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  1. WMB '97 seeking more battles to wrestle managers! Sign-up and hire your first today!

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    1. Sweet Holy Moses

      Sweet Holy Moses

      Everyone on this board should be playing this.

  3. Sign-ups and hiring still open for WMB '97! Manage battling wrestlers today!

  4. Sign-ups open for Wrestling Manager Battleground '97 in the Cube!

  5. Manage battling wrestlers in Wrestling Manager Battleground '97!

  6. Started God's War: A New History of the Crusades. Like it so far, somewhat dry. Reminds me I need to get a copy of Shake Hands with the Devil just for my bookshelf. It really annoys me that I react badly to old books. I love the idea of old books but I can't actually read them, start itching and sneezing. Have got my littlest broham an old copy of Titus Groan for Crashmash, may have to also get him a newer version or an e-book because he's got lots of allergies as well, dunno how he'll react. Hopefully he gets some use out of it.
  7. The Crusades documentary series. Overall I like it because I like the period and it gives a good information in a non-book format. However, I really dislike Prof. Thomas Asbridge, both for his annoying "I'm being really interesting" style and his constant bashing of "We have to HUMANIZE the MAN" while mostly starting from the "Crusaders are nasty, here's why they're nice" standpoint (everybody already thinks Crusaders were pretty badass, so this is naked bias) and also "Muslims were honorable, here's why they were terrible" (which is a push at best, I think people might concede that Saladin wa
  8. You framed it like you were disagreeing, I thought you'd misread.
  9. I believe you said what Hobo said, GA.
  10. Which feats would you suggest? I assume Improved Disarm.
  11. How effective are whips and disarm actions in combat? Have some opponents that I'd like to have as whipfighters, but if it's not an effective weapon I'd rather go for something else. Need them to threaten the party.
  12. Out of those, I've only heard the Hives and Rammstein. Hives are alright, Rammstein are terrible. They are what your grandma thinks metal sounds like.
  13. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate... chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, will you fuckin' change it?

  14. The Road isn't one of McCarthy's best but it's good. Not defending that particular line, but if your conception of good writing is "describe visual things with visual words only," then no, you won't like McCarthy.
  15. Ty Segall I think is a like-if-you-like for Bass Drum of Death but I didn't really get into it when I listened. Might try again.
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