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  1. there was a guy on another forum i go to who was really good at teaching people how to get into sumo. Here's the whole entry post if anyone wants to try: Live (in the middle of the god damn night) from the kokugikan in Tokyo, welcome to the May basho! (5/10-5/24) (note: The May tournament has been cancelled. The next tournament (maybe) is scheduled for late July) Are you desperate to watch enormously fat men slam into each other at full speed while wearing nothing more than a simple loincloth? Well, then you have come to the right place! The need-to-know: Sumo 101 Watch
  2. never seen this outtake before love it
  3. you're right. the worst season of taskmaster is miles ahead of most other shows. Season six is the weakest for me, I think they leaned too hard into personalities that were bad/didn't care. Alice Levine / Lisa Tarbuck / Asim Chowdrey all did a bit of the not trying hard shtick, and it wore a little thin. That said, Lisa and the Cake was one of the best taskmaster moments ever. I really liked Iain Stirling because it's funny to me when they take it really seriously and get angry (See also James Acaster and Ed Gamble) I think Alice Levine was my least favourite contestant.
  4. this episode of buzzcocks features Rhod Gilbert, Kerry Godliman and James Acaster:
  5. Netflix has all four seasons of Jessica Knappet's sitcom 'Drifters' up. It also features Bob Mortimer occasionally. I like it.
  6. Seven and five are my favourites, but nine is pretty close so don't worry, it's not all downhill!
  7. i binge watched all of taskmaster last week
  8. star trek fans who think star trek is too political now
  9. the fix, on netflix, is an american attempt at a panel show, and it just doesn't work. I couldn't work out why, and someone said it was because most british ones let people at home play along. HIGNFY is topical questions about the news, hypothetical gives room for you to think about what you would do, Cats countdown is obvious... but the Fix is just comedians doing their thing, with nothing for the audience to do. Even Mock the Week has questions the viewers can play along with.
  10. just that one task. Alex Horne tweeted to find out if anyone could get to the taskmaster house the next day, or whatever, and i wasn't working so i went. It was really fun. Alex Horne is genuinely really nice.
  11. been playing a lot of seafarers of catan lately.
  12. new series of Good Girls is up
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