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  1. The government should pass a law taxing any British club that joins the Super League 99% of their revenue.
  2. We're too cowardly to actually post ours on twitter. It's on the website though.
  3. This is fucking trash and every club involved should be fucking ashamed.
  4. If this happens, I'm done as a United fan. Don't care anymore. Club can go fuck itself.
  5. Russell blaming Bottas for the crash he caused is ridiculous.
  6. Mick also going into the wall - cars off everywhere. Exciting race.
  7. Barnsley, Brentford and Norwich would be nice but I'm pretty sure that can't mathematically happen at this point.
  8. Mazepin might honestly be the worst F1 driver of the last 30 years.
  9. As it stands we play Roma and Arsenal have a reunion planned with Unai Emery.
  10. Can't believe we're relying on Real to stop evil 😕
  11. It's almost as bad as blaming the grass being too long. Embarassing.
  12. Back in it, I guess. Not confident here.
  13. And follows through, studs up into his knee. What did you expect the ref to do, nosh him off? No he sent him off for serious foul play, which very much isn't the point of the game.
  14. How about... not go studs up into Jesus's knee regardless of what happened in a game last week or months ago?
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