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  1. Finally! Made up for Daley getting it.
  2. And the last thing making Villa unlikeable left. Hope they do very well this season.
  3. They were thinking about the money.
  4. Real marmite reactions to that Spurs kit. I think I'm in the love it camp.
  5. @OctoberRavenhow much are you enjoying Inter Miami's season?
  6. Villa playing a friendly - 2-0 up currently, both goals by Watkins, both times assisted by Buendia. Reckon we might see that a lot this season.
  7. Good back up option - certainly better than Joe Hart - who can provide competition and eventually displace Lloris. He also counts as home grown too, so it's a very good signing.
  8. When did Demarai Gray join Leverkusen? How has that one just gone straight passed me?
  9. Some highlights include calling Raul and Casillas "frauds", Cristiano Ronaldo is "sick" and "crazy", both Jose and Fabio Coentrao are "idiots" - he said something about Pepe too, he seems to have lots of issues with Portuguese people, Jorge Mendes also gets criticised. He laughs at the idea of Vicente Del Bosque being national team manager (this is either 2006 or 2008) and calls him a fool who doesn't know anything about tactics. He also says a female journalist is only in football for fame and to fuck players.
  10. This happened after the World Cup too. It's because it's England, can't ever do well on our own merit.
  11. Mings calling out the government for their shit:
  12. It really isn't only Greece and Portugal. France in particular are set up to be strong defensively first and foremost, with Deschamps relying on his offensive players to do "something" more than with any grand tactical ideas. Spain set up similarly, though they recognise their comparative lack of quality compared to other teams, and try to do some interesting things in midfield. International football just isn't systems-based any more, compared to the great Spanish and German teams of the recent past. It's much more situational, and more defensive.
  13. International football over the last half decade disagrees with you massively. It is a defensive game first and the best teams all set up to not be beat. You're wrong.
  14. It's certainly distracting - like having a torch shone in your eyes - and depending on distance and power of the laser can cause feelings of heat and discomfort.
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