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  1. My XBox bricked, yay, 2nd one down for me, luckily still covered by the 3 year RRoD warranty
  2. well dont mean solo pve, more along the lines of lengthy raid boss fights, but I'll find that out tomorry when I make my first trip into Ulduar
  3. mainly curious to see how my ret pally does mana wise now that spiritual attunement is no more for him. Other than that only major change was the 1k gold from my pocket from buying his duel spec, heh as for hunters, surv's been the top dog for pve since the patch when they nerfed bm, it's still the top dog, just not by as wide a margin as before.
  4. woke up, went outside and there was my copy waitinhg for me at the door, release day delivery ftw, installing now
  5. man i love this game, just being an evil bastard my first playthrough, in megaton just slaughtering everyone, wouldn't let me kill Maggie though, blah, heh
  6. if you turn all the action bars on there's like 60 slots
  7. indeed, so what, now all healers/casters are gonna be fighting over the same loot?
  8. you got in beta? lucky bastid
  9. went a lil old school and started me a new game of FF2
  10. $800 for a lvl 50? g'damn, wonder how much I could pull in for my acc with 2 70's, a 63 and a 61, heh
  11. got the sudden urge to play a FF game, trying to decide between VII or VIII....
  12. Working on getting my second char to 70, 4 levels to go...
  13. reg Iron Bars? 10-20g? Sure it wasn't Fel Iron? 'cause if not than that's bloody insane.
  14. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/301531
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