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  1. It is a vast improvement. After a while in the vanilla version you are just waiting for tech and to expand with your only real concern being the Avatar Project which you can deal with in many ways. This way you are constantly in a struggle to survive.
  2. It's a complete overhaul of the game that makes it a lot longer and a lot harder. - Squad size is 8 instead of 6, there are also 8 basic classes instead of 4 (plus the WOTC classes). - The campaign is about liberating different countries instead of just scan for items and getting attacked randomly until you tech up. It feels more like you are accomplishing something because eventually you will rid Advent of each area. - When a mission pops you send a squad to infiltrate it and lower the enemies depending on long they go for. Eventually it will be forced so you could end up
  3. I finally decided to download the Long War mod for Xcom 2. I played the original Long War a ton and I think this is what I needed to really get me into Xcom again.
  4. I use this all the time and a lot of people don't get it and it makes them slightly concerned.
  5. 1. The Thing - Unbelievable atmosphere and practical effects. Great characters and built in a way that you cannot read into foreshadowing giving you a constant sense of paranoia and leaves the you unsure of the ending. Just a fantastic movie and easily my favorite movie of all time and one of the many absolute brilliant John Carpenter/Kurt Russell movies of the 80's. 2. From Dusk Till Dawn - I've always greatly preferred Robert Rodriguez movies over Tarantino. This is really a tale of two movies. The first half is just an amazing thriller and George Clooney is an absolute badass the e
  6. I tried it out for a while, wasn't very fun. Just go out collect stuff and go back, you couldn't carry a lot and nothing really happened. Trying Wasteland 3 out right now, its alright, think I should just stick to Xcom2 and Darkest Dungeon though.
  7. Sadly I think I am done with this game, the cheating makes it pointless. Guy just runs through tiptoe perfectly the first try and if you aren't directly behind him you are screwed.
  8. Starting to get cheaters in games and it makes me want to not play. Dude sprinted ahead the first race, the next round was roll out and I decided I would just try and eliminate him. Like 4 other people had the same idea and 5 seconds in we all bullied him off and he got eliminated. Seriously though, if you are going to cheat, add like 5% speed or something, not 100% and make it super obvious.
  9. Ya it can be, I just thought that was lag because I will sometimes see it happening to like a dozen people at once multiple times and most of them eventually get knocked off.
  10. I've seen lot of people get hit by the bar and fall down but slide over and I've always figured it was just lag because weird stuff happens in other games as well. Are they actually cheating?
  11. Won a second on Fall Mountain again, somehow I dominated it. I also finally lost a game of Door Dash because of really weird physics, Trying to get through a door and my dude flew backwards almost to the previous set of doors somehow and there was no coming back from that.
  12. Sometimes the best jokes don't even need to spoken.
  13. The Fall Ball or whatever its called, the Rocket League clone with jelly beans has become one of my better win rate games. I won a game like 13-0. However when they throw 10 people on each team into it is a nightmare, I won one of those 1-0 because it was so hard to move the ball with the amount of bodies. Apparently they will have a stats screen and the game does track it already, they just haven't done up the UI to implement it. I would mostly love to see my win% and records on each of the games.
  14. The little round beams is the obstacle that will ruin me most of the time, the rest is my fault for rushing through the 4 push beams up top. I still almost always win Slime Climb though.
  15. I finally won a game! 10 on 10 fall ball or whatever is insane, we won 1-0, then I won Fall Mountain. I thought I was doing terrible but somehow ended in 2nd and the guy in 1st was so far ahead but thankfully he not only missed the crowd, I managed to get there exactly as it was coming down. I can retire now!
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