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  1. The Challenge is back and I'm really excited!

  2. Borat 2 is a giant WTF moment. Watch it, you will not be note. That rally song that got leaked few months ago, didn't expect it in the film, but men it's a surprise. Also, had no idea I was tucking my shirt the wrong way my entire life. Plus, there are some extras you guys should watch. The Judy story and Tutar being in the White House press conference just few weeks ago.
  3. Got the game yesterday, but finally played it this morning. I can say it's stilll fun playing solo. Even tho I suck at it and can't stop falling down.
  4. I'm gonna miss The Challenge so much. Can't wait for the next season.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tkasto


      I really liked it at first, but I thought it would create more drama. More people fighting one another to go into elimination. Also, I think they should stop it half way through and just sent half the people home.

    3. Mx. Canadian Destroyer

      Mx. Canadian Destroyer

      Agreed. I thought I would love it but the stakes were totally gone by the end. 

    4. Tkasto


      Not knowing when your time is gonna run out, was probably nerve wrecking, but still should have ended sooner (even if some of my favourites got their skulls at the end).

  5. Happy birthday buddy!

    1. SeanDMan


      Ah, I missed this. Day!

    2. Tkasto


      Thank you!

  6. So much new stuff in The Dome, I thought it's Thunderdome season already.

    1. Bad News Jericode

      Bad News Jericode

      It is in three weeks!

  7. Thank you! Those looks amazing!
  8. Looking for a logo for a promotion called: Broken Wrestling Federation. Logo should say: BWF. Also looking for a TV Banner: Thursday Night Broken Wrestling (and it should feature Broken Matt Hardy, Dexter Lumis, Alexa Bliss and Paige. Sizes/fonts/etc. is up to you. Thank you in advance.
  9. Community is not available. 

  10. Decided to start cleaning my Activity Log on Facebook. Damn, was I cringy idiot less than a decade ago.

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