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  1. Could someone possibly make me a banner and logo for WCW 2000? Any style and color scheme, thanks in advance
  2. Madness from Suarez, the summer will be interesting, he is so vital to our team but its controversy after controversy. If he goes, I have no idea who we could get to replace him though
  3. That is great thanks, I really like the writing. Again, big thanks for taking the time to do this.
  4. I am in need of a Pay Per View Poster for my WCW 2006 diary. The PPV is called Live Wire. If possible could it have a blue and black color scheme with an image of Kurt Angle, possible holding the "Big Gold Belt" Or a picture of him and a short haired Chris Jericho face to face. My company logo is A huge thanks to anybody who is able to make this for me.
  5. Anybody able to make the following on KyKy Brock Lesnar, CM Punk (2006 image) with the WCW World Title Daniel Bryan, James Storm, Colt Cabana, CM Punk with WCW US Title Briscoes, Kings of Wrestling, MCMG and AJ and Daniels with WCW Tag Team Titles Huge thanks in advance
  6. Anyone got these on Kyky or would be willing to make these for me? Bully Ray - TNA World Championship Aries and Roode - TNA Tag Team Titles Kenny King - TNA X-Division
  7. Thank you, the logo is great and the banner is exactly what I was looking for. Again, thanks
  8. First off I am sorry but I don't know what sizes I need just a logo and a banner LOGO- Company: WCW Year: 2005 Images: I would prefer an emphasis on letters rather than the last used Logo by WCW Color: Blue BANNER Images: 2005 images of CM Punk, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels
  9. Has anyone got Adam "Pacman" Jones on kyky i have been looking for ages and found nothing
  10. Could I get the following on KyKy Samoa Joe Kevin Steen Colt Cabana Tyson Kidd (preferably a new pic with hair) with the WCW or World Heavyweight Championships Tyson Kidd Colt Cabana Michael Elgin AJ Styles with the WCW version of the United States Championship Briscoe Brothers (preferably matching pics) American Wolves Kings of Wrestling Teddy Hart and David Hart Smith with the WCW Tag Team Championships or any Tag Team championships except the Current WWE versions Its a large request so anybody who could take the time to do this for me I would be forever grateful
  11. Could i get Samoa Joe, Kevin Steen, Shelton Benjamin with the TNA World Title Davey Richards, Colt Cabana, Michael Elgin with the TV TV Title Alex Shelley, Richie Steamboat with the Cruiserweight title The Briscoes, Teddy Hart and Harry Smith and London and Kendrick with the TNA Tag Titles All on KyKy I know it is a big request so anybody who is able to do this, a huge thank you in advance.
  12. When i started a game as WWE:RAW and used the belt.dat my titles disappeared and I was left with NCW Womans championship
  13. Can i please get Teddy Hart with the TNA TV Title on KYKY?
  14. Could somebody do the following for me please, huge thanks in advance - Kevin Steen with the TNA World Title - Edge with the TNA World Title - Leakee with the TNA TV Title - Joe Hennig with the TNA TV Title - Eddie Edwards with the TNA TV Title - Mason Ryan with TNA Tag Team title Again, thanks if someone could do this
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