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  1. That trade should be made null and void.
  2. Welcome to the WR corps of Brown, Brown and Brown.
  3. I was certain he was going to make it based on his name alone.
  4. The Mack trade has been fully paid for but the Bears have traded away their 4th and 7th in separate deals. So they have their own 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th round picks plus I think it's expected they'll get a compensatory pick or two in the latter rounds.
  5. My plan to score almost 30 points less than the next worst team, thus lulling you all into a false sense of security, has worked perfectly. 😢 On the plus side, Miles Sanders should be back next week and Jonathan Taylor is free to beast without Marlon Mack butting in.
  6. I'm in two redraft leagues and four dynasty leagues so this is me every week.
  7. Now to wait and see where Leonard Fournette lands. 😢
  8. Brandon McManus, K, Denver Broncos That should conclude the draft @HC
  9. I've already taken Damien Harris @JMarushin
  10. Damien Harris, RB, Patriots Jalen Reagor, WR, Eagles @DYSI
  11. Chicago Bears DEF Jared Goff, QB, LA Rams @DYSI
  12. Are you sure? I see Dalvin Cook and Jared Cook taken but not Brandin Cooks.
  13. Mike Williams, WR, LA Chargers Brandin Cooks, WR, Houston Texans @DYSI
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