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  1. I actually can't wait for the Let's Build of that.
  2. Ditto. Figured I'd do poorly considering I've only just gotten into TES a few months ago, heh.
  3. I figured that most of the people who were in this, also followed MMA, and since I was committed to giving this copy away anyways along with having this summer's parties planned around each card since my projectors bulb should be in by 162, I figured this would be a good way to give it away after this convoluted mess fell apart with crashes, outages and life. Or we can do a post your Top 15 Picks in this coming NHL Draft and see who should be applying for an analyst position. I dunno.
  4. Started my second playthrough even though I have yet to finish the main quest on my Nord file as a High Elf, on Legendary, with no magic experience before, its been quite fun, I die.. a lot,but I stumbled onto a glitch on my way to Saarthal where my Magicka doesn't deplete, to which I'm sure it will sort itself out eventually but I'm enjoying power leveling my spells and throwing Hadoukens at everything that moves, although when it sorts itself out, I'm gonna die so much, I already get my ass kicked enough as it is with the unlimited magic, about 6 hours of gameplay thus far, but only if I don
  5. Well apparently my internet bill wasn't paid - it was - and intermittent use of the internet over the last 3-4 weeks to get it turned back on, at 10 bucks higher a month to boot and life taking a dump on me at every turn, I'm gonna restart the contest with the UFC's 6 fight cards in 6 weeks starting July 27th and ending launch week for the game, sorry for the fuck up boys.
  6. I listen to a lot of VGM, A LOT, before my place was broken into at the end of 2012 I had a 500GB External filled with VGM that I am still slowly refilling. Super Metroid - Walking through a forest tripping on mushrooms while listening to this soundtrack is one of the best bad trips ever. Street Fighter 2 - Ken's Theme. Fei Long's Theme, Cammy's.. Zangiefs.. Guile's.. I challenge you to not enjoy yourself while listening to ANYTHING from this game, It's impossible, then factor in the HDReMix edition, KABOOM goes your brain. Chrono Trigger - Greatest Square Soundtrack Ever? Greatest Squa
  7. It's going to, it has to, the amount of shit that Frank Mir is going to talk and get beat out of him to and by The Warmaster is unreal, Strawberries are going to be a distant memory. Sucks for Overeem? Yeah, probably, but who the hell are you putting against him right now, Hunt/JDS is Saturday, Nelson is facing Stipe, Struve has yet to open his mouth, Mir is destined for Barnett, they signed a couple of unknown European guys and they are sure as shit not being paired up with Overeem. A fight with Browne is more than winnable for him, but it does suck for his chin, something he forgets to p
  8. Well since I can use my computer again I'll get around to re doing all my scoring that got lost when I forgot to save. Ugh, box scores are gonna be fun to sift through, but thankfully everybody turned out for this round albeit late.
  9. Keyboard broke on the computer, thought today was a day off for the playoffs. could somebody be a boss and post up the brackets for me?
  10. Will Ovechkin score 4 goals is the question, apparently I came up with that Sunday Night and posted it as a note on my phone to add as a bonus for the series. I must have crossed that with the original O/U I set for the Octopi, I wrote a few of the series brackets Sunday night, and threw them together last night, I'll just take whatever is posted thus far as guys either taking the Over or Under as I think Pavel is gonna break some ankles anyways.
  11. Win a Copy of FHM 2014, get your picks in before tomorrow night

  12. Sorry for the delay folks, but the brackets are up.
  13. Shall come tonight, got drunk last night, fell asleep early, fell off the bike this morning while hungover and fucked my tailbone up- pretty good, as soon as the pain dulls out I'll draw up the brackets and throw in the bonuses, probably before RAW starts. So much pain right now its stupid.
  14. The Prize Welcome to the NHL Playoff Prediction Pool for a Free FHM 2014 Beta Key good for a full copy of the game come September when it goes "live", all you have to do is score the most points by picking the winners throughout each round of the playoffs, you can enter your brackets any time before the first goal of a round is scored, it's pretty simple.
  15. It's pretty enjoyable, it'll be a lot better in the next month or so. Also, new update today.
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