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  1. Converting a 2016 mod to 2020 but have heard due to the database changes this year its not as simple as just converting, that some data gets lost i.e. Road Agents experience all goes to 0. For those that have done conversions, What other issues are there so i know to look for these and fix before starting a game?
  2. The Broadcaster MTS should be renamed Bell MTS and under the owernship of media group Bell Media TNT Serie should have owning media group as Time Warner. Add Matt Striker to the Impact Wrestling Roster, he's currently working as a producer and also Commentating on Xplosion with Don Callis - so edit Xplosions announce team also. Eric Young is the Impact World Champion. Would it be worth changing impact wrestling’s base location back to South East USA? I know their a Canadian owned company now but they tape the majority of their shows in the US still in fact mostly
  3. These are excellent WHO, i've been manually adding these to use in this months update and they look great in game. I did notice one small error though. The broadcaster logos for CBC and CBS are mixed up. CBS_1966, CBS_1974, CBS_1986, CBS_1992 are all actually CBC logos so just a quick rename needed.
  4. Just wondering if anyone can link to a working 2001 mod for TEW 2020? Obviously one of the best eras to play, remember playing Genadi's WCW Lives mod back on 2013 and really enjoying it but haven't been able to find any from this period for 2020. Thanks in advance.
  5. Since your updating the database, heres some Impact Wrestling cleanup - Remove -- - Father James Mitchell -- They killed him off in storyline a while ago, dont see them re-using him anytime soon. - Mike Posey - Referee who hasn't worked there in a while. Brandon Tolle confirmed on twitter the current referees are just him and a new guy from OVW called Daniel Spencer. The other ref currently with them in your DB is Harry Demerjian, they seem to use them each time they run a show in Canada but its been a while so id probably leave him on the roster as PPA anyway. - Glenn Gi
  6. So this is just excellent who. I like the simpler logos they really pop, find the grey backgrounds almost take away from some of the cool logos and their brand colours etc, this looks really sleak. I know it’s a lot of work doing these so kudos, would love to see the promotion logos go this way eventually too.
  7. Gees, with all that is going on on twitter tonight, Expect a lot of scandal records for this next months update...
  8. https://411mania.com/wrestling/aew-uk-ppv-home-itv-box-office-shuts-down-operations/ ITV Box office has been shuttered. Close it and remove PPV Events deal with AEW. No confirmation where AEW PPVs are going to air in the UK, if at all in the future. Likely Fite TV app. https://411mania.com/wrestling/impact-wrestling-announces-date-for-rebellion-in-april/ Rebellion seems to have become an annual staple for Impact and one of their main ppv's. Should be added to april instead of ONO PPV and hopefully the logo can be added to the pic pack. thanks.
  9. Great update as always who, thanks. Couple of updates for the next one - - Change broadcasting deal for Impact Wrestling from Pursuit Channel to AXS TV, the slot to Prime Time and the held on day to Tuesday. https://impactwrestling.com/axs-tv-launches-impact-wrestling-tuesday-nights-at-8pe5pp/ - Add a broadcasting deal for AEW Dynamite on TSN with Prime Time Slot: https://www.tpww.net/2019/09/aew-dynamite-will-air-live-in-canada-on-tsn/ - Tick known and up percentage of Drinking and Law problems for Jeff Hardy https://www.tpww.net/2019/10/jeff-hard
  10. Update the impact wrestling tv show and broadcasting deal records. Impact have announced that IMPACT WRESTLING starts on AXS TV on October 1st, will be every Tuesday Night 8pm to 10pm Prime Time.
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/IMPACTWRESTLING/status/1171164091655884801 Add AXS TV and HDNet to the Anthem Media broadcaster. impact will outlive us all folks! 😀 Must admit though going for the job interview, not getting it and then just buying the whole company is a pretty baller move imo.
  12. Add Gabrielle Loren to impact wrestling as an announcer or personality. https://www.discusspw.com/2019/09/09/impact-new-backstage-host/
  13. Have they announced that bodom has been released and titles vacated? Saw the footage of him attacking the ref doing the rounds on twitter, totally unacceptable, but last i heard the promoter was trying to turn a blind eye and claiming the footage wasn't caught on the their cameras. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets to stay and they go on Business as usual to be honest.
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