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  1. The city is what im looking forward to seeing the most, I think that is because of the job Team Bondi did with the city in LA Noire.
  2. Mj3


    My mate lives next door to former France defence coach Dave Ellis, apparently he wanted to be part of the England set up but instead worked with Tonga in the recent Autumn Tests. So ill be going to him for inside information on RU related stuff... prepare for some dodgy bets (Y)
  3. This is the lad from Leeds isnt it?
  4. Really enjoyed this game, but if I played it for 30 minutes or so, I got motion sickness for 3 hours
  5. Woah. That is seriously fantastic. Thanks! Happy to help (Y)
  6. I thought id have a go, heres what I came up with. Hope this is what you're after. EDIT : Paint toned down a bit
  7. Mj3


    Well Featherstones match was called off for frozen pitch over in Oldham ... so will have to make do with a weeknight treck across the Pennines and rejoice in Cas Tiggers n Shakey Mildcats losing.
  8. Mj3


    If i remember correctly, Man United players have a RL group going on. Ferdinand got introduced to the Rhinos while at Leeds and got a few of them at Man United into the sport too. Keane is/was a Wigan fan and Giggs has always been into RL.
  9. Mj3


    New look England scrapping wins... don't think they'll win 6N though.
  10. They're one of the reasons I cant be arsed watching England (much rather watch any of the other Home Nations if im being honest, a lot more pride and it shows) The media big the 11th best team in the World up to make them look like champions, when they're lacking in most departments. They'll look for any scandal to sell papers, if there isn't one, make it up. The expectation that it'll be 'our year' based on fuck all annoys the hell out of me, and thats coming from the fans who watch every 2 years. The constant scapegoating when things go tits up. Boring football. Bernstein.
  11. I like how Alan Sugar has waded into the debate... he's spot on though, If I can find a link ill edit this post later and add it but for now; Basically - Nobody wants England job - Always a story to blame -- Wags -- Gambling -- Did it cross the line -- Key player banned for first 3 matches. Just give the job to Pearce, let him build up as he builds the team up... what he said was 18 years ago, he and Ince will have probably chatted about that and made up, not saying its right, but c'mon.
  12. Mj3


    That was on Salford's real, but snowed over and frozen pitch. Makes Mathers grazes from the Widnes pitch look like little scratches.
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