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  1. Looks like he might be a replacement for Cash, if Atletico's interest is legit.
  2. Hull City's new owners have sacked manager Grant McCann. Kinda hope Derby stay up at their expense now.
  3. Based on the varying freakouts on twitter currently, that is offside for every other team, for 14 other teams, for the 5 other members of the 'big 6', or for Spurs specifically.
  4. Thomas Frank's a bit of a dickhead isn't he?
  5. Or was it revenge for Liverpool not letting him join Chelsea when he handed in a transfer request?
  6. Sky Sports claimed Jose was under consideration then backtracked like 5 minutes later. I wonder how many bets were made in that time?
  7. Rooney would be making a big mistake taking that job, keeping Derby up will be a much bigger feather in his cap than delivering Everton the mid table finish they're destined for. Newcastle are going down regardless of who Everton get though, because Eddie Howe isn't a good manager.
  8. He's joining a team that creates less chances than Burnley, has less expected goals and is already overperforming its expected assists rather significantly, I don't really see him improving them in this regard (beyond having a striker being better than having no striker). Maybe he does, and if he does keep them up he'll be worth the £20 million, but I expect he'll continue to struggle as he has all season. Digne to Villa is good business though. I wonder what happens to Targett now.
  9. Because he's 30 and in bad form this season. Some reports now saying 25 million.
  10. Guus Hiddink just won the 2022 World Cup with England, after Gareth Southgate was sacked for not winning the qualifying group. The team that did win it? Albania.
  11. Sorry @stokeriño, looks like Chelsea are out next round.
  12. It's fine, I'm sure the Premier League has some "binding legal assurances" from Man City that everything is above board...
  13. What size? Edit: that's a weird way of saying "yeah maybe I would" isn't it?
  14. They were also at Palace together up until this summer.
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