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  1. Owen


    Yeah, I get this. I think series 6 might be my least favourite too, perhaps because I just didn't really care for Liza Tarbuck, but I did really enjoy Alice on the show. I've heard many good things about series 2 of Taskmaster NZ, I definitely need to watch it. I've watched a highlight video about the series too, and it did seem like fun, but I've already watched 2 episodes of series 1 and maybe I wanna watch that first! Depends if I can be arsed, though, I guess. It's definitely worth watching the second series though, yeah?
  2. Does anyone wanna play Mario Party online at some point? Feel like it'd be fun to do with a group.
  3. I got bored and uploaded a youtube video. I'm playing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for the PS1! I used to do these kinds of videos almost 10 years ago now (I think I stopped about the start of 2013) and just wanted to get back into it. Here it is. It was kinda slapdash.
  4. I happened to get that just a few months ago! I had a look and realised that it was almost exactly 5 years to the day just when I was looking on Steam, too. EDIT: 'A few months ago' was about this time last year, apparently. I must've just checked on a whim but it seems like it was like 4 days after the 5 year anniversary of when I last played which is a fun coincidence.
  5. Owen

    WWE 2K22

    It's just hard for me to be excited for or invest in anything WWE put out at this point.
  6. Yeah, I don't think they changed the thumbstick at all for this new version either which is kind of terrifying!
  7. Bought myself a N64 controller for Switch and some new joycons! I'll have a look into getting the Expansion Pack as well but not 100% yet. I can still use the N64 controller for other games as far as I know? Would be cool to use it in Mario Party too.
  8. Seems par for the course, really! Cardiff haven't offered much at all in the last couple months!
  9. Sorry about that! Realised it’s 0KB for me too so maybe that one just isn’t available at all. I figured it was just a quick download but you’re right, that’s my bad!
  10. Oop! Try here: https://homeofprowrestling.com/other-games/wrestling-booker/ewr/ewrrwupdates
  11. Here you go https://homeofprowrestling.com/Downloads/EWR/Monthly_Updates/2010/ewr_01_2010.zip
  12. I spent so many hours on PES4. I remember knowing nothing about football at the time but getting really excited when I realised Paul Robinson had the same birthday as me, and that was the extent of my football knowledge for a while. I think that was the game where it had a glitch where if you replayed a goal you just scored, it would add another goal to your tally every time? Good times.
  13. Ohhh gotcha, I completely forgot England got to the semis in the last world cup.
  14. Wait, I dunno if I’m being daft but do you mean two major semi-finals for England or just two major semi-finals referring to this Euro tournament?
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