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  1. haha wait I know someone who uses the username UrineTrouble, although it's probably weirdly more common than that.
  2. Kim's Convenience finished yesterday. Just watched the last episode. I miss it already. Same with Superstore.
  3. Bray Wyatt/The Fiend should be a babyface in WWE. At least... I think so. It's hard to tell sometimes.
  4. Ah I believe it’s seen as a new belt but it is in essence just an extension to the original. Gotcha! Fair enough.
  5. Just going through the mod, it looks good but I've noticed Kota Ibushi is still set as the IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Will Ospreay should be the current IWGP World Heavyweight champion.
  6. Owen


    I came in here with the intention of saying the exact same thing!
  7. Anyone here watch Proton Jon? Or know of him/his Superman 64 playthrough? For context, he started it in 2010. It's still going. It's been 4 years since he uploaded Stage 9, but he uploaded Stage 10 three days ago and I completely missed it. Anyway! Here it is.
  8. Owen


    Wozniak was very solid. Did feel a hint of pro-Mike bias from Greg but maybe I was reading into it too much and he was just that good! I also noticed after the plates task that Mike was given 4 points and Sarah 3, despite Alex announcing the other way round. Didn't affect the results of the show at all, though, so ah well.
  9. Galaxy is a fantastic game. I just really really wish Nintendo included Galaxy 2 in 3D All Stars. I bought the game anyway, but dammit that's the one I wanted the most! I already own Sunshine 3 times at this point as well!
  10. It got cancelled today The current season (which has already been filmed) is going to be the last one. Heartbreaking. Zero closure then, huh. I'm not too sure how the current season will wrap things up, though, as I'm only halfway through season 3 as is... hmph.
  11. They're bringing back Party Down?! Fantastic! Also, started watching Kim's Convenience a few days ago. Very fun show, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee is really, really great.
  12. I've never watched House of Lies but I might've seen that episode because I went through a stage of watching everything with Ben Schwartz in it because I love him.
  13. I've never watched The Drew Carey Show so that's not what I'm thinking of, but I'm starting to think I might be thinking of the Interdimensional Cable episodes of Rick and Morty? I'm not sure it was an animated show, though. I also thought of 30 Rock but I believe they just did a couple of live episodes, none that were all improvised.
  14. I was just reading up about improv and I'm not sure what I'm thinking of, but I remembered an episode of a sitcom where, if I recall correctly, it was entirely improv? The show otherwise wasn't completely improvised as far as I know, and this was a special episode where it was all improvised and was somewhat non-canon? I just don't remember what show it was or even if I'm just completely imagining it. Does anyone have any idea what show I'm thinking of, as Google isn't much help?
  15. I love Superstore. Watched a few episodes in January, then left it for about a month and then have been watching a few episodes per day in the last couple weeks. I'm near the end of it now and I'm sad about it. Such a great show and when it's done, I'll need to find something to fill the void...
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