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  1. Ilhan is totally carrying AOC in this round, AOC is running around panicking about being caught while Ilhan is getting kills done
  2. I'm following her lead and ignoring the chat.
  3. Sand Marble Rally is underway!
  4. Wilson wins the first of the day, 10-8 now. Kryen needs to win this session 5-4 at least if he's going to win this.
  5. Bit of both really, this years Ferrari is a dog but Vettel has one foot out the door and doesn't care so isnt driving the bollocks off it like Charles is doing.
  6. Ronnie in storming form so far, 3-0 up with two centuries and an 86. The lack of a crowd to play to could help Ronnie the most of anyone, he can just get his head down and play.
  7. The first disk of FF8 and the first half of Crash Bandicoot 1.
  8. Are you willing to be Alan Pardew's assistant? EDIT: Having just looked up the odds on whose going to be our next manager I want to know how many very stupid people bet on Steven Gerrard since Sky has him only 16-1 and in the top ten! Lee Bowyer is 3rd favourite with Robbie Fowler in the top five. Now watch us spend big on getting Joey Barton😒
  9. As a blues fan, this is such bollocks and we deserve every bit of mockery we get. The press release is the most eye rolling shit you've ever seen, talking about how "iconic" Jude's number has become over this season. Couple this with our form since the restart and we really have come across as a bunch of amateurs lately. Makes me worried about who we appoint as our next manager if this is a sign of our decision making.
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