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  1. That's exactly what they should do, along with identifying and aggressively pursuing the one transfer they needed more than any other in the summer: a holding midfielder.
  2. According to various places, Wales appear to be playing a 4-4-2 with a CB at left mid. It's a bold strategy.
  3. There is a trade union for players already - FifPro, and football has trade unions in a great many countries too.
  4. I'll scout hundreds of players, but I'm not sure I've ever read a scout report in full.
  5. The United with Pride statement is hopelessly naïve. It's a tough spot to be in but frankly their statement doesn't even close to adequately addressing the problems with the clubs new owners.
  6. The Newcastle-Man City rivalry is gonna be dope. The Kill the Gays derby is gonna be the best.
  7. Poch should've rejoined Spurs. He either can't or won't adapt his high pressure suffocating tactics to get around the fact that his starting front 3 just will not press, ever.
  8. It's not even a record for this particular ownership family - pretty sure their other club Udinese went through 6 managerial changes from November 2017 to November 2019.
  9. The lack of a holding midfielder is going to cost Ole his job - whether that's in November, March or May.
  10. And this is supposed to United's easier part of the season - that run up to Christmas is awful for them.
  11. It'll be a pachinko machine, and we'll get another survival game with zombie unicorns instead.
  12. They should just give the rights to the video games of their franchises to Capcom tbh.
  13. The Grand Tour game was more an interactive TV show than an actual game.
  14. It's control the amount of time that advances on deadline day. Some good stuff in there - nothing too deep but match engine stuff is apparently coming. More manager appearance options is nice - saw both beard and eyebrow thickness in there.
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