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  1. Fair play, skittling India out for 78 and ending the first day 120-0 is a hell of a response from England.
  2. The Thunderbolts win their group!! But they pissed the qualifying last year too and then finished lower midtable so pinch of salt and all that
  3. Root takes his first 5-fer! India 145 all out (lead of 33). Then England lose 2 wickets in the first 3 balls of their 2nd inning! This match is mad. Genuinely feel like setting India a target of 100-120 would make England slight favourites
  4. Joe Root is a bit good at this cricket stuff isn't he? Sibley has had a good day so far as well but Root is having a great 2021 so far. Still, my less optimistic side says a couple of quick wickets and India will end the day on top.
  5. 2021 Winter Marble League is off and running!
  6. Sheffield Wednesday sack Pulis after 10 games in charge
  7. 36 All Out! Hazelwood takes 5 for 8! Aussies need 90 to win
  8. The Aussies aren't fucking about in this test against India. Trailing by 53 after the first innings, they have India 15/5 thus far.
  9. Apparently the rule is you get a penalty if you do more than 3 laps on the wrong tyres so he should avoid a penalty.
  10. Man City away, that takes care of any thought of a cup run this season
  11. As someone who is red/green colourblind I really hope there is a way to switch back to the traditional percentages, otherwise it's going to be a nightmare for me
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