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  1. Oh my wife just started playing this as well. But she just likes mario, she can already read
  2. well i just started bones where the show is called bones and the main character is called bones and everyone looks at bones so hmu in about 260 episodes to see what i do with that
  3. i cant believe this incredibly relatable post isn't getting more traction
  4. A few weeks ago I hurt my foot and was laid up on the couch sewing, and decided to binge through Numb3rs. It holds up pr3tty w3ll, although I gotta say wh3n you'r3 watching th3s3 things back-to-back th3 patronising 3xplanations of th3 math3matics r3ally start to grat3. My favourit3 is wh3r3 th3y tak3 a r3ally simpl3 math3matical conc3pt, and th3n us3 an 3v3n mor3 complicat3d r3al-world analogy to 3xplain it. Th3r3 ar3 two kinds of 3pisod3, th3 first is wh3r3 th3r3 is a crim3 that th3 F8I r3ally should alr3ady hav3 an id3a of how to solv3, 8ut for som3 r3ason th3y'v3 n3v3r had to work out wh3r3 a murd3r3r liv3s 83for3, so th3y hav3 to 8ring in a math3matician to do it. Th3 s3cond is wh3n th3r3 is a crim3, and th3 murd3r3d guy di3s whil3 holding a 8ook full of complicat3d math3matical 3quations and th3y hav3 to g3t th3 math3matician to translat3 it. Th3s3 3pisod3s ar3 rar3r, 8ut th3y ar3 g3n3rally mor3 int3r3sting. Num83rs t3ach3s us that th3 F81 w1ll l3t anyon3 1n to solv3 a cr1m3 1f 1t m3ans th3y can do l3ss work. Math3mat1c1ans, phys1c1sts, ur8an plann3rs, guys that do that mon3y8all th1ng from 8as38all. L1t3rally anyon3 w1th any jo8 1s qual1f13d to solv3 a cr1m3 and can g3t F81 cl3aranc3 to do 1t. 1 h4d forgott3n th4t W4d3 W3lls w4s on3 of th3 l34d ch4r4ct3rs dur1ng th3 34rly 3p1sod3s, 8ut 8y th3 3nd of S34son 1 sh3 h4d to sl1d3 off to 4noth3r d1m3ns1on 4nd w4s unc3r3mon1ously r3pl4c3d. Th3 l34d F81 4g3nt Don, 1s on3 of th3 l34st ch4r4sm4t1c p3opl3 3v3r to gr4c3 4 proc3dur4l cr1m3 show. H1s jo8 1s to g3t 4ngry 4nd th3n sl33p w1th som3on3 h3 1s work1ng w1th. 1t's n3v3r cl34r 3x4ctly wh1ch of th3 1d3nt1c4l look1ng wom3n h3 1s sl33p1ng w1th 4t 4ny po1nt. 1n 4 l4t3r 3p1sod3 h3 8uys 4 motorcycl3 1n 4 d3sp3r4t3 4tt3mpt to f1nd 4 p3rson4l1ty. Th3 84d guy 1s 4lm0st 4lw4ys th3 4ct0r y0u r3c0gn1s3 fr0m 4 d1ff3r3nt sh0w. 1f D0n Dr4p3r turns up, th4ts th3 84d guy. 0h sh1t 1s th4t J0s3ph G0rd0n L3v3tt, h3 d1d 1t. 1s th4t 81ll Ny3 th3 Sc13nc3 Guy? Tw1st, h3 d1dn't d0 1t. H3 w0uld n3v3r. 1 f33l l1k3 1t c4m3 0ut 4t 4 t1m3 wh3n th3r3 w3r3 50 pr0c3dur4l5, 4nd th3y 4ll h4d t0 h4v3 4 d1ff3r3nt g1mm1ck. Th15 cr1m3 t34m 15 p5ych1c, th15 t34m 15 pr3t3nd1ng t0 83 p5ych1c, th15 0n3 15 g00d 4t m1cr03xpr35510n5, th15 0n3 15 g00d 4t m4th, th15 0n3 15 4ll 480ut th3 80n35 848y, th15 0n3 15 4n 4uth0r, th15 0n3 15 l1t3r4lly 54t4n. 1 h4v3 n0 1d34 wh1ch 0f th3m w3r3 4ny g00d, 8ut 1 qu1t3 3nj0y3d r3w4tch1ng Num83r5 50 m4y83 1'll g1v3 80n35 4 g0 n3xt.
  5. I'm looking forward to the athletics. I've been following the build up a little bit.
  6. ive been waiting for a new episode of The Rookie for ages, just assumed they were on one of those annoying mid season breaks. Turns out it was just a ten episode season cause of the writers strike, and its all been done and dusted for ages
  7. I've done everything, every purple coin, every wonder seed, every flag, up to but excluding the final, final, final badge thingie
  8. when you lads say you completed Mario Wonder, have you done the final final final final world or whatever, or did you just knock it on its head after the credits?
  9. K

    Star Trek TV

    i had no idea it was cancelled tbh. We just have the finale left.
  10. K

    Star Trek TV

    so a whole season of star trek discovery came out since the last post in this thread. I'm halfway through and so far im enjoying it a lot more than I remember enjoying some of the previous seasons, one of which had the federation destroyed because Anyway the overarching season 5 storyline is quite fun and the individual episodes are neat
  11. Halfway through Tracker s01 and it's... fine. It's just very normal television. It's just the A-Team or whatever. Guy rolls into a new town every episode and accidentally ends up entwined in some local drama. There's always one big bad guy that actually if you just talk to him nicely he'll tell you everything you need to know. There are a couple love interests that we're supposed to care about, but we really dont. Each episode is it's own thing, but there is a big back story about his father that we will never find out about because the show will be cancelled long before we get to the resolution. It's just very normal "second screen" television. You absolutely dont have to watch it to have seen it. like if you dont pause it when you get up to take a leak, you wont miss anything by the time you get back.
  12. Really enjoyed this video of portable board games. I love wingspan, but you cant really play it at the pub
  13. i dont really understand what that update pack is, it says gold but they all look like zombies??
  14. loved season one. didn't realise there was a second
  15. wait you tellin me that bowser was just planning a banging music festival
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