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  1. Greg Davies new sitcom came out on iPlayer the other day. The Cleaner. Six episodes, half hour each. Really enjoyed it. Very different from Man Down and Cuckoo. They're character pieces really, each episode is just Greg Davies playing a crime scene cleaner, and talking to one person about what has happened. It's getting mixed reviews, but I liked it.
  2. K


    just finished taskmaster new zealand season 2, absolutely one of the best seasons of taskmaster from any country. Top notch. Probably up there with Season 7 of UK taskmaster for me. Loved it. If you haven't watched it yet and want to, head over to the reddit r/panelshow and get it. it's amazing.
  3. K

    My New Short Film

    I pledged to this a few days ago. Jimmy is super talented, and one of the things i love about his work is that he uses his position and privilege to tell important stories, and give a leg up to other people, and i'd love to see him able to do more of that. I'm always really happy to help him, and i can't wait to see him at the oscars or some shit and tell everyone that i was in a music video he directed in the shithole local pub everyone used to drink in near me because it stayed open the latest.
  4. it's incredible. So raw and personal, but so funny. It got cancelled after one season, but thankfully netflix bought it to do a second one
  5. K

    Star Trek TV

    same. absolutely loved one and two, but season three just felt like hard work. i didn't come out of an episode feeling good, and in the middle of the pandemic i needed to feel good. Like TV can be about challenging subjects, I just watched the BBC drama Time, set in a prison for example, and it can be enjoyable, but discovery season three i just wasn't looking forward to each week. I think I will try and binge it before season 4 comes out and see if it works better in one haul like that. Also for UK viewers, Channel 4 I think is having a Star Trek thing at the moment, and all the movies s
  6. K

    Star Trek TV

    I still haven't finished discovery season three
  7. K


    He has a really new podcast with two other comedians called Three Bean Salad, which is probably one of the funniest things i've ever listened to. i really recommend it.
  8. Yeah man I was straight on that, it slaps. Filling a My Brother My Brother and Me/wikishuffle sized hole for me. Three people with great chemistry just having a chat. Love it
  9. Rose Matefeo's six-part BBC drama Starstruck is really good. It's on Iplayer
  10. K


    there's still infinite people i want on the show. They have barely even scratched the surface of the original edinburgh lineup: Dan Atkinson, Tom Basden, Jarred Christmas, James Dowdeswell, Rick Edwards, Tim Fitzhigham, Stuart Goldsmith, Steve Hall, Tim Key, Lloyd Langford, Josie Long, Guy Morgan, Al Pitcher, Mark Olver, Mark Watson, Henning Wehn, Joe Wilkinson, Lloyd Woolf, Mike Wozniak, and Tom Wrigglesworth. Only four of those have appeared. I'd love to have Josie Long, Rick Edwards, Al Pitcher, Henning Wehn and Jarred Christmas on.
  11. According to netflix, I made it to Season 2, episode 12 of Schitts Creek, and I still didn't really enjoy it. That's like 25 episodes of not really being into it, which is quite a lot of time. Maybe I'll shove it on while I'm working when I finish what I'm currently watching. (Due South)
  12. season 2 of staged was even more meta than the first. Really wild. Definitely worth a watch.
  13. pokemon snap on 64 was actually wicked
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