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  1. Dan

    NFL 2020

    I think Meyer will have the control. Khan just wants final say so we don't end up with shitty situations like with Ramsey and co under Coughlin.
  2. Dan

    NFL 2020

    Seeing a lot of them want Wilson over Fields. I think they got so locked into Lawrence being a Jet they never really considered anything else.
  3. Dan

    NFL 2020

    Man I'm so excited, even cracked open a bottle of whiskey during the games and now I'm in full party mode. First time we have ever had the #1 pick and what a year to do it.
  4. Dan

    NFL 2020

    Please just lose 2 more games please.
  5. Dan

    NFL 2020

    Hell fucking yeah. Fuck everyone who said it was a tank job.
  6. I'd love for the Ngakoue to Vegas rumours to be true. I'd like Simmons/Okudah with the first pick then a tackle or WR with the other picks.
  7. I'm alright, same old. Excited to see what the Jags do with 2 firsts tonight.
  8. Checking in for the night! How are you lot doing anyway?
  9. Dan

    NFL 2019

    The final team to win in Oakland 😂 Ever.
  10. Dan

    NFL 2019

    That was a fun game. Always nice to beat the tits too. Minshew is really promising, hopefully he has a high ceiling. Shame about Ramsey, probably his last game as a Jag but it is what it is, as long as they get a nice haul (2 firsts+) then I doubt I'll be too mad. He was always going to want to move to a big market team once his contract was up so to get a nice return now isn't so bad.
  11. Slay the Spire on PC Gamepass is awesome.
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