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  1. K


    it's definitely worth watching both seasons of NZ. Season 2 was probably better, one of the best seasons anywhere in the Taskmaster Universe, but season one is also fantastic.
  2. K


    yeah the show is much funnier when people are genuinely trying, and if there was a reason not to do that, then you risk losing that. my least favourite series was series six, where it was clear like three of the contestants just didn't really care i was watching an old WCW thing the other week, with Giant Haystacks, and i forgot that Kevin Sullivan was known as the Taskmaster
  3. K

    Triad Combat.

    lmao yeah same. put them in spoiler tags for me
  4. K

    Triad Combat.

    im in the penultimate fight and it's becoming clear that no-one seems to know the rules.
  5. K

    Triad Combat.

    lmao one of the interviewers just said "When are Metallica coming back on? I wanna hear 'Enter The Sandman'"
  6. Did anyone watch Triad Combat over the weekend? MMA fighters Vs Boxers in a 'hybrid' fighting style. Mostly boxing rules, but in an open clinch you can strike your opponent. The other gimmick is that the ring is a triangle, which they say gives combatants fewer places to hide. I'm only a couple fights in so prolly won't engage with the thread until i'm done. Also for some reason Metallica and Fat Joe are involved. Don't mind it for a gimmick, but i dunno if it's sustainable.
  7. i've also just discovered AP Bio, which is Dennis from Always Sunny doing a Bad Teacher / Community kinda thing
  8. burned through both seasons of mythic quest in two days. really enjoyed it.
  9. have you seen the stage musical?
  10. K


    I'm back at the Swedish taskmaster house today
  11. I haven't finished it yet, but it's alright. Weirdly i think Mitchell is my least favourite part. He doesn't really do anything? Could do with a more authoritarian host, or perhaps someone who is actually outdoorsy. Having someone who hates the outdoors judging people who are shit at the outdoors just doesn't really work the show is alright though
  12. is The Morning Show season 2 worth it in the end? i had season 1 on in the background and it was just fine.
  13. K


    i actually really like that sweden put its own spin on it. i can tell you from spending some time in sweden that changing it from a sort of class-based master-servant relationship to a office-based, bureaucratic system with unnecessary paperwork and rubber stamps is a very funny take on swedish society, and the kind of thing swedes will love. I really need to finish watching it actually. I was originally watching it as it came out, and the subs were autogenerated nonsense, but i think someone has kindly gone through and done a proper translation now. the swedish taskmaster house is a
  14. K


    Seven, nine and eleven are the best ones from that period
  15. K


    not sure how i feel about these
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