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  1. Literally this. Always felt a bit weird about JT being around. Good coach, shit person.
  2. Here’s hoping. Some of the youngsters did well in the second half too, hopefully we’ll continue to give them minutes this season. Last season’s breakout star Jacob Ramsey’s younger brother Aaron got our fourth goal - he’s supposed to be the more promising of the two, so it is exciting to see, for sure.
  3. It’s quite interesting that when the Villa fell off a fucking cliff, loads of the players that we brought in have gone on to be successful elsewhere. Gollini, Idrissa Gana, Jordan Veretout, Jordan Amavi, Adama Traore. Even Jordan Ayew. Goes to show that there were much bigger problems behind the scenes than the quality of players on the pitch. Problem number one, of course - Tim fucking useless Sherwood.
  4. There’s been some corking penalties in this tournament’s shootouts, but this was the best of the best. Doesn’t quite beat Charles Aranguiz a few years back, but it’s close. I also like to think that’s what Gareth Bale was going for against Turkey 😅
  5. The Athletic ran an interesting feature on it a while back- here.
  6. Southgate just told the BBC that he picked the penalty takers based on what he’d seen in training. Which, yeah fair enough. But for someone like Saka, just seeing what he’s done in training doesn’t come close to the pressure of the real thing, surely?
  7. Doubt it. Probably the same reason Saka plays ahead of Grealish. Won’t lie, pleased with that result. Do wonder if it might be time to reconsider the ABBA penalty order though.
  8. Emi Martinez best GK in the world confirmed.
  9. My old flatmate ordered a dangerously powerful laser pointer from China. The kind that could pop balloons. It also had quite a long range - which I totally don’t know because we used to point it at the BT Tower, no way… But yeah, kick them out please and thank you.
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