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  1. I'm glad you mentioned Billy Gibbons because I think one of my next big posts will be about ZZ Top and how good they are.
  2. Actually I have a weird fucking essay that I never thought I'd write. I have a lot of respect for the Insane Clown Posse. ICP. This isn't some sentimental thing because they're hometown boys, but like their whole cult of personality kind of blows my mind. I'm not a particularly big fan of their music but....I also don't hate it either. I don't know, I like the culture and family thing they cultivated even if it is a crew of weirdos dressing like clowns and pretending to be axe murderers is oddly endearing. They've never really been a "mainstream music" act but they have a huge fuck
  3. Great post. So, full disclosure, I'm not really a huge fan of pop music. But I don't hate it either. I'm not one of those weirdo punk rock guys that's gonna be like "OH Rhianna sucks, Lady Gaga Sucks, Katy Perry sucks, they're not real music, yadda yadda yadda". I actually really dig Lady Gaga, I love her persona and just all the wild shit she wears/has done/performs etc. She's fucking cool as hell, a total bad ass. And I feel you with the pop music being more feminine geared. Is it weird that I don't like pop music necessarily but I find also sexy? Like it sounds sexy, it makes me
  4. VerbalPuke

    The Punk Thread

    How about some classics?
  5. So my drum machine arrived yesterday, and I've got it sycned up to my Korg Minilogue and Behringer TD03. Oh my god is this fun. I'm barely even trying to come up with anything and everything synced up sounds so fucking cool. As for a random music thought... I love noise rock. It became such a huge favorite of mine in the last ten years or so, though I did have familiarity with it being a huge Unsane fan since I heard them in my teenage years. I look at it as the natural successor to punk, and I guess in a way it really was just punk since guy like David Yow, Steve Albini, Butt
  6. I loved Boldin for the one year he was in Detroit. Exactly as you said, after a hall of fame career he was a very steady 1st down and touch down machine for us, but fucking got out there and blocked like a champ. God, what a solid fucking WR corp Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, and Anquan Boldin were....for a year.
  7. I honestly didn't completely hate it. I know it's ten years ago... But I mean, it was kinda just some heavy rock with Lou Reed, didn't bother me too much. I love the Velvet Underground, and I love Lou Reed's solo album Transformer but maybe wouldn't count myself a huge Lou Reed fanboy (give me Iggy Pop or Bowie any day). I really don't Metallica, just not my cup of tea when it comes to metal. As far as big four of thrash goes I'll fuckin take Anthrax and Slayer (acknowledging the weird right wing shit associated with Slayer) any day. I do get the appeal of Metallica thou
  8. Yeah, my understanding is that if you shed his "TE" label he's still probably the best WR in the draft. I'm actually pretty intrigued but I'm pretty certain he wont be there at 7. His measureables compare very favorably to Calvin Johnsom actually, just not quite as fast. But on the other hand, also similar to Anquan Boldin but faster. No drops. That probably excites me more than anything.
  9. WAP actually did come to mind for me. I didn't mention it because I'd probably never listen to it (obviously not offended by Wet Ass P Word lol but just not my style of music) so I didn't think it could potentially come up for me. I guess that is short sighted on my part. When you mentioned mix company, are you kind of thinking like "If I had a party, this group of friends and family don't care, this group of family and friends do" as it pertains to "offensive" lyrics? Thats what I figured, which is actually a really interesting topic in and of itself because I can relate it to my exposure to
  10. It's funny, there are a lot of people in Detroit that are so anti-Kyle Pitts. I agree with them. But on the other hand...he could be a stud and I think I like him over Jaylen Waddle at 183 pounds, that small stature just scares me. I get why nobody wants him because lol top ten TE Detroit is the new lol top ten WR Detroit. But...he does look like a fucking stud. Weird draft for sure. I think if we can't trade down my number 1 hope is Penei Sewell falls to us at 7 (probably not). Also intrigued by Parsons because dude could be a total stud at LB and god damn could we use that. On the othe
  11. So, I don't think I can find anything to oppose this. Like, I mean yeah I could get ridiculous and say "WHAT ABOUT GG ALLIN WHAT ABOUT 2 LIVE CREW" but I think the spirit of this question is in line with "What's a an acceptable and atleast somewhat mainstream song that is instantly recognizable and accepted as the top of its genre....but can't play it around my aunt and uncle". Ya know, stuff that's obviously and blatantly offensive is just cheating. One song I can kind of think of is David Bowie's Cracked Actor, but even that is a stretch because when David Bowie pops up on a popular music pl
  12. Hello everybody, a new batch awaits. This song actually I've posted before, but this is a new recording of it, it's a lot cleaner sounding. I did the drums first then played everything around it and it is a much more coherent recording. Ok so this one....well I tried my hand at some electronic type stuff. I've got a Behringer TD-3 sequencer as the "master" and my Korg Minilogue as the "slave" (meaning I have two synth type things chained together, and the Behringer is controlling the rhythm, the Korg I used because there's a really nice sounding bass sound I created). So hones
  13. Kinda sucks for us, I'd love to see the Lions be able to trade down but I get the impression we may not be able to. I have a feeling that QBs will be in high demand this draft though. Like I wont be surprised if we get 5 in the top taken, we know for sure 3 will go, and I'd be surprised if Lance gets out of the top ten, and I also wouldn't be surprised if somebody moves up for Mac Jones. I'm also seeing people talk about Kellen Mond and....fuck I can't think of the other guy now. Either way, Monde and the other two are being talked about as 2nd rounders. The kid from Stanford, I forget h
  14. So my kids did end up wanting to finish WandaVision, and that was a lot of fun.
  15. Yea, I think the Jets got a good return all things considered. Probably best to cut their losses now when he's probably not the future, and I don't hate getting future picks. I also don't mind the deal for Carolina because I don't feel like they gave up too much to take a flyer on a young QB with something to prove. If he turns out even to be pretty solid they did alright.
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