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  1. Maybe that’s why Southgate dropped Trent...hasn’t exactly been a good season for him.
  2. Yeah push come to shove, country over club. Like, don’t get me wrong, the Villa means a whole lot to me, but nothing comes close to the goosebumps I get when the National Anthem plays. And I doubt anything will come close to the Euro 2016 campaign. That was pure magic.
  3. Huge win over the Czech Republic that. Massive. Has to be said, Necco Williams is turning into a pretty good player, looked lively throughout.
  4. @DavidMarrio your boy Paddy Pimblett has signed for the UFC. Guy was a prick back in the day, didn't handle his title loss well - but has kind of mellowed recently to be fair to him. Still don't know how far he can go in the sport, like, he's either won in dominating fashion, or been out grappled by better wrestlers. Still, one to watch for sure.
  5. Scotland you glorious bastards! Let’s fucking go!
  6. Wales vs Belgium is free to air on S4C too. Don’t anticipate it being pretty though.
  7. New season is pretty good. Squad mode is fun, but not keen on the basketball final tbh.
  8. Cymbols


    Good first episode that
  9. Turning out to be an alright Six Nations this one.
  10. 21-1, where have we seen that record before? 🤔
  11. Helpfully, Liverpool already own the trademarks to mark the occasion (these genuinely belong to Liverpool):
  12. Oh yeah I agree, if the offence is enough to cause a disqualification, then Yan should lose the title. I suppose you could make the argument that the belt should be vacated, but personally I have no issue with the belt changing hands. If anyone missed them, the Fight Pass prelims were quality last night. Some of the best ones we’ve had for a while.
  13. Scoring your own goals would go a way towards helping though...
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