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    I would love to see future seasons mix up former cast members into new combinations. Though, most of that is because I have no idea who else could be on it, and kind of contradicted that a lot of my favorite contestants lately have all been people who I had never heard of before the show.
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    I only know who one of those people are, but some of my favorite cast members lately have all be people who I never heard of before the show so I'm looking forward to it.
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    I love that the cheque said "Lord Greg Davies". I don't know why I didn't think of it until now but I kind of hope to see some outside the box guests that would be amazing but not expected. Basically I just want to see Colin Mochrie on Taskmaster.
  4. I've been at the theater where the crowd lost it a few times and honestly it's actually a kind of great experience. My personal favorite was The Mist. The friend I went with jumped to her feet and cheered when Mrs. Carmody got shot and the rest of the people in the crowd joined in because she was just so hateable.
  5. I think it was a much better episode than the previous ones and felt like they were actually on track instead of just kind of being a disjointed mess. I do think they tried to sneak in too many snarky lines though that just felt a little off.
  6. Azazel


    He may have gotten DQed 3 times, but that sick squid joke was brilliant.
  7. While I enjoy the Monster Train DLC, holy crap it is so much harder. I think most it is just that my old strategies just do not work nearly as wel. Been messing around with Rimworld. I tried a Tribal Colony until some asshole cougar decided to just murder everyone.
  8. 2 Achievements left in Stardew Valley. Have a 2nd kid and the Joja one. I have just been stockpiling my stuff to sell so when I get the 2nd kid on the way I will sell it all and make a ton of money and buy the Golden Clock to get the in game 100% completion. I'm going to need something new to play once I'm done this so I'm not just playing Xcom. The Monster Train DLC is less than a week away so that will tide me over.
  9. Picked up Rimworld, ended up not having to work this morning so I started my first colony and may they all RIP already. I never did finish Monster Sanctuary. I felt it got a little grindy but that was partially my own fault because just like in Pokemon I can never just choose a team of 6. I think I was pretty close to the end, too.
  10. I think Stardew Valley is a great game outside the blight that is this stupid achievement. That took so much effort and sanity to get but it's done, so now I just basically sleep and sell wine until I get the rest of the achievements.
  11. My campaign is really trying to kick my ass tonight. Bunch of important missions in a very short amount of time. I got through them but now both more main squads are tired and need a break, so I have to send some untrained guys on a couple of missions, thankfully I have enough semi decent soldiers to baby sit them and I handed down some good equipment temporarily. I think the Berserkers are just trying to break the game on me, I had a Resistance Defense mission and a pod of 2 Berserkers plus three other units spawned right beside my defense point when the map loaded, so they triggered b
  12. There was nobody even remotely near it, I rescued the VIP and it was the last pod on the map, guess he just hated that Muton for unrelated reasons.
  13. I just witnessed something in XCom i have not seen before and I have no idea if it was a glitch. Camera moved across the map to a pod I couldn’t see with a Berserker and a Muton, and the Berserker attacked the Muton, got a crit and killed it. Apparently they can attack friendlies if they cannot reach XCom, but they were not even triggered and nowhere near me, so I guess thanks?
  14. Yes, Shipwreck is a must have! You should be okay if you aren't going with a couple dozen, there is just an annoying issue where the game shoves most of your created characters as recruits you are never going to need. There is a mod that fixes it if you feel like using them.
  15. GI Joe and Cobra unite to face Advent? I like that idea, lots of characters to choose from. You plan on making a lot? I just looked at some of the characters, and I knew Sgt. Slaughter was a GI Joe because I watch the '86 movie like two dozen times, but I just found out that Roddy Piper was a member of Cobra. I wanted to add some more to my like 170 Game of Thrones characters pool, and I had a list of everyone I wanted to add and marked off who was complete but I can't seem to find the list now, but it was mostly just down to super minor characters anyway.
  16. Graveyard Keeper is done! Now to finish Stardew Valley. To 100% that I need to do the following: - Get the Qi Quest for Radioactive Ore to finish the Shipping/Crafting - Beat Prairie King without dying - Kill 18 more Pepper Rex's - Start a new farm and do the Joja achievement - Earn 10 Million gold I'm at just over 6 million gold now, I'm going to set up a second shed for more Kegs/Jars to try and cut down the time by a couple of weeks. I have like 136 kegs going now with Starfruit or Ancient Fruit Wine, plus a couple dozen fairy honey houses and then some extra income from m
  17. Prepare to both love it and hate it. Let me know if you need any advice. I think the biggest beginner tip is to set all your resistance members in your first area to Intel. This will make help you find missions faster so you can get more time to infiltrate and therefore have easier missions for a while. Try to always get to 100% infiltration if possible, unless you just cannot and the reward is worth it. Skip missions when you need to, there is no penalty and its impossible to even try to do them all.
  18. Rimworld might be my next game to get and try out. However, I want to finish off Stardew/Graveyard Keeper first. So that way I am only playing my Xcom2 Long War campaign, the Monster Train DLC and one other game. I have somehow too much to do now. I also kind of want to give Factory Town another go since it's been updated and I think I can plan out my town better.
  19. Vanilla Xcom2 can be pretty absurd. Long War gets ridiculous in very different ways. I just had 2 pods of enemy reinforcements spawn together, right in front of a building where I had about a dozen soldiers on/around on overwatch. It was a bloodbath. Then 2 turns later another dozen enemies spawns in and a horde of lost. Flamethrowers came in quite handy for once. The downside is getting back into Xcom has put my Stardew Valley/Graveyard Keeper 100%ing on the backburner. Hopefully I get some done this weekend.
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