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  1. There's a lot to like about Holmes and his character. There's been a few articles and interviews with him where he comes across as being very in tune with just being a good person. I don't know how to phrase it better, but he's a dude that seems very much on the right side of social issues. I think that was actually a reason we hired him, from what I can tell our ownership actually isn't ghoulish and sorta progressive (which honestly...even if we continue to suck I'll still cheer for them because i respect that).
  2. https://www.mlive.com/lions/2021/01/detroit-lions-reportedly-will-hire-saints-aaron-glenn-as-defensive-coordinator.html I don't know much about him as a coach but I know a lot of fans were hoping for him.
  3. VerbalPuke

    The Punk Thread

    Punk is doing just fine, tons of great bands releasing shit in the last few years. I love this band also, fans of Amyl and the Sniffers will probably dig.
  4. Funny, my first thought was "Fuck yeah Captain America". I mean....the comic book world basically lets you do whatever the fuck you want when you want as long as you tell a good story.
  5. So this is lazy I will admit but for my own edits, I'm using edits of real wrestlers as templates and changing them up into my own. Mostly just to not mess with logic and all the moves. I mean I'll probably tweak stuff as I go.
  6. The return things to competency was sort of what I had in mind if we end up hiring Lewis. Reminds me of Caldwell honestly. Wouldn't mind atleast having that stability for a few years. Then hope Rodgers retires and Green Bay doesn't find another hall of fame QB.
  7. Well that all sounds better. I'm totally fine with going the no experience route, his is just a name I haven't heard until the last two weeks. After Patricia we need somebody that wont alienate the team or insult players in meetings. Obviously I hope he's good on game day as well. Campbell actually played here briefly so there sort of is a tie to the organization. But then of course the article i posted shows he was/is a homophobe, and our ownership actually seems committed to social justice issues (as best as a billionaire can I guess). Hiring Holmes was a good step in that di
  8. Gosh, the way the head coaching dominoes have fallen has me hoping for Marvin Lewis.... Dan Campbell just seems like a bad idea.
  9. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2021/01/15/dan-campbell-detroit-lions-head-coach/4182680001/ Yeah lets not.
  10. I'll take that, the Rams have had a pretty good draft record. They've built a solid team. Now for the coach.
  11. Oh, supposedly rumors are heating up that we've offered Kevin Colbert the GM job. I'd love it. I love Pittsburgh drafts, if he can bring that shit to Detroit I'm all for it. It feels like they often take players I covet, and they usually turn out good. Maybe I should just be the GM.
  12. Around the same time they should have fired Elway.
  13. Tasted defeat last night. I was Zach Sabre Jr., I won the first round match in a tournament, then round 2 I ran into Minoru Suzuki. It was a pretty evenly matched contest, a little surprised I was submitted but I think my big problem was that I suck with the MMA stuff for certain dudes. So it was two fold, I kept accidently doing the MMA take down thing with Zach Sabre and got reversed every time, and then Suzuki would do it I couldn't do shit. Probably just wore me the fuck down. I'll have to figure that out in case I run into Suzuki again But it was cool because Suzuki would go on to wi
  14. So I find that I may say this often this year as I get better....but this song is maybe my best work to date. It's a punk song with some energy, but I really like the construction of it. My drumming is pretty on point here I think. This one took me awhile, I had a bit of trouble getting the bass line right with the drums. I had to do a bit of editing around the time the "solo" part starts here. You'll notice the guitar stops and just the bass is going, but then the guitar comes back in. This wasn't intentional but I liked how it sounded so I went with it. Then this one was another t
  15. Lions are interviewing Ed Dodd. Will say this much, Sheila Ford wasn't lying about a thorough interview process for GM/HC. I appreciate that.
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