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  1. It's the most suggested idea and they've always said they won't do it.
  2. I remember Fire coming out but also had no idea there was another one coming, I'll have to give the first a listen again
  3. Last Night in Soho was really good, artistically gorgeous, the design work of the whole film is beautiful.
  4. I think I'm at 107 albums/EPs but have a load still to listen to and haven't tried putting any of it into a list yet. Limp Bizkit is number one though obv.
  5. I thought I'd missed her tour date in Cardiff but apparently it got delayed and was tonight, wish I'd known sooner. Will just keep an eye out for the next one.
  6. Horizon is definitely worth it if you haven't played it before. I grabbed GOTG, Hades, and Deathloop for a combined £55 so I'm set for a good few months.
  7. I want a full cut of "Rogers: The Musical" immediately. Steinfeld is perfect casting, I've enjoyed the opening two episodes.
  8. Acrobatics didn't exist in Gen 4, and Blaziken hit harder for the sake of being slower, which you can just give him Choice Scarf for. Key part is "was" the worst, they're a lot more even now that Blaziken gets Speed Boost and Infernape gets Iron Fist.
  9. AP Bio is excellent, binged season 4 the other day.
  10. I'm still not convinced on buying the new games. Gen 4 was so good at the time, don't want to taint the memory of it. I remember having all three, Turtwig on Diamond, Piplup on Pearl, and then a second Turtwig on Platinum because Chimchar was just the worst.
  11. School of Rock was amazing, one of my all-time favourites.
  12. Turtwig is the best starter in Gen 4 and it isn't debatable.
  13. It's double weak to Grass, and if you've chosen correctly, you picked Turtwig. So the only problem I can see is you chose wrong.
  14. Can't wait to do Kane '98 vs Kane '02
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