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  1. some animals only come out during certain times of day, so just camp until you find the right time.
  2. Awesome, awesome, just plain awesome! Just the random stuff you encounter riding around is worth it. I came to a camp, guy called me over, when I went over he started shooting at me so I killed him. After he was dead a woman started calling for me to help her, she was tied up by his tent and all over the ground were body parts and bones, and more in the pot over the fireplace cooking. Cannibals ftw, heh
  3. My XBox bricked, yay, 2nd one down for me, luckily still covered by the 3 year RRoD warranty
  4. Hilarious EXACT same thing happened to me the first time. Are we playing the same save or something? Apparently there's a trick to it
  5. Ok, do they like crank up the difficulty for the WrestleMania match or what, playing Edge RtWM
  6. Much appreciated, guess I did pick the wrong one to do, heh
  7. anyone know how to unlock any of the locked wrestlers? figured doing a Road to WrestleMania would get at least one but I just finished HBKs up and didn't get anyone.
  8. ok they made this guy Eddie Chambers ridiculous, 10 rounds and the guy never gets stunned, I knew I was gonna lose on points so they last couple rounds I just went nuts with signature punches, and would nail him like 5-6 times in a row with them and he would just keep on coming.
  9. Just had my first fight, used Tyson against Foreman, 10 Round fight ended in a draw 94/94 all three judges, if not for getting knocked down in the last round I probably woulda squeaked out with the win
  10. "They mostly come out at night...mostly..." - Carrie Henn - Aliens "You're gonna need a bigger boat." - Roy Scheider - Jaws “We all go a little mad sometimes” - Anthony Perkins - Psycho “What we have here is a failure to communicate” - Strother Martin - Cool Hand Luke “I love the smell of napalm in the morning, it smells like...victory” - Robert Duvall - Apocalypse Now
  11. and there's always Ghostbusters in a few weeks to help pass the time
  12. lame, my caf just got forced to retire, ended with a record of 30-6, retired as champ on a 12 fight winning streak but didnt get into HOF, mega lame
  13. Awwwww Yeah~! 30 seconds into the 2nd round I lay in a nice combo of punches and Lesnar kisses the floor, new champ, woot!
  14. ah revenge is sweet, just had a rematch with Antonio Nogueira, first time we fought he was way out of my league and took me down and tapped me easily, this time, just over a minute into the first round I rocked him, knocked him to the mat and proceeded to pound him til the ref stepped in
  15. took my title shot way to soon and got owned massivley by Lesnar, heh
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