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  1. I've got the game on PC and PS4 now. Not regretting it, either! I won 2 games in a row a couple days ago, which was fun! And today I won a game where the finale was Royal Fumble (where you have to get the tail to win) where I managed to get the tail when the clock was at zero seconds. I kinda felt bad for that...
  2. I've got it on PC and PS4 now!! It's a lot of fun but can be unfuriating too!! Also, fuck the fruit chute level.
  3. I love it so much. Had zero issues so far on PC.
  4. Why did I use my bench boost in FPL this week? I also captained Jimenez, not entirely sure why. I have Gomez (yellow card), Evans (conceded two goals), Lundstram (who didn't play!) and Jota (who played 59 minutes and didn't get any other points)! Excellent. At least I had Ings!
  5. Only the first two seems like quite a random choice. Maybe they want to do another that includes 3+4 and then maybe remaster Underground + Underground 2 if they're all successful? I sure wouldn't complain...
  6. I'm about 10 minutes into Dream Job, but Parking Lot Wedding is SO great it'd be difficult to beat it for sure.
  7. Middleditch & Schwartz is on Netflix and it's 3 fifty minute long on-stage improv episodes and it's absolutely hilarious and I love it.
  8. Woo! Got KK Slider on my island today, too. Been saving up my Nook Miles for all the post-game (I guess) stuff so that's all bought now and... now the question is if I'm ever gonna touch the game again!!
  9. (I haven't taken this myself but felt the need to thank you for it!)
  10. I'm not even sure that Community Creations is that active right now, pretty sure a few(?) of the big CAW creators ended up boycotting 2K20 and plan on staying on 2K19 for as long as possible. Custom arenas from Community Creations are broken as well, as far as I know, so the experience on 2K19 might be better than 2K20's right now. I don't own the game on PS4 though so I'm not completely sure, this is just what I've heard within the community.
  11. Oh yeah, I agree. Playstation 2 has a similar reputation but those 2 are some of my favourite consoles. I think it's just the idea of people looking at the console as a whole and viewing their entire library at the same time... but every console has a hell of a lot of crap games, anyway.
  12. Wii is really good but sometimes got a bit of a bad wrap as being known as the shovelware console. I spent a lot of time playing the Wii, though. It had Super Mario Galaxy, dammit!
  13. Soulcalibur VI would be great if possible! Thanks so much in advance
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