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  1. It seems the movie may be embracing your point and making it part of the story.
  2. Roger Sterling


    Great movie seemingly in response to that called Ruby Sparks. A brooding young writer writes about his dream girl, who comes to life and is controlled by every word he writes. Explores the male ego and how we put people into boxes rather than letting them be their unique selves. There's a scene that years later still raises goosebumps every time I think about it. Creepy at times but worthwhile, I'm a better friend/boyfriend for having seen it.
  3. I've seen 5-6 full episodes of Tosh.0 and he didn't make me laugh once! And I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to comedy...I like The New Girl. I just don't know what people see in that show. Psych on the other hand, is always good fun.
  4. I recommend Party Down as the comedy. I don't think a lot of people saw it so it may not be re-watch, technically. The show was very witty and the characters easy to relate to, I remember laughing out loud from every episode. There was only something like 20 episodes so you could move on to something new before too long. I've never heard of someone watching the show and not enjoying it immensely. Just a thought.
  5. 1. The Universe 2. Community 3. Sunny in Philly 4. Big Bang Theory 5. Daily Show with John Stewart 6. 30 Rock 7. Futurama 8. Weeds 9. Colbert Report 10. South Park 11. Entourage 12. Curb Your Enthusiasm 13. The New Girl 14. Hung 15. Chuck edit- sorry, you closed it while I was putting it together. Up to you of course
  6. This sounds amazing. I just finished a comparative religion course and I'm fascinated with Hinduism and Buddhism, and it seems to share some of their themes. I'm going to download and begin the Eye of the World iBook...thanks for this!
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