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  1. Christ, they have taken Watson and still feel good about it. Have to wonder though, kind of a general wonder, how many good players just wash out because of shit coaching? And vice versa. I guess my thought is like would Mahomes excel in the Jets organization like he has with KC? By no means am I saying Mahomes isn't just insanely good and wouldn't have changed the Jets fortunes, but man i don't know if he looks like this. Kind of reminds me of Derek Carr saying his older bro was way better but just got fucking rattled on those early Texan teams.
  2. So my son seems to be digging WWE 2K18 (last one I bought), would WWE 2k20 be worth getting him for Christmas on the cheap? Does it play pretty similar to the 2K18? I think he'd be happy with it even it's just a new coat of paint.
  3. Didn't give up much so I'm ok, just need him to rotate with Flowers and Okwara, give us depth at the end spot which we can always use.
  4. Nice, not a bad idea to get some more pass rushers on board
  5. I mean, I hate coulda shoulda woulda game but we're a dropped pass from being 4-2.
  6. Same, if somehow it turns out they know what they're doing then I'll gladly be proven wrong.
  7. Right on, i had considered Sling but i really don't watch a lot of tv beyond Netflix and Disney + now (what i mean to say is my kids dominate the tv).
  8. How much is it and what do I need? I do have tv but we cut the cable, so I'm rolling with my ps4 and firestick (which gives us Netflix, Disney +, and my friends WWE Network subscription lol). My dad told me I could get an antenna which would probably give us basic channels which would get me the Lions.
  9. I have no cable or tv and i miss a really exciting Lions game. Part of me wants them to keep winning, but part of me knows deep down that Patricia and Quinn are incompetent and our wins are against shitty teams.
  10. So nothing new but the new basement studio is about ready. Might still be just a bit before I get something new recorded. In fun news I did buy my son a kid sized Ibanez Mikro. Could use new strings but its a lot of fun to play, quite a nice little starter for a little dude.
  11. They fucking rule. I'm partial to the early days myself, the first two albums are sweet, but RPS really nails the necessity of their evolution into fun pop. Really really good live, saw them probably ten years ago and they sounded great. Plenty of energy, and played enough variety to satisfy fans of the punkier vibe and the poppier stuff.
  12. Mercy Seat is a masterpiece. Skummy got me into that song, he posted this really great performance of it from some show called Night Music? I forgot the name but its Nick Cave with Mick Harvey and some other dudes. I remember us talking about the B-52s. Probably this thread? This is a good summation.
  13. Oddly enough its probably the really bad ones I remember most fondly. The 5th one is probably the first one I remember seeing and enjoying. I bet watching it now I'd say why it was bad. I think also I didn't understand it at all, the one guy just sorta loses it and chops up the dude with an axe. Just a weird aside in a movie that already features a brutal killer. And also I remember liking Jason Goes to Manhattan, not sure if it would hold up the same to me, but it seems utterly ridiculous. And of course Jason Goes to Hell. I saw that not long afted it hit movie rental stores and ev
  14. I bought this last year around this time, still haven't watched it yet because I'm terrible about watching movies. Would like to get the Friday the 13th Equivalent soon.
  15. Kinda weird seeing Syd Barrett pop up in 1988, but neat none the less. NWA is great, definitely had to be on this list. Also forgot to mention Erik B and Rakim. Probably among my favorite hip hop artists, they have a great catalog. Fugazi...weird band for me. They're good but I guess I never got into the way others do. Some think they're one of the greatest things ever but I'll take Minor Threat any day over them. If you do check them out, I'd really recommend just starting Zen Arcade from start to finish, probably the best thing they did. It's a good bridge between the
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