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  1. Cymbols


    Honestly that’s my favourite task from any of the seasons. Both teams fucking nailed it.
  2. Caught up with Cobra Kai. Bloody brilliant. Need some more.
  3. Mo Salah kicks children confirmed.
  4. Thiago subbed on 😂😂😂 rattled.
  5. Barry! We still won't win, but that's just funny.
  6. More 1st team players in the Liverpool side than we fielded in the 5-0 last year. Considering how much Klopp likes to cry about fatigue, that’s a surprising one. Strong vibes of Michael Owen scoring goals against an 11-year-old about this one.
  7. Word is that the more promising U23s have been training in the 1st team bubble because Villa has a fairly small squad. So I reckon we’re most likely going to see an U18s side. Played them in that cup where youth teams play L1 and L2 teams, and Sunderland battered them, so I don’t anticipate it being pretty.
  8. We’ve recalled a youth player from Alvechurch especially, so this could be fun. In all seriousness though, wishing all of the positive cases nothing but the best. Long term health is more important than any game.
  9. Major covid outbreak at the Villa unfortunately.
  10. Just finished the first season of Cobra Kai. It’s pretty good, in all fairness.
  11. Cymbols


    Thought the NYD special was better than the most recent season. Admittedly, it is probably easier to condense down the funny when you’ve only got one episode to fill, and it is probably easier to come up with one prize for the prize task rather than 10.
  12. The Office has been added back onto UK Netflix which is helpful because relying on the DVD boxset is too much of an inconvenience these days. But first I’m probably going to watch Stranger Things for the third time in the space of a month because it is just that good. Also bought myself a Scoops Ahoy t-shirt because I can.
  13. Absolutely destroyed the fuckers, what a performance that! Targett, Luiz, Hause, Watkins, Emi Martinez all immense.
  14. Always a nice day when Greg Hardy gets battered, at least.
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