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  1. That's got to be some sort of cover for money laundering.
  2. Mond has a good week of practice and performance at the Senior Bowl. He's big and athletic but needs to work on his accuracy. Could be the next Trubisky, could be Josh Allen. He's not a 1st round prospect but I could see the Bears taking him in the 2nd and letting him sit behind Dalton for most of the year.
  3. That blows. I was really enjoying it too.
  4. I was really enjoying Graveyard Keeper but I seem to have hit a game breaking bug which got fixed on the PC a year ago yet still isn't patched out on the Switch version.
  5. I've got Gnosia. About 120 loops in and still unlocking bits of story. Some loops won't see anything happen outside of the typical trials and those can become very generic. There's also a bit of an RPG element where you get XP at the end of a loop depending on how well you did. Then you can spend it on stats like charisma or logic that helps in various ways during the trials. I don't think it's as good as Danganronpa but it's certainly worth playing if it sounds like your sort of game.
  6. If I had to guess, the two starters were probably Allen Robinson and Kyle Fuller.
  7. Patriots strike again. TE Hunter Henry has signed in New England. 3 years, $37.5 million, $25 million guaranteed. Per Adam Schefter. Looks like they're bringing back the 2-TE set with Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry.
  8. They drafted AJ Dillon in the 2nd round last year. He looked good in the limited action he was given.
  9. A fair assessment. I'd also say that the story begins as a mystery and you have everything pretty much figured out about 75% of the way in. Kind of lacked a twist or big final moment that it needed to make it truly memorable.
  10. Gabriel Davis made a couple of big catches too.
  11. 13 Sentinels update: The story is a mind-bender but it's starting to come together now. I'm not sure where the story's heading or which characters are on the side of good or bad...or if any of them are good or bad at all. The story jumps around in time (and maybe dimensions) a lot and slowly drip feeds you important information. It reminds me a lot of Zero Time Dilemma in that regard. I can take or leave the city defense aspect of the game but the story is intriguing enough to be worth the purchase.
  12. I've put a couple of hours into 13 Sentinels. There's not a whole lot of gameplay but the story is very interesting so far. If you like games like Persona, Danganronpa, Zero Escape and Sakura Wars, then I think you'll like 13 Sentinels. @Rukaru Shida
  13. Hoping this gets to Christmas #1 this year...
  14. I probably won't get much of a chance to play it on Christmas Day as I'm doing all the cooking but I'll play it on Boxing Day and give it a bit of a review. I probably won't get much of a chance to play it on Christmas Day as I'm doing all the cooking but I'll play it on Boxing Day and give it a bit of a review.
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