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  1. According to netflix, I made it to Season 2, episode 12 of Schitts Creek, and I still didn't really enjoy it. That's like 25 episodes of not really being into it, which is quite a lot of time. Maybe I'll shove it on while I'm working when I finish what I'm currently watching. (Due South)
  2. season 2 of staged was even more meta than the first. Really wild. Definitely worth a watch.
  3. K


    pokemon snap on 64 was actually wicked
  4. K


    there was 100% something written on the back of the task Edit: apparently they reveal the answer to this on the podcast if you listen to that. I haven't gotten around to it. spoiler below
  5. I think anything that came out after the previous vote will be fine next year
  6. yeah man, came out at the end of 2000, so it would have been WWF vs WCW jesus, what a bonkers way to start 2021
  7. was genuinely not expecting to get this much mileage out of a stupid thread. The Rock is in Gridiron Gang, which is youth prison football, and pretty good. Stone Cold is in the remake of the Longest Yard, which is adult prison football The british version, mean machine is really good.
  8. i watched that one as well, that one is interesting because he's not making the athletes good, he's making the team good with what the athletes have to offer. it's different from like Little Giants where he teaches bad sports people to be good sports people
  9. When I was a kid I liked Little Giants. Watched it the other day, still holds up.
  10. anyone playing Ghostrunner? It's a first person cyberpunk parkour game, where you play a cybernetically enhanced ninja with a robot hand. it's wild, and very hard. I just died 103 times on level one, but i suck at video games and that was my first time. This demo doesn't really do justice to the stress you feel people the soundtrack really ramps on the tension and it's not present here.
  11. K


    It's all on YouTube, apart from the most recent one. If you get you end and the last one hasn't appeared lmk and I'll track it down. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOXNpaoKcPq-MSlieh8LG8PYLWmFltKO3
  12. K


    Ugh is fresh meat good? Just put it on to get to know the Taskmaster contestant, and it's got Jack Whitehall in it, who I hate
  13. K


    Weirdly, the day before the announcement, I recommended Mike Wozniaks podcast in the podcast thread. It's very good. [/quote]
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