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  1. I am not sure this is helpful for @Gazz's recovery.
  2. I did say most. 😂 Anyone trying to put a team or fans down just because they are from a smaller country or league is a melt, those teams are as well loved by their fanbase as yours.
  3. Anyone who says that about most leagues are utter melts.
  4. https://www.football365.com/news/carragher-laments-fans-scoring-points-in-defence-of-man-utd-protestors Carragher on the money there. It's not about who is doing the protesting it's for the greater good despite any section bound to have idiots that take things too far. If the fixture was reversed I would hope Liverpool fans would have done the same, or if it was at Arsenal etc. Time to stand together rather than divide and get rid of the shit owners. I almost wish my team had been involved with the Super League so I could protest and go to a game since I refused to give the Venky's a
  5. Not sure, maybe @He Got A bicycle would like to weigh in?
  6. Not quite as much as @Bad News Jericode
  7. https://www.football365.com/news/woodward-john-henry-unearthly-whatsapp-messages Pair of cunts, and the two clubs who really want to breakaway in this country. Awful.
  8. @Subject Delta chose your A Way Out partner.
  9. Aye, play last season's player of the year left back in centre midfield with Keith "collected 12 crisp packets and won a golden ticket" Andrews. Fucking grim.
  10. Props to Mr Perez, he said that the 16-20 year old demographics don't have much attention span for football anymore, so he created a league which barely lasted 4 days.
  11. Certainly was! Not done anything together in years. Gears 2 I was good at even if it was mostly just shotgun city battles. With the better balancing of weapons in Gears 3 I like to think I actually got even better in it. I think we were the best team on that, which is mental considering it's us. >_> You were also very good at deathmatches on GTA which made me jealous when we first played together. You mean jump out away from anything that resembled civilization and run away from everything? Yeah, it was a good solid tactic! I was decent at this too a
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