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  1. I spent so many hours on PES4. I remember knowing nothing about football at the time but getting really excited when I realised Paul Robinson had the same birthday as me, and that was the extent of my football knowledge for a while. I think that was the game where it had a glitch where if you replayed a goal you just scored, it would add another goal to your tally every time? Good times.
  2. Ohhh gotcha, I completely forgot England got to the semis in the last world cup.
  3. Wait, I dunno if I’m being daft but do you mean two major semi-finals for England or just two major semi-finals referring to this Euro tournament?
  4. At the end of the day, congrats to England. I’m still rooting for Denmark though, sorry! 😜
  5. Happy to support Denmark now, tbh.
  6. Yeah, they were in control for basically the whole time, and they were basically all but eliminated after the first two group games. Quite the underdog story from Denmark this tournament so if Wales were to lose to anyone, Denmark isn't a bad choice.
  7. Honestly, before I sat down to watch I was absolutely expecting England to beat Scotland by at least 3 goals.
  8. Danny Ward is a beautiful, beautiful man.
  9. Kieffer Moore getting bloodied again!
  10. It was going wide anyway but still impressive
  11. Would've made for a solid drop goal!
  12. Ubisoft Connect is doing a sale at the moment, and you can get an extra £10 off on top of the sale items with code 'FORWARD', which is pretty good. I just picked up Watch Dogs Legion for £15! EDIT: hey you can also get the same game on Epic Store for the same price if you have one of those weirdy Epic game vouchers!
  13. If that wasn't offside, another notch in the belt for Ward. That was a very solid save.
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