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  1. @RPS and others with little kids, any of you played Unravel? My son is playing it and it looks really cool. Music is good so far and the graphics are cute in a sort of Little Big Planet sorta way.
  2. I just....don't watch anymore. It just gets so old after awhile, even with new coaches and such.
  3. Yesterday was wild. Watched most of Texas and Oklahoma, heck of a game. I missed Michigan but looks like they snuck out with a win.
  4. I'll be curious because I was sorta hoping the Lions would take him.
  5. That sucks. I like Wilson and Seattle.
  6. Seriously, it was a ton of fun cruising to that and the other Scarface songs, amazing. I actually never did beat GTA III or San Andreas (with CJ). I never owned San Andreas and rented it a few times, and GTA III I gave up on the mission where you "Get to the phone here, get to the phone here". Proud to report I did beat Vice City though...with cheats.
  7. Yea, if they add mission check points and better shooting mechanics that would peak my interest. Thats actually what I had in mind now that you mention it.
  8. If they play more like GTA 5 then yea, sounds good. Otherwise I'm not interested in rehashing the old GTA games, much as I loved them when they came out not sure I want to go back to that gameplay after what we got in 5.
  9. This photo made me end up at the IMDB page for the actual quote where I learned: Patsy Swayze, Patrick Swayze's mother, taught John Travolta how to do the two-step for the movie
  10. Umm....good question. So off the top of my head probably my favorite album and song is from Human Impact, the song E605 from the self titled debut. Idles have some good releases, Joy As An Act of Resistance is a great album with a lot of top notch songs. Bob Vylan have had a bunch of good releases, probably best known is We Live Here. Here's an obvious one, atleast RPS should appreciate this due to his thread but...Kendrick Lamar to Pimp a Butterfly. I listened in that thread you created and it blew me away. It's still on my Spotify repeat list (well, King Kunta and Bla
  11. Some new shit, because I never stop, can't stop, hustle culture baby yeah whoo. But for real, this song here is probably one of my best to date, which I say often but this time it is true. It's still not quite the finished product, needs vocals (of course) and I may want to edit the beginning and end a bit. Otherwise, this one sounds good, and I think is a fun one that makes me want to boogie. Also I put a picture on it. We'll see if that makes me famous. And of course I can't just do the same thing so I used my drum machine instead of playing drums on this one. I went with so
  12. Goff aint it. I really hoped we could roll with him but he's just really mediocre. You need a great team to win with him. He's otherwise very uninspiring. I knew it would be a rebuild but still...win a game?
  13. Yea, I don't mind taking a flyer on a kicker in say the 6th or 7th, especially if you have an extra.
  14. The rich get richer. I know Sherman is older but he seems to be the type that will still have value as he gets older because he's just such a smart dude. One of my favorite non-Detroit players ever.
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