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  1. The Gamestop stuff (and their other targets - Blackberry etc etc) will be very funny right up until the moment the SEC goes "this is market manipulation and that's illegal" and then it will cease to be funny very very quickly.
  2. At some point people are going to have to wake up to the idea that maybe Ole's United are the real deal. Unbeaten away from home in domestic competition in a year. Top of the Premier League, through in the FA Cup, mounting come back after come back after come back. It's physically and mentally strong, technically adept and when there are issues, both players and manager step up and address them. It's clearly our best team since Fergie left, and it's wonderful to watch us play at the moment.
  3. You've settled down now at least - for a brief moment after we scored your defence was very disorganised.
  4. This feels a lot like the Arsenal game - just second best and unable to resist the opposition's press. And as I say that, 1-1!
  5. Chandler vs Poirier for the belt please - the real belt, not an interim title either. Get that off of Khabib asap.
  6. It's a shame because I'd like to see do well. I'm firmly of the belief that the lad we had in goal today finds his way to the Premier League at some point. He's been really promising this season.
  7. 2-1 full time, ah well. Was always going to be tough, but with some more luck for us, we could've won this. Sheffield United are.. an interesting side. With a much better goalkeeper, they'd stay up.
  8. Sheffield United playing 9 first team players in this game and it's been pretty easy to open up space behind them when we get time on the ball. We're unlucky to be 2 down but they do deserve to be winning. Dirty bastards though, love a trailing leg, or a shove to the ground.
  9. Howe is waiting on Celtic to put Lennon out of his misery.
  10. Fabrizio now reporting Arsenal favourites to sign Odegaard - a loan move. And Arsenal just confirmed the loan signing of Brighton's third choice keeper Matty Ryan.
  11. People like comparisons and your range is always going to be pretty arbitrary I guess.
  12. No one outside of Leicester has won a majority of games vs the top 10 and Man City have only beaten 3 of them: Arsenal, Southampton and Chelsea, drawing 3 and losing 2 (the same record as United, minus a draw - they're yet to play Everton). There's plenty of reasons to suggest that Man City will win the league over us, but I'm not sure performance vs the top 10 is one of them.
  13. Arsenal on loan or Real Sociedad permanently are the two most likely outcomes according to reports.
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