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  1. Delighted with the win this evening, not a lot else to say really.
  2. Almost as if signing a 36-year-old who had spent the last god knows how long playing in a slower paced, lower quality league, and assuming he’d solve all the problems - might’ve been a bit ambitious to think.
  3. That’s not soft as fuck. That’s a penalty, all day long. And let’s not pretend that if it were the other way round, Fernandes would be rolling into the floor crying.
  4. Yeah The Athletic are saying that Liverpool opted for Jota instead of Sarr.
  5. I’d be okay with this. Unbeaten all season, zero goals conceded, and erm...ninth place. Invincible.
  6. Positive covid test recently I believe. Really pleased to get the season up and running with a W. Struggled to break Sheffield down, but they sat deep having gone a man down, so no real surprise there.
  7. I love him already. Granted, I’ve probably said that about the last four keepers we’ve had on opening day. But fifth time lucky, am I right? (Five different keepers in five opening games, which doesn’t even include Kalinic, Nyland, or two other trash keepers we’ve had. Problem position is an understatement.)
  8. Dunno but his positioning was shocking. Son is looking sharp.
  9. I don’t think they necessarily would’ve made this fight if there was much chance of Woodley doing anything. No coincidence that they wait to pull the trigger until Woodley is near the bottom on a downward trajectory. Fuck Colby.
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if he simply just wanted to go somewhere that he knew for certain that the fans would take to him. For all of the Wales, Golf, Madrid jokes, it can't be nice having your own fans giving you shit left, right and centre - especially after everything that he achieved in Spain.
  11. Pleased for the guy, hope he can get some game time for a club that respects him.
  12. Not bad this James Rodriguez fella. West Brom imploding, you love to see it.
  13. Diangana looks good, fair play. Pickford was moving in slow motion mind.
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