I got it on the 7th. Time trial has been in and out with crashes when changing from track to track. I've been disqualified for not using both types of tyre, despite going from medium to soft. It's got a "podium pass" which has been broken for the first couple of days. I'm told it's like battlepass for Fortnite. You basically earn coins to unlock stuff as you progress through the game. I think it's still temperamental on Xbox. The practice programs are ridiculously hard. You have to drop the difficulty probably 20-25 points just to get
  14. Early thoughts; It's a bit buggy, which is to be expected but probably not worth picking up for full price at the minute. Because the season has only just started, the pecking order is basically 2019, meaning that Ferrari are too strong, Racing Point not strong enough etc. No BLM livery on the Mercedes but I'd assume that's coming soon because Williams have their new livery. The customisation in My Team is a little disappointing but you can earn/unlock more liveries and other options after playing for a little longer. The gameplay is improved, the AI now make mis
  15. I'm pretty sure Ederson hurt his hand, he was shaking it about after the impact and took his glove off for a few minutes. There was also something on the palm - teeth marks, blood or something like that.
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