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  1. So following the X-Box game pass theme we also got that Playstation Now thingy. Pretty neat I guess, some fun older games I missed on PS3 here.
  2. Thank you :). I am working on lyrics, kinda got an idea so that will happen, I promise (just might be a few weeks)
  3. Burn Notice is a fun little show, not something I feel like I need to be too deeply involved in, but the shows is fun background noise. God that's fucking terrible to be all "Yeah this show rules as something I can watch kind of while I surf my phone". But I do like it. Bruce Campbell of course fucking rules here.
  4. So I'm sort in a similar boat, but nobody is at risk of getting fired for not vaccinating. I work 30 minutes north of where I live and the further north you go in Michigan the more conservative it gets. So this plant is mandating everbody where's a mask if they're not vaccinated and if you are you prove it and get a card showing you vaccinated (like a business card or something. We all have lanyards with id cards so it's not a big deal really). Anyway, we're in an experimental phase right now trying to eliminate masks for vaccinated people if they can somehow determine through audits (that nob
  5. Yes, same dude. This is his main thing now, Unsane is split up now. Also features members of Cop Shoot Cop and Swans. Should be awesome. Child Bite I found out has a dude that was in a local band from my old high school, my buddy is kind of friendly with them.
  6. I bought tickets to see Human Impact at the Lager House in Detroit in December. Really Really excited for this, been following them since they made their arrival last year and love their output. It'll be good seeing Chris Spencer live again, plus Child Bite is one of the openers, and they're a cool ass local band that have a good following. The next night we're seeing William Elliot Whitmore and taking the kids, it will be their first gig ever (more than likely, unless we see something sooner).
  7. I fucking hope so. Also, I do feel bad for Cam Akers, I really do. On the other hand....that could help our chances of getting another high draft pick if Stafford has no running game (yet again. Poor fucking guy).
  8. So I finally am starting to break out of my shell and sing, write lyrics. I should have fucking done this from the beginning....because my god am I a shitty singer. Of course I also learned that the room, mic placement, and pretty much my whole vocal process was a poo. That said I rolled with this after a number of different takes...I think I posted this song already but here it is with vocals. Hopefully I can improve my recording process, and generally how I sing. I don't know how to sing, I'm still finding my right voice? I don't feel natural singing in higher notes unless bellowing them ou
  9. New video, old song. Used some synth on this one.
  10. HI FRIENDS. I'm pleased to show you all a little highlight video I made with my RDR 2 footage. Anytime something funny happens I hit that little "Record Last 15 minutes" button on my PS4. That has given me some pretty sweet and funny footage of RD2, this little video doesn't even scratch the surface of the weird shit I have. BUT these are some of my very favorite moments ranging from silly falls, me being a dick, and just absurd shit in general. I'll probably make more, and eventually want to put together footage for a sorta cowboy music video thing...
  11. Good job Hock. Turning out that Quinn probably did get this one right. I think he's going to have a huge year, especially with us having a fairly weak WR group.
  12. Works for me, I have no shame in admitting I pretty much always play on casual/easy/amateur/rookie etc.
  13. So with these on X-Box Game Pass I was thinking of giving these a go. I played the first one and initially loved it. But I got stuck twice at this one part where a blue alien lady uses magic and you die instantly. I also forgot to save so lost a bunch of progress in the process. So i gave up. If this sounds familiar I think its when you go to a Planet and get the people water and incapacitate some people that are like possessed? Uts the first time I remember driving a big old truck thing. But at some point you go to confront the alien lady. But maybe I could try 2 or 3? How are those
  14. Shit, that would only leave Detroit and Minnesota then. Kinda surprised its not somewhere warmer actually.
  15. Oh they royally fucked up taking Stanley Johnson over Devin Booker and then Luke Kennard over Donovan Mitchell. Could have two studs and missed. BUT that was Stan Van Gundy and his god awful drafting, Weaver I think did a nice job in last years draft even if you could argue maybe at the time Tyrese Haliburton was a better pick over Killian Hayes (but kudos on (Isiah Stewart and Saddiq Bey).
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