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  1. Just looking at the Top 20 this is gonna be one of those lists I probably know none of the albums on.
  2. An Egyptian region would be really cool, but they'd have to find a way to make loads of sand areas interesting Also I've just seen Scyther is getting a new evo in the Legends: Arceus game, he looks great!
  3. A Scottish band called Cold Years have announced that they're playing Bridgend of all places (sandwiched in the middle of a tour also going to Newcastle, London, Birmingham, and Edinburgh to make it look weirder) so figured I'd check them out, actually really enjoying them.
  4. Forget about MGK, there's new Ghost out! Love that track. New Boston Manor track is really good, hoping they announce a new album soon. Glue was great and they're building on it really well. Actually forget EVERYTHING, there's new Limp Bizkit out!
  5. Just watched 6 (and 7) today. Utterly crushing.
  6. Tickets to My Downfall is a great album, everything else about him is dreadful.
  7. Jereeler YUTA


    Good start. I knew straight away Alan was winning that balloon task but it was still great overall. If I'm picking an early winner, I don't know why, but it's Guz Khan.
  8. Eurofests have gone big this year, you seen the Hellfest lineup?
  9. No that's a totally different Jericode, pure coincidence.
  10. I saw Bring Me The Horizon last night and it was honestly one of the best gigs I've ever been to. Easily top three. They're so fucking good.
  11. I entirely won't care until I pack some sick player on the Web app and cave and actually buy it. Hopefully by that point the game is like £30 rather than £60. I only caved last year because I had a deal to get half the launch price as cashback.
  12. Not sure where to watch it in the UK, if we can yet, but I'm planning to at some point.
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